18 Feb 2020

Mashup: Best of Brunettes Vol. 7

For this week’s Mashup, we’ve compiled a brand new Best of Brunettes featuring the stunning models: Mia Valentine, Janeth Tense, Jasmine Jazz, Nicole Winter, and Sophie Limma. First up, we flashback to Playboy Muse, Mia’s first-ever pictorial for Playboy Plus. Dressed in pale pink and black lingerie, the graceful Mia gives the camera her best moves. A former ballet dancer, Mia is fit, flexible, and creative. “From doing ballet all my life, I’m extremely flexible,” she says. “I used to hate my boobs when I was younger because ballet dancers can’t be curvy, but I’ve learned to embrace my curves and use them to my advantage,” Mia adds confidently. You’ll also get a glimpse of the lovely Jasmine Jazz as she gets cozy in her cabin. Originally from Ukraine, Jasmine has been living in Thailand where she models full time. “I’m a very sensual girl,” she says of herself. “The last few years, I’ve been living in Thailand. Once I decided to move, it changed all my life and my personality.”


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