24 Jan 2019

Skye Blue in Life's a Party

Start the year fresh with your brand new Muse of the Month, Skye Blue. Always the life of the party, your new featured model is thrilled to be on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing her beauty, frame by frame. Switching up her look a little, you might remember Skye from her earlier pictorials shot in New York where she sported a different hair-do and aesthetic. Now with long blonde hair and the same infectious smile, Skye shows us her more playful side on location in sunny California. “The first set was a pool party — it was super cute, I got to run around a pool, just dancing and having fun,” says Skye. Wearing an adorable yet sexy one-piece swimsuit, Skye looks gorgeous as she trots around the pool having a blast. “We actually had a bit of trouble keeping everything intact,” she laughs, referring to her breasts. “My personal experience with Playboy so hard has been very empowering,” she says. “I definitely love posing nude.”

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