26 Feb 2020

Angel Constance in Mexican Shores

2019 Playboy Muse of the Year, Angel Constance closes out a phenomenal year as our featured model right where she began it: along the beaches of Mexico. “When Cassandra told me I made Muse of the Year, I was like, ‘yeah, okay,’” reminisces Angel. “I was super shocked!” On location with Cassandra Keyes, Angel is celebrating her last pictorial with a beach day. “Today, we are shooting on this beautiful beach,” says Angel. “My favorite thing about the beach would have to be the water!” Undressing and soaking up the sun, Angel reflects on the year she’s had with Playboy Plus. “Traveling and being a part of a creative community that embraces femininity and empowers women is more than I could’ve asked for,” says Angel. “To me, Playboy has always been this incredible brand that’s brought wild and thought-provoking content to the table. [Playboy] encourages people to push past social norms, and it’s amazing. Being someone who values self-expression and self-love, it’s somewhere where I feel safe. It’s a refuge for me. That I can be a part of it is an honor.”

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