27 Feb 2020

Katya Clover in One in a Million

The international model, Katya Clover, is one in a million. A stunning model from the island of Sakhalin, Russia, Katya returns to Playboy Plus just the way we remember her from her last pictorial: smiling, beautiful, and totally free. “I am a free-spirited human,” she says of herself. “[I am] positive, honest, funny, and friendly. I’m [also] a nudist and love being in nature!” On location in Cape Town, South Africa, the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, captures Katya as she enjoys her time in a new country doing what she loves the most. “Being with Playboy is always something interesting and new. I am having fun and enjoy myself when I am [posing] with Playboy,” she says. “I feel free and happy [when] posing nude. As a nudist, it’s absolutely comfortable and normal [for me.]”

26 Feb 2020

Angel Constance in Mexican Shores

2019 Playboy Muse of the Year, Angel Constance closes out a phenomenal year as our featured model right where she began it: along the beaches of Mexico. “When Cassandra told me I made Muse of the Year, I was like, ‘yeah, okay,’” reminisces Angel. “I was super shocked!” On location with Cassandra Keyes, Angel is celebrating her last pictorial with a beach day. “Today, we are shooting on this beautiful beach,” says Angel. “My favorite thing about the beach would have to be the water!” Undressing and soaking up the sun, Angel reflects on the year she’s had with Playboy Plus. “Traveling and being a part of a creative community that embraces femininity and empowers women is more than I could’ve asked for,” says Angel. “To me, Playboy has always been this incredible brand that’s brought wild and thought-provoking content to the table. [Playboy] encourages people to push past social norms, and it’s amazing. Being someone who values self-expression and self-love, it’s somewhere where I feel safe. It’s a refuge for me. That I can be a part of it is an honor.”

23 Feb 2020

Rita Y in Bright Smile

Spring has come early with the beautiful International model, Rita Y. Outside on location in Budapest, Hungary, Rita is beaming on set as the photographer, David Merenyi, captures her. In bright yellow, she looks lovely as the wind blows through her hair. “I am a very happy girl,” she says of herself. “I love to smile and laugh.” A successful model from Kiev, Ukraine, Rita is thrilled to be on set with us. “My passion is posing,” she says. Fully nude, she basks in the sunshine, showing off her talent of being in front of the camera.

22 Feb 2020

Lorena and Estefania in Sparkling Celebration

Bring in the weekend with the stunning models and real-life friends, Estefania Henao and Lorena Hidalgo, in this week’s Playboy Girlfriends pictorial. On the set of their backyard patio, these Spanish models toast champagne to being in Playboy together — a longtime goal of theirs. “I feel I was born to model and be nude,” gushes Lorena. “My passion is modeling. I am a very hard working person [and] I always give one-hundred percent to get the best result,” says Estefania. Undressing from their outfits, these models are having a blast on set while the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, captures them. “Being able to work for Playboy is a dream,” says Lorena.

Deisy Leon in Summer Shade

Newcomer, Deisy Leon is a ray of sunshine in this stunning backyard pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Dressed in all white, Deisy is on location in Los Angeles, taking in the California sun as the music blasts on set. Free-spirited, Deisy is having a wonderful time. “I love being adventurous. I’m always up for a good time, and I’m a go with the flow type of person,” she says of herself. “My personal experience with Playboy thus far? So welcoming and fun!” Undressing seductively, Deisy is confident and comfortable in front of our cameras. “I feel free and liberated when I shoot nude,” she says. “I am one with myself — If I could, I would be nude all day, every day!”

19 Feb 2020

Mila Azul in Uncovered

The lovely Mila Azul returns to Playboy Plus for her fourth pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. Spending the day inside, Mila is effortlessly beautiful in a dark orange bodysuit as she lounges around while the camera snaps away. Getting comfortable, Mila begins to undress confidently, showing off her petite and curvaceous figure. A well-known model, Mila, has done many different types of modeling, from art nude to lingerie to fashion and more. When she’s not working, you can usually find Mila at a local rock concert, exploring or playing the bass.

18 Feb 2020

Mashup: Best of Brunettes Vol. 7

For this week’s Mashup, we’ve compiled a brand new Best of Brunettes featuring the stunning models: Mia Valentine, Janeth Tense, Jasmine Jazz, Nicole Winter, and Sophie Limma. First up, we flashback to Playboy Muse, Mia’s first-ever pictorial for Playboy Plus. Dressed in pale pink and black lingerie, the graceful Mia gives the camera her best moves. A former ballet dancer, Mia is fit, flexible, and creative. “From doing ballet all my life, I’m extremely flexible,” she says. “I used to hate my boobs when I was younger because ballet dancers can’t be curvy, but I’ve learned to embrace my curves and use them to my advantage,” Mia adds confidently. You’ll also get a glimpse of the lovely Jasmine Jazz as she gets cozy in her cabin. Originally from Ukraine, Jasmine has been living in Thailand where she models full time. “I’m a very sensual girl,” she says of herself. “The last few years, I’ve been living in Thailand. Once I decided to move, it changed all my life and my personality.”

17 Feb 2020

Mikaela McKenna in Early Awakening

International model, Mikaela McKenna returns to Playboy Plus with this early morning pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in black and white lingerie, Mikaela is fresh out of bed, looking effortlessly beautiful. Much newer to nude modeling, she started her career off as a fashion model, not expecting that she would love this type of work. “I started my career in fashion at 19,” Mikaela tells us. “I was working in Europe, Asia, and New York. One year ago, I started to do nude art [modeling], and I like it more than I thought I would!” Undressing with grace, Mikaela is all smiles as the camera snaps away. “How do I feel about posing nude? I feel great if there is mutual respect and trust,” she shares. “I love everything about my body!”

Ella Silver in Midnight Exclusive

Making her Playboy Muse debut, Ella Silver is dangerously beautiful in this magnetic second pictorial from the photographer, Kiley Coleman. Dressed in a leather jacket, silk panties, high socks, and heels, Ella is up late while the camera captures her perfectly. “[I am] unapologetically me,” says Ella. “I love to learn new things, especially if they are adrenaline-filled.” As the rock music blares, Ella undresses and shows off her fit figure. “My passion? I love to entertain people,” she says. “If I’m making you smile, I’m smiling too. Other than that, my passions change frequently. I love to learn, so anything that I can get my teeth into and gets my heart racing!” When it comes to posing for Playboy, Ella is thrilled to be here. “I feel like I am now a part of history,” she says. “It’s an absolute honor, and I’ll find it hard to top!”

15 Feb 2020

Gloria and Vivienne in Girl Crush

Playboy Muse, Gloria Sol, and International model, Vivienne Solange, study each other in this week’s sensual and mesmerizing Playboy Girlfriends pictorial. On the location of a home library in their hometown of Kiev, Ukraine, the photographer, David Merenyi, captures their effortless beauty just perfectly. Dresses in thigh-high socks, lace lingerie, and comfortable sweaters, these models undress each other with such softness. “I am soft and wild,” says Vivienne of herself on set. “My passion is my job — I love it. [This] shoot was amazing. David and his team are the most professional, talented, and fun people I have ever worked with.” Enjoying each other’s company, Gloria and Vivienne are simply breathtaking.

12 Feb 2020

Stefani Kovalyova in Bring Me Love

Shelly Lee is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, and she’s a total sex goddess in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Red, black and sexy all over, Shelly wowed us with her first pictorial. With her second, she decided to aim even higher, delivering one of the sexiest scenes in recent memory. “Guys, my advice is to take charge in the bedroom,” declares Shelly. “That’s by far the hottest thing you can do! In relationships, I’ve learned to be laid back and have trust in my partner. If you can’t do that, then I think you’re in the wrong relationship.” One thing’s for sure, you can trust Shelly to turn you on—her gorgeous face and naturally curvy body turn even the strongest man’s mind to mush, and you’d better believe she’s soft under all that strappy black lingerie. “I like a bit of anticipation, but I’m forward,” she hints with a smile.

10 Feb 2020

February Playmates of the Decade

Amanda Booth, Heather Rae Young, Kayslee Collins, Kristy Garett, Kylie Johnson, Leola Bell, Megan Moore and Shawn Dillon

February just got so much sweeter with this Mashup of this month’s Playmates from the last decade. Get reacquainted with Heather Rae Young (February 2010), Kylie Johnson (February 2011), Leola Bell (February 2012), Shawn Dillon (February 2013), Amanda Booth (February 2014), Kayslee Collins (February 2015), Kristy Garett (February 2016), and Megan Moore (February 2019). Starting with our most recent Playmate, Megan Moore is radiant in her stunning woodland pictorial. “When I found out I was [going to be] in Playboy, I couldn’t believe it because I wasn’t 100 percent confident with my body. This was my turning point,” she says. “I went into the shoot, expecting someone to say, ‘her hips are too big.’ Nobody said anything. It was a revelatory moment. I’m unbreakable now.” When it comes to feeling beautiful, Megan loves physically demanding activities. “I feel sexiest when I’ve just finished a really tough hike! There’s no more empowering feeling than when I have accomplished something hard on my body. It makes me feel like a badass,” she smiles.

9 Feb 2020

Jahla in Always Yours

Feeling festive, the gorgeous Playboy Muse, Jahla, gets all dressed up in red lingerie and velvet bows for this year’s Valentine’s Day pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. With chocolates in hand, Jahla will charm you as she begins to undress in front of a large mirror and pink backdrop. “My experience with Playboy has been fabulous so far, and I am very excited to see what the future holds,” she says. While on set, we spoke to Jahla about female empowerment, first dates, sex advice, and much more. “To me, female empowerment looks like a woman who is living in alignment with her true desires,” she says thoughtfully. “It also includes having the means, access, and resources to pursue goals and execute them.” When it comes to dating and sex, Jahla looks for someone she can vibe with. “For me, a perfect first date is just if we have a great conversation that flows and isn’t forced,” she shares. “Great sex starts with finding a partner you feel 100% comfortable with — sexual compatibility is important!”

7 Feb 2020

Kit Rysha in Irresistibly Yours

Woman of the world and Playboy Muse, Kit Rysha returns to Playboy Plus with another beautiful pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. On location in sunny Thailand, Kit heads inside for this sensual pictorial. Dressed in a tie top and white shorts, a perfectly sun-kissed Kit shows the camera her most beautiful poses as the wind blows through her long brown hair. “I’m half Filipina and half Italian,” she says of herself. “I was born in the Philippines. At eight, I moved to Thailand, and at thirteen to Italy,” she says. “My life is always changing; I think change is what makes me grow.” Now, Kit is based in Milan but always traveling for her work. When it comes to undressing for the camera, Kit uses her work to express herself. “It’s such a great honor to be a part of Playboy,” she says. “I feel very natural when I pose whether I am dressed or nude. I think nude photographers emphasize beauty and emotions even more!”

5 Feb 2020

Kayla Coyote in Center Stage

Playboy Muse, Kayla Coyote, takes center stage in this vintage themed pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Getting all dolled up, the stunning Kayla has the theater to herself in this breathtaking set. Dressed in silk, fur, and high heels, Kayla struts onto stage and begins to undress exuding mystery and confidence. “I enjoy creating as much as possible,” shares Kayla. “My passion for the arts and entertainment is fueled by how magical it is to share content with an audience and be able to say something meaningful with that performance.” A model and dance teacher, Kayla is used to being on stage. “I feel very comfortable posing nude,” she says. “I love to use my hands and body to create art.” When it comes to dating, Kayla enjoys the company of someone as optimistic as she is. “I love a goofball,” she laughs. “I am drawn to someone who respects me and who can communicate properly.”

4 Feb 2020

Mashup: Artists at Work

Creative inspiration is overflowing in this week’s stunning Mashup of Artists at Work. Get painting with talented creatives like Playmate, Rachel Harris, Playboy Muses, Tahlia Paris, and Emily Bloom, and International models, Ilvy Kokomo and Loly Cavalli. First up, get to know the captivating Miss November 2015, Rachel Harris, who works as a model and artist. On set in her studio, as the camera snaps away, Rachel tells us about herself and her work. “My ambition is to be recognized as an artist and a personality, challenging the face behind the work,” she says. “Art has always been a way for me to be in my element and to challenge myself emotionally and physically.” For Rachel, she loves to blend her two mediums of modeling and painting. “I’ve been told selling yourself with your art degrades it, but I strongly disagree,” she says. “The art world is constantly inspired by the female form!”

3 Feb 2020

Gloria Sol in Fast Track

“Adventures? I have so many,” says the stunning Playboy Muse, Gloria Sol. Returning for the first time after her reign as December 2019 Muse of the Month, Gloria is all smiles as she does some exploring. On set near railroad tracks, the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, captures Gloria beautifully. “Every month, I go to at least two to three countries,” she says. Always traveling for her work, this is the part of the job Gloria loves the most — the adventuring. “[I’m] dreaming about my future trip,” she writes on social media. Most recently, Gloria has been to Taiwan, and she’s off to Bangkok and Hong Kong next. When it comes to her favorite things about traveling, it has to be the food. “My passion is food,” says Gloria. “I’m really interested in all kinds of food [from around] the world. I like to cook as well!”

2 Feb 2020

Full of Desire

Chloe has just woken up that she is already touching herself with an inspiring enthousiasm. It's a beautiful morning and she wants to enjoy it as much as she can.

Riley Anne in Weekend Vibe

Making her highly anticipated debut as a Playboy Muse, Riley Anne is effortlessly beautiful in this second pictorial. On set in blue silk pajamas, she poses confidently for the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Doing one of her favorite things, Riley stays in tonight to relax and unwind. “My idea of a good time is pajamas and Netflix,” she laughs. “My guilty pleasure? Junk food when I get home after a long trip! Something about being home and being able to relax makes the sugar even better!” Undressing with ease, Riley tells us how much she loves posing nude. “It’s something I enjoy,” she shares. “I’ve always felt like it takes a lot of confidence, and sometimes I feel more confident naked than I do in clothes.” When it comes to posing for Playboy, Riley has now fulfilled a long-time goal. “It was a huge dream of mine growing up,” she smiles. “It’s surreal to have made it happen!”

1 Feb 2020

Jahla and Deisy in Double Coverage

Get in the game this weekend with the beautiful models, Deisy Leon and Jahla. In the spirit of the Super Bowl, these models look beautiful on set with the photographer Cassandra Keyes. In red and blue jerseys and running shorts, you won’t be able to look away as they give the camera their best poses. Undressing each other with ease, these two models have a blast on set. “My experience with Playboy has been fabulous so far,” says Jahla. When it comes to staying active, these two enjoy outdoor sports. “I love my athleticism! I am strong, healthy, and have great definition and muscle memory,” says Jahla. “I find joy in swimming and surfing!” Deisy also likes an outdoor workout. “I like going on adventures,” she says. “[Anything] from roller skating to hiking!”
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