29 Sep 2019

Angel and Miluniel in Close Connection

Model(s):  Angel Constance, Miluniel Louis Photographer:  Cassandra Keyes
Enjoy a sultry afternoon in Morocco with the stunning Playboy Muses, Angel and Miluniel. Dressed in beautiful white lingerie, these gorgeous models take in the sunshine in their garden as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures their elegance and unmatched chemistry. With longing looks and sweet smiles, these two experienced models begin to undress each other with such ease. “My passion? Besides photography, I love lingerie,” says the lovely, Miluniel. “I hope to create my own someday.” When it comes to dating, these two models both look for someone open-minded and kind. “Besides being charming, my date needs to be open-minded, kind and smart. I don’t think I could ever date someone who doesn’t have these 3 qualities,” says Miluniel. “A great sense of humor, and a kind considerate attitude,” chimes Angel of her preferences. “Oh, and definitely a dirty mouth,” she laughs.

Natalie Costello in Sublime Shower

Model(s):  Natalie Costello Photographer:  David Merenyi Uploaded:  March 11, 2019
International beauty, Natalie Costello is all for dancing in the rain. Looking absolutely beautiful on set with the photographer, David Merenyi, Natalie is dressed in all white, and ready to have some fun in this second pictorial. A free spirit, she beings to dance as the rain comes down. Slowly undressing for all her fans, Natalie is more than comfortable on set and it really shows through her photos. A professional model, she loves her job — so when we asked her to be featured on Playboy Plus, she was thrilled. “I’m a 100% natural model,” she says with a bright smile. When it comes to her body, she adores her entire figure, but loves her smile and bust the most. “I have long brown hair, clear skin and brown eyes,” she says of herself.

Rita Y in Caught in the Rain

Model(s):  Rita Y Photographer:  David Merenyi
Get caught in the rain with beautiful Newcomer, Rita Y. Coming to Playboy Plus from Kyiv, Ukraine, Rita is thrilled to be featured on Playboy Plus by the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in all white, the lovely, Rita dances in the summer rain as she undresses sensually. Revealing her natural figure, it’s clear to see that Rita is totally comfortable in front of the camera. “My passion is posing,” she tells us. “The outfit I feel sexiest in is underwear, and what I love most about my body is my back.” Want to see more of this captivating model, Rita?

8 Sep 2019

Monica Wasp in Tropical Passions

Back for another breathtaking pictorial is the stunning International model, Monica Wasp. On a sunny, remote location, the gorgeous and sultry Monica enjoys the hot air and palm trees as the photographer, Ana Dias captures all her natural beauty. “I like seeing myself naked,” she tells us of when she feels sexiest. “Or naked with shoes on.” When it comes to her figure, Monica has a favorite part. “I love my tits,” she says. “I like the shape and the color of my nipples.” A creative soul, Monica is an artist in many mediums. “What do I consider my special talent? I draw, paint and sculpt,” she tells us of her other passions. “I am also qualified in make-up artistry.” When it comes to dating, she looks for someone genuine. “I have stopped dating,” she says. “But I like polite, down to earth people. My biggest turn-on is a sparkling personality and high self-esteem. Nothing can beat that, to be honest.” Eager to see more Monica?

Emily Bloom in Touch of Gold

The charming and beautiful Playboy Muse, Emily Bloom shines bright in this fun and flirty pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. On location in sunny Los Angeles, Emily is dressed in gold, looking irresistible as the music plays on full blast. Most known for her work as a model and actress, Emily is more than comfortable on set. “My passion is acting,” she tells us with a big smile. “My experience with Playboy thus far has been nothing but fun! I love exploring new looks and settings — Playboy always has a strong creative team!” In no time, Emily playfully undresses to show off her beautiful figure. “What do I love most about my body? My pale skin,” she gushes. “I like [posing nude.] I find the female body beautiful, and nudity, pure and artistic.” Want to see more videos and galleries from the lovely, Emily Bloom?

6 Sep 2019

Mila Azul in Smoke Show

Things get heated on set with the gorgeous International model, Mila Azul. Looking effortlessly beautiful in the middle of a large open field with the photographer, David Merenyi, Mila showcases her fine figure and sultry nature. Dressed in a white, figure-hugging bodysuit, Mila will enchant you as she undresses to the trace music so seductively. A professional model, she's always creating such captivating art.

5 Sep 2019

Helena Moeller in Profile Pic

Gorgeous blonde Helena Moeller models sexy lingerie for her new profile pic. First, she wears a beaded outfit, her stiff nipples poking through the mesh tantalizingly. Next, she tries on a figure-hugging pink corset, moving sensuously as she pops open the crotch fastening to reveal her shaved pussy. The blue-eyed babe caresses her beautiful breasts and silky ass, rocking an assortment of stockings, heels and underwear, her smile enchanting.

Playmate May 2019: Abigail O'Neill

The stunning Playmate, Abigail O'Neill brings self-care to a whole new level in this gorgeous spread as our Miss May 2019. On set with the photographer, Kayla Varley, Abigail has a blast in the bath, in the pool, and then off to bed. “The shoot was so much fun. I was sipping champagne in the bathtub,” she laughs. “And the nudity? I’m pretty comfortable. Sometimes I’m a little shy, but I’m getting past that. As long as it’s done well, I have no problem. The human body is beautiful,” she says. A lover of fitness and nutrition, when Abigail isn't working, she's usually staying active. “People look at my body like, ‘Oh, you were born with that,’ but I worked hard to be where I am right now,” she says. “I’m always trying to find a new way to work my body. I’m a trainer at heart — that’s my forte. I like anything that gets my heart racing.”

4 Sep 2019

Anthea Page in Go Down Under

Summer never ends with the stunning, Anthea Page. A lovely, free-spirited model, Anthea enjoys the finer things in life on the set of a beautiful villa for our January/February 2018 issue. Absolutely captivating, Anthea glides from the pool to the sheets, showing off her stunning figure and mesmerizing gaze. “I have been an international fashion model for over a decade,” she says. “I feel so blessed to have been able to sustain being a working model for years!” When she’s not modeling, Anthea enjoys photography, yoga, and cooking. “I love to cook,” she says. “I wouldn’t say I’m a Masterchef, but I think I have a useful tip or two.”

3 Sep 2019

Fatima Kojima in Budding Desire

Please welcome your brand new Playboy Muse of the Month for September, the stunning, Fatima Kojima! Looking effortlessly beautiful, Fatima is thrilled to be this month’s featured model. “I want to express my natural beauty as a woman; culturally and physically with the Playboy audience,” she begins. “I feel most comfortable when I am nude. I wish the world didn’t disgrace women for enjoying the expression and freedom of their bodies; which is why I love Playboy for having a safe, respectful, and beautiful place for women to do so.” Dressed in all white on location in Los Angeles, the photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures all of Fatima’s beauty just perfectly. “I’ve been modeling since I was 14-years-old,” she tells us. “[I’m] fulfilling my dream since I was 16-years-old of working with Playboy!” Elegant and captivating, Fatima’s grace shines through as she undresses seductively for the camera. “The universe definitely made this happen. It has been absolutely incredible how my journey with Playboy unfolded!”

Fresh pussy

Right after her casting, wild Anastasia has shown us her Spanish temperament by throwing in a masturbation show. She definitely knows how to get some attention! There will be more sets featuring this “chica loca” very soon!

2 Sep 2019

Shasta Wonder in Veni Vidi Vino

The stunning, Shasta Wonder makes her debut as a Playboy Muse in this alluring vineyard pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Thoroughly enjoying her time in Mexico, Shasta gathers some grapes for wine while looking out at the beautiful landscape before her. Dressed in a lovely white outfit, she basks in the sunlight while gazing deeply into the camera. “I have been told that I’m photogenic,” says Shasta, who loves her line of work. “I continue to strive to be a better model, to share more work that represents me as a person, and to inspire others to appreciate the human body, starting with their [own.]” Undressing seductively, Shasta is totally comfortable in front of the camera. “How do I feel about posing nude? I feel great,” she says. Are you loving this mesmerizing pictorial?

1 Sep 2019

Maria Ryabushkina in Essential Attraction

Enjoy the view with the alluring International model, Maria Ryabushkina. Just getting home from a day at work, the photographer, David Merenyi captures Maria just beautifully. Dressed in a black bodysuit and white button-up, Maria is effortlessly sexy. “My secret vice is sex,” she admits. “My best piece of sex advice for a man or a woman is to be experimental,” she says. “Don’t do the same things over and over again.” A lover of spontaneity, Maria loves adventure and travel when she is not modeling. When she is in front of the camera, she always gives it her all. “My special talent? I can combine my natural beauty with decadent sexuality.” Doing just this, she undresses so sensually for the camera, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off her.
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