28 Aug 2019

Erna O'Hara in Soft Sunlight

Erna O’Hara transports you to paradise in this cute and casual pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Making her Playboy Muse debut, Erna is having a blast on location in beautiful Mexico. “One of my first boyfriends had copies in his bathroom,” says Erna about her first encounter with Playboy. “He wasn’t shy to have them out, and I wasn’t shy to read them!” When it comes to what Playboy means to Erna, it is ever-changing, naturally. “The meaning of the brand has changed over time for me,” she begins. “I’m honored to be part of where it is going now. I’ve always associated the brand with glamour and exclusivity, but now it feels more real and more representative of modern women. I love that men get to see that now!” When it comes to posing nude, Erna sees it as art and is proud to do so. “It’s my way of expression, creativity, and making something positive in this world,” she says. “I love being naked!” Want to get to know Erna better?

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