17 Feb 2020

Ella Silver in Midnight Exclusive

Making her Playboy Muse debut, Ella Silver is dangerously beautiful in this magnetic second pictorial from the photographer, Kiley Coleman. Dressed in a leather jacket, silk panties, high socks, and heels, Ella is up late while the camera captures her perfectly. “[I am] unapologetically me,” says Ella. “I love to learn new things, especially if they are adrenaline-filled.” As the rock music blares, Ella undresses and shows off her fit figure. “My passion? I love to entertain people,” she says. “If I’m making you smile, I’m smiling too. Other than that, my passions change frequently. I love to learn, so anything that I can get my teeth into and gets my heart racing!” When it comes to posing for Playboy, Ella is thrilled to be here. “I feel like I am now a part of history,” she says. “It’s an absolute honor, and I’ll find it hard to top!”

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