29 Sep 2019

Angel and Miluniel in Close Connection

Model(s):  Angel Constance, Miluniel Louis Photographer:  Cassandra Keyes
Enjoy a sultry afternoon in Morocco with the stunning Playboy Muses, Angel and Miluniel. Dressed in beautiful white lingerie, these gorgeous models take in the sunshine in their garden as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures their elegance and unmatched chemistry. With longing looks and sweet smiles, these two experienced models begin to undress each other with such ease. “My passion? Besides photography, I love lingerie,” says the lovely, Miluniel. “I hope to create my own someday.” When it comes to dating, these two models both look for someone open-minded and kind. “Besides being charming, my date needs to be open-minded, kind and smart. I don’t think I could ever date someone who doesn’t have these 3 qualities,” says Miluniel. “A great sense of humor, and a kind considerate attitude,” chimes Angel of her preferences. “Oh, and definitely a dirty mouth,” she laughs.

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