3 Sep 2019

Fatima Kojima in Budding Desire

Please welcome your brand new Playboy Muse of the Month for September, the stunning, Fatima Kojima! Looking effortlessly beautiful, Fatima is thrilled to be this month’s featured model. “I want to express my natural beauty as a woman; culturally and physically with the Playboy audience,” she begins. “I feel most comfortable when I am nude. I wish the world didn’t disgrace women for enjoying the expression and freedom of their bodies; which is why I love Playboy for having a safe, respectful, and beautiful place for women to do so.” Dressed in all white on location in Los Angeles, the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures all of Fatima’s beauty just perfectly. “I’ve been modeling since I was 14-years-old,” she tells us. “[I’m] fulfilling my dream since I was 16-years-old of working with Playboy!” Elegant and captivating, Fatima’s grace shines through as she undresses seductively for the camera. “The universe definitely made this happen. It has been absolutely incredible how my journey with Playboy unfolded!”


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