30 Jan 2019

Kate Chromia in Into the Limelight

Enjoy a little bit of sunshine with the beautiful International model, Kate Chromia in this third pictorial from the photographer, David Merenyi. Dressed in a lime green bikini, Kate is sunbathing among the tall palm trees. Absolutely irresistible, she sways her all natural, slim figure to the music just before reminding all her fans of her lovely curves. Having changed careers paths into modeling, Kate never would have thought she’d end up posing for Playboy, but definitely dreamed it true. “[Modeling] was just a coincidence! I wanted to do portrait photos for my social network but it grew into something much bigger,” she explains with the widest smile. “Of course I want to do more with Playboy! My dream now is to become a cover girl!” When it comes to men and dating, Kate looks for a few specific qualities. “I look for an open mind and intelligence,” she says, “There is nothing better than to be in a harmonious relationship!”

Janeth and Adel in Day Trippers

Pack your bags for a sexy adventure with the lovely Internationals, Adel Morel and Janeth Tense for their first feature together for our Playboy Girlfriends channel. Having the time of their lives, these two gorgeous models hit the road for the beach, and decide to have a little bit of fun on the way. Blasting music and throwing pieces of clothing to the side they show off their flawless figures to the photographer, David Merenyi’s camera. Aiming to please all their fans with this lovely and totally fun pictorial, the girls display their close friendship and obvious chemistry. Once they arrive by the water, Janeth and Adel find a spot to relax and trust us when we say, you won’t be able to look away. “What I love most about my body is my face,” says Adel, giggling.

28 Jan 2019

Calypso Muse in Comfort Zone

Your head will be spinning after this sweet, sexy and delicate pictorial from the gorgeous model, Calypso Muse. Dressed in a gray sweater, panties, and thigh-high socks, Calypso is just as cute as she is beautiful and alluring. On the set of her cozy home, the photographer, David Merenyi captures this Colombia-native in her natural element. Undressing with ease, Calypso is soon in nothing but her socks atop her wooden table, showing off her stunning all-natural figure. Sipping on a latte and relaxing, this is not very different than Calypso’s day to day life. “What do I do in my spare time? I dream most of the time,” she laughs. “The outfit I feel the sexiest in is pajamas and make-up free!” When it comes to the opposite sex and dating, Calypso isn't hard to please. “I think it’s a cliche but I like good wine, good food, and nice conversation,” she says of her example of the perfect date. “A specific quality I look for is self-confidence — just be yourself,” she says.

26 Jan 2019

Carmen Nikole in New Routine

Carmen Nikole works up a sweat in this energetic and sexy pictorial. For her third set, Carmen is showing us just how she likes to keep in shape by taking the photographer, Cassandra Keyes along for her workout. Dressed in sexy activewear, Carmen tosses her letterman jacket to the side and gets going. “I enjoy yoga and dancing in my spare time,” she tells us.” Watch as the lovely Carmen takes a water break after a few reps and things get a little hot. In no time at all, this beautiful model is peeling pieces of her outfit off to do some nude workouts — and trust us, you won’t be able to look away. When it comes to nude modeling, Carmen really enjoys her job. “I love it,” she says, “It’s so empowering. I love how confident being nude makes you. Playboy is such a great company and platform to [showcase] your beauty,” she says with a smile. When it comes to men, this brunette babe has a type: smart. “Hands down my biggest turn-on? Intelligence — I love smart men,” she gushes. “What I consider a perfect first date is a nice dinner with a view and a glass of wine. Good conversation, [too!],” she says.

24 Jan 2019

Yana West in Shades of Lace

Start your day off with the gorgeous Ukrainian model, Yana West. For her second pictorial, the beautiful Yana is dressed in all black lingerie on the set of her city apartment with the photographer, Henrik Pfeifer, looking absolutely irresistible. Peering out at the hustle and bustle from her window, Yana invites all her new Playboy Plus fans to spend the day in her quiet, sun-drenched apartment. With ease and seduction, she begins to undress to reveal a petite, yet perfectly curvy figure. “My passion is my work,” says the experienced model, as she tosses her bra on the floor. Watch in awe as she lounges on her couch, slowing tossing and turning to give the camera a glimpse of every inch of her lovely figure.

Skye Blue in Life's a Party

Start the year fresh with your brand new Muse of the Month, Skye Blue. Always the life of the party, your new featured model is thrilled to be on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing her beauty, frame by frame. Switching up her look a little, you might remember Skye from her earlier pictorials shot in New York where she sported a different hair-do and aesthetic. Now with long blonde hair and the same infectious smile, Skye shows us her more playful side on location in sunny California. “The first set was a pool party — it was super cute, I got to run around a pool, just dancing and having fun,” says Skye. Wearing an adorable yet sexy one-piece swimsuit, Skye looks gorgeous as she trots around the pool having a blast. “We actually had a bit of trouble keeping everything intact,” she laughs, referring to her breasts. “My personal experience with Playboy so hard has been very empowering,” she says. “I definitely love posing nude.”

22 Jan 2019

Serve it Up

Work up a little sweat with the inviting and totally sweet International model, Kate Chromia. Ready for some friendly competition on the court, Kate is dressed in her tennis best as the photographer, David Merenyi snaps his camera away. “There are dozens of good qualities about me,” laughs the lovely Kate. “I’m honest — I always try to be justified, I [also] like open-minded people, like me,” she adds with a smile. Ready to hit a few, Kate dribbles the balls with her racket but soon decides to take a little break. As the sun hits her lovely figure, she beings to undress to reveal her all natural curves. “I’ve been modeling for two years,” she tells us. “ I really enjoy shooting, working with professionals, and of course, nude shoots! When it comes to her body, Kate loves her eyes. “I have different eye colors, this makes me unique,” she says. “I really love this small detail about me.”

Evening Desires

International beauty, Calypso Muse fulfills your deepest fantasies in this second sensual pictorial. All dressed up in black lace lingerie, boots, and a sexy mask, Calypso knows just how to work her magic for the photographer, David Merenyi’s camera. Though she looks absolutely ravishing all dolled up, in her everyday life, the gorgeous Calypso feels the sexiest when she’s a bit more dressed-down. “I feel sexiest in pajamas and [when I’m] makeup-free,” laughs the easy-going model. Sweet and thoughtful, Calypso tells us a little more about herself while she gets comfortable on set. “If I could have any super power it would be to heal pain and illness with magic,” she says. In no time at all, this alluring model begins to peels off her outfit to reveal her all natural figure. “How do I feel about posing nude? Free,” she gushes. When it comes to what goes down in her own bedroom, Calypso gives us some of her best sex advice. “Self-confidence is the most important quality,” she says. “Just be yourself. Try to overcome your fears and insecurities!” Are you loving this second pictorial from the lovely, Calypso?

Uncovered Passions

Your favorite duo, Dorothy and Ariel are back for another sensual pictorial for our VIP exclusive, Playboy Girlfriends Channel. Relaxing in their living room with the photographer, David Merenyi, these two can’t keep their hands off each other. Dressed in comfortable lingerie, the connection they have is unmatched, and they aren't shy to show their fans just how much they enjoy each other's company.

21 Jan 2019

Olivia Preston in Isolated Innocence

Your Cybergirl of the Year, Olivia Preston is starting the new year off in the most beautiful way possible. On location in a place that seems as if it’s a dream, Olivia is taking in her gorgeous surroundings. “I am miles and miles from home on the other side of the world,” gushes this adventurous model. “I’m on a tiny paradise island in the north of Indonesia. It’s unreal.” Totally stunned and humbled by her surroundings, Olivia looks absolutely stunning in a pink floral bikini, as Cassandra Keyes captures her in awe. You’ll be in awe too once you get a look at her captivating smile and womanly figure. “It's a woman's body, with a narrow waist and full hips,” she says, running her hands down her curves. “I think those are my best assets.” A total free-spirit, Olivia is right at home in the middle of the ocean, as she reminisces a little about her Playboy journey, “I’m the youngest in my family, and I've always been given the freedom to follow my dreams and my whims.” “I wanted to be a Playboy model because Playboy has a long-running history of portraying women as classy, beautiful and elegant. Some of the most beautiful women in the world are playboy models, and I'm honored to be included!”

Playing Sexual Music

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20 Jan 2019

All for you

Wow, the hottie in this mind-blowing artistic porn video set up a real sex show, and it's all for you! Watch her tease you, let her seduce you, see her slowly undress and caress her beautiful firm body. Take pleasure in her steamy masturbation show and admire her sex drive. This babe is gonna leave you totally breathless, and eventually she will explode in a orgasm, right in front of your eyes. This spine-tingling movie is a real gift for any admirer of porn arts!

19 Jan 2019

Dreaming about her boyfriend

Hot chick girl Sheila goes out of the control in the erotic porn session recorded on the high quality hd movie. She is stripping off her sexy lingerie and getting real fun when playing with the big and fat dildo toy. She is wrapping her mouth lips around sex stuff and also downing beaver on the artificial plastic inches. Without any doubts Sheila is able to get self satisfaction!

Plunging into the abyss of orgasm

Beautiful long haired bimbo with large breasts Nika is on the raunchy best quality porn video. She is slowly losing off the sexy lingerie uncovering the beautiful smooth skin body. Her hand is sliding down to the shaved cunt rubbing between slim legs and making the moist vagina pulse from the real pleasure and her tender body is getting washes by the powerful waves of the strongest female orgasm…

18 Jan 2019

Seduction and hot passion

This nude long haired beauty Nika is a real teaser. Posing like a beautiful porn star she demonstrates every inch of the smooth skin charms. Getting hotter and more sexually excited with every minute Nika quickly slides her hand between the legs and her body starts shivering from the unbearable pleasure and approaching orgasm.

16 Jan 2019

She makes her day

Horny hd video clip with the participation of the naughty girl Tini whose fresh body with natural boobs and shaved cunt is worthwhile seeing. This nasty doll provides viewers with the erotic strip session and takes the big fat dildo toy to continue with the passionate masturbation until very strong explosive orgasm.

14 Jan 2019

Beautiful flower hot passion

Beautiful porn video filled with the high quality porn scenes of the gorgeous teen looking chick Tini. This naked lady is slowly losing off her lingerie and starts erotically rubbing the beaver oozing out with creamy juices for the great pleasure and real sex fun of all the excited fans and lovers.

13 Jan 2019

The invitation to ecstasy world

Pretty girl Nika takes all her cloths off and puts the sexy sheer stockings on those slim legs that could drive anybody absolutely crazy. She is spreading them wider and wider hotly stimulating the big erected clitoris and rubbing between shaved lips producing some really delicious and creamy juices that you will crave to taste.

The secrets of her tenderness

Hot hot girl Tini is demonstrating her unbelievable passion in the awesome hd quality porn session. Her skillful fingers are tenderly playing with the erected nipples of natural boobs and tickling the labia. Avid vagina is dripping our with the creamy juices while the naked lady is getting closer and closer to the explosive vaginal orgasm.

White lace and endless desire

Some say that only a girl knows what the other girl wants, and this fantastic HD art porn movie proves this point. Watch two stunning girls wearing nothing but stiletto heels and white lace lingerie kiss and caress each other. They get more and more turned on, and soon they find themselves on a couch sharing a big purple sex toy and making each other explode in orgasms, again and again. Enjoy this first-class artistic porn video that is a real gift for any admirer of modern erotic art.

11 Jan 2019

New best friend

The beautiful brunette in this spectacular artistic porn video is so excited! She got herself a new sex toy, and she had been dying to try it out all day long. Finally, it's evening, she's home alone, she took a shower and eventually took the desired pink item in her arms. Hmmm, it looks so promicing and enticing! She doesn't want to make it fast, she wants to enjoy every moment of this new experience. Watch the first-rate erotic high definition video to see what pleasure the new sex toy brought this lusty girl.

10 Jan 2019

Private meeting

Fiction-inspired love fantasy

Where do you take inspiration from? The charming girl in this beautiful porn video reads romance books to get in the right mood for a little fun. She doesn't even need a partner to experience the ultimate pleasure. All it takes to help her reach the peak is just her vivid imagination combined with a kinky sex toy. This way, any fantasy can come true. Watch this marvelous adult erotica video to admire the girl's beauty and sensuality as well as the perfect camera work and impeccable style of the sexy video art.

8 Jan 2019

Sweet good night kiss

This fabulous artistic porn film tells you a story of a girl who wanted to give herself a good night kiss in the mirror. She looked at her beautiful reflection and admired her features, her smooth skin, her slim body. Why hide all of this beaty beneath a nightgown? So she removed her sleep shirt to admired every curve of her voluptuous body. Touching herself felt so sweet, she decided that a good orgasm before going to sleep was just what she needed. Enjoy this wonderful glamour erotica video.

Home alone

There's no need for company if you know how to entertain yourself. The charming blonde girl in this beautiful and exciting porn movie is home alone, feeling playful and a little bit aroused. She daydreams and lets her fantasies carry her away to the land of eternal pleasure and insatiable lust. She can't help touching herself, and it feels so good that she doesn't want to stop. She slowly takes her dress off and lets her fingers reach the wet and oozing spot right between her legs... One of the best artistic porn videos ever!

A hard day's night

It's been a terrible and exhausting day in the office, and the blonde in this art porn video comes home totally drained. All she wants is to take her tight clothes off and relax. To calm down, she strokes her nude body and thinks of something sweet and nice. Soon she realizes that sex would help her to loosen up and forget all the worries. So what that she's home alone? She can help herself to ease the stress! And indeed, after a heated masturbation session she feels renewed and full of energy. Watch the wonderful transformation in this breathtaking and absorbing high definition xxx movie!

The best way to spice up your life

The gorgeous girl in this beautiful porn movie knows how to make her life rich, peppery and fiery! All she needs to feel full of life is more new and fresh emotions, more thrill, more adventures. Today she went for a walk and found some ruined building, and she knew right away that it was a perfect place for a new experience. She imagined that she met a handsome stranger there who was so overcome by her beauty that he couldn't control himself and ripped her clothes off. Next was the wildest lovemaking ever, and the orgasm our sassy girl got was not make-believe, it was real and genuine. Enjoy this wonderful erotic art video and see where our fantasies may take us.

6 Jan 2019

Nude beauty in the wild

Is there any better way to spend a beautiful sunny day than going to a picnic in the country? The gorgeous girl in this artistic porn video escaped from her friends to spend some time alone and enjoy the breathtaking view. But as soon as she found a quiet place she felt very aroused and turned on. Well, since she was all alone, why not make her little fantasy come true and let her imagination carry her away? So she took her clothes off and let her fingers help her reach the peak. Enjoy this marvelous glamour erotic movie that truly sparkles with lust, sensuality and desire. This is what the art of pornography is about!

What bored housewives do

Being a housewife ain't much fun if you spend most of the time home alone. But the seductive brunette in this artistic porn video knows how to entertain herself! She puts her sexiest clothes and high heels on and pretends that she's a stripper working in a VIP strip club. She slowly takes her tight skirt and her blouse off, and then it's time to get rid of her sexy lingerie. She only leaves her shoes on before spreading her legs and getting herself to coud nine with her fingers. Oh, what a delight! Then she puts her clothes back on, and nobody's gonna learn her little secret. This steamy movie is a real treat for any fan of glamour erotica!

5 Jan 2019

Mysterious stranger

If you think that girls dress up and act seductively only for men then this glamour erotica movie will prove you wrong. The girl in this artistic sex video set up a little perfomance just for herself. She played the role of a mysterious and enticing masked stranger who is totally irresistible and can seduce anyone. But eventually this temptress chose to seduce herself. So she gently takes her beautiful dress off, caresses her voluptuous body, removes her bra and touches her hard nipples. The desire is already so strong, so she spreads her legs and lets her fatasies carry her away. After reaching the peak she slowly puts her clothes back on and leaves, mysterious and enigmatic.

Exotic pleasures

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3 Jan 2019

The secrets of a blonde's bedroom

Admire this wonderful porn video of a beautiful girl who is home alone and a little bored. She wanders the rooms of her flat and eventually comes to the bedroom. The long-haired blonde lays down on her bed and thinks of the last night that was full of passion and wild action. Her thoughts make her feel aroused and lustful again, and she takes her clothes and lingerie off. Now she has only her shoes on, and her desire is so strong that she cannot control it anymore... This magnificent and spine-tingling adult erotica movie is sure to impress even the most sophisticated and demanding admirer of modern erotic art.

A perfect morning

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2 Jan 2019

How to make boating really fun

In this fabulous artistic porn movie you'll meet a beautiful blonde called May who is very lustful and sensual. May is always open to new experiences, she knows what she wants and she isn't ashamed of her desires. Today gorgeous May goes boating, but her romantic and dreamy mood changes her plans a little. She gets on board and lays down to soak up the sun and relax. Soon she decides that she'll get a better tan if she takes her clothes off, and her nudity makes May feel very lascivious and turned on. What happens next in this amazing porn art video is so hot and steamy that it's better to see it with your own eyes!

You can't take your eyes off me

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Nude and lewd

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