9 Feb 2020

Jahla in Always Yours

Feeling festive, the gorgeous Playboy Muse, Jahla, gets all dressed up in red lingerie and velvet bows for this year’s Valentine’s Day pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. With chocolates in hand, Jahla will charm you as she begins to undress in front of a large mirror and pink backdrop. “My experience with Playboy has been fabulous so far, and I am very excited to see what the future holds,” she says. While on set, we spoke to Jahla about female empowerment, first dates, sex advice, and much more. “To me, female empowerment looks like a woman who is living in alignment with her true desires,” she says thoughtfully. “It also includes having the means, access, and resources to pursue goals and execute them.” When it comes to dating and sex, Jahla looks for someone she can vibe with. “For me, a perfect first date is just if we have a great conversation that flows and isn’t forced,” she shares. “Great sex starts with finding a partner you feel 100% comfortable with — sexual compatibility is important!”

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