21 Jan 2019

Olivia Preston in Isolated Innocence

Your Cybergirl of the Year, Olivia Preston is starting the new year off in the most beautiful way possible. On location in a place that seems as if it’s a dream, Olivia is taking in her gorgeous surroundings. “I am miles and miles from home on the other side of the world,” gushes this adventurous model. “I’m on a tiny paradise island in the north of Indonesia. It’s unreal.” Totally stunned and humbled by her surroundings, Olivia looks absolutely stunning in a pink floral bikini, as Cassandra Keyes captures her in awe. You’ll be in awe too once you get a look at her captivating smile and womanly figure. “It's a woman's body, with a narrow waist and full hips,” she says, running her hands down her curves. “I think those are my best assets.” A total free-spirit, Olivia is right at home in the middle of the ocean, as she reminisces a little about her Playboy journey, “I’m the youngest in my family, and I've always been given the freedom to follow my dreams and my whims.” “I wanted to be a Playboy model because Playboy has a long-running history of portraying women as classy, beautiful and elegant. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are playboy models, and I'm honored to be included!”

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