3 Feb 2020

Gloria Sol in Fast Track

“Adventures? I have so many,” says the stunning Playboy Muse, Gloria Sol. Returning for the first time after her reign as December 2019 Muse of the Month, Gloria is all smiles as she does some exploring. On set near railroad tracks, the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, captures Gloria beautifully. “Every month, I go to at least two to three countries,” she says. Always traveling for her work, this is the part of the job Gloria loves the most — the adventuring. “[I’m] dreaming about my future trip,” she writes on social media. Most recently, Gloria has been to Taiwan, and she’s off to Bangkok and Hong Kong next. When it comes to her favorite things about traveling, it has to be the food. “My passion is food,” says Gloria. “I’m really interested in all kinds of food [from around] the world. I like to cook as well!”

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