4 Aug 2018

Fatima Kojima in Breezing Through

Back to Playboy Plus with her Cybergirl debut pictorial, is the absolutely lovely model, Fatima Kojima. Looking totally dreamy and delicate, Fatima is dressed in a sheer robe and light lingerie in her backyard with the photographer, Liz Stewart. Enjoying the lovely day, Fatima steps out for some fresh air and decides to get a little more comfortable by removing pieces of her pretty outfit for her brand new Playboy fans. “My best quality is I am non-judgmental,” she tells us of herself. “I can connect to any person with any circumstances they may have, and appreciate who they are and support them,” she adds sweetly. In addition to her charming, sweet, and totally outgoing demeanor, Fatima is beautiful, with a look all her own and a body that will knock you off your feet. “My measurements are 32 - 22 - 34,” says the 27-year-old model. “I love posing nude. I am most comfortable when I am nude,” she says. When it comes to her best physical assets, Fatima loves her breasts, eyes, and bum. “My bootay!” she laughs. “It’s come a long way and I’m proud of its little cushion.”

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