14 Aug 2019

Yana and Elina in On the Run

Free-spirited and stunning International models, Yana and Elina need a lift in this fun and flirty feature for our Playboy Girlfriends channel. Giving their best, most playful poses to the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer’s camera, these two gorgeous models pass the time in the best way possible. “I really love photoshoots,” says Elina. “I’m a very emotional person and I like to show different emotions to the camera.” Enthusiastically in agreement, Yana begins to undress from her bright orange bodysuit so seductively. When it comes to posing nude, it’s no big deal for Yana and Elina. “I find it very artistic and natural,” explains Elina, “not dirty.” Enjoying this ultra-sexy and carefree pictorial?

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