15 Aug 2018

The gardeners disgrace!

Madam Zoe is in her study when the gardener walks in, immediately she wants a game of tease
and strips from her glamorous skirt and blouse, showing off her nyloned legs and bare trimmed pussy!
Soon she's getting you hard and spurting hot cum towards her. Her game is complete!

12 Aug 2018

Muliniel Louis in Lavish Garden

Twirling her umbrella by a pool in Pattaya, Thailand is international model Jasmine Jazz on set with photographer Stanislav Vorobye. “I’m the gentlest lady in the world, but I’m completely mad,” giggles the all-natural brunette wearing a swimsuit with sexy cutouts. “In high school, I was as sweet as candy. Nothing has changed since then.” As she lowers her red, heart-shaped sunglasses to the tip of her nose and focuses her big, brown eyes on us, the sexy Ukrainian lets us in a scandalous secret from her schoolgirl days. “When I was in school, I liked physical education,” begins the Eastern European. “Actually, I was in love with the teacher.” Now that she’s all grown up, Jasmine handles her crushes on older men very differently. “I’m not afraid of my desires. Now, I just do it!” she says.

11 Aug 2018

Maija Riika in Pit Stop

The wait is finally over! Your gorgeous August Cybergirl of the Month, Maija Riika is gracing your screens again with her debut as this month’s featured model. Totally thrilled to be here, Maija was so happy when she got offered to shoot for August CGOM. On set in breathtaking British Columbia, this Toronto native is getting a glimpse of the natural life on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “I’ve never been to B.C., I’ve always wanted to come out here,” she gushes. “I’m from Toronto, and it’s just a big city, so we don’t have this much nature — it’s so beautiful! I’m super happy!” Just her second time posing nude for us, Maija is a natural in front of Cassandra’s lens, dressed in a cute outfit as she stops to put gas in her little blue car. Looking absolutely divine, Maija is equal parts cool and sexy as she pours water down her petite, yet totally curvy figure. Watch in pure lust as she begins to undress car-side. “My passion is, of course, modeling,” she tells us laughing. “I found out about Playboy Plus’ Cybergirl of the Month five years ago, since then it has been a dream of mine to become one. Cassandra Keyes found me and here I am,” she tells us. “I think Playboy models are the strongest women out there. They show other people that you can do whatever you want, you can be free — and I just think it’s beautiful.” We can say the same for you, Maija.

10 Aug 2018

Evelyn Sommer in Delicate Seduction

Delicate and totally angelic is Australian babe, Evelyn Sommer in this third sexy pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Dressed in an all white lace dress and lace lingerie, Evelyn is ready to fulfill all your deepest fantasies as she spends a quiet day inside her sun-drenched bedroom. Glowing and looking totally irresistible, Evelyn begins her seduction by revealing her perky, all-natural breasts. In no time, she gets to show the camera her favorite physical asset: her bum. “I’m very comfortable naked,” she tells us sweetly. “I have a nice butt,” she laughs. As sensual as can be, Evelyn heads to her bed to get a little more comfortable as Cassandra’s camera circles her petite frame. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is be considerate and spontaneous,” says this gorgeous model. “Don’t be afraid to be different and don’t rush,” she advises. As for her own fantasies, Evelyn has already completed a few. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex was against a tree in a public park in England,” she says giggling.

Mia Valentine in Aqua Pura

Enjoying a relaxing pool day all to herself is the absolutely lovely International beauty, Mia Valentine. Originally from Guatemala City, but now living in New York City, this gorgeous brunette is a well-experienced model, and is so thrilled to be shooting her third pictorial for Playboy Plus. “I’ve always dreamed of doing Playboy,” she tells us smiling. “Everyone around the world knows Playboy and what it stands for. For me to be a small part of that history feels really special,” she tells us. Getting comfortable with the photographer, Liz Stewart, Mia loses her bright red swimsuit in no time and begins to run her soft hands all over her all natural curves. “I have no problems with nudity. I've always been comfortable showing off my skin,” she says proudly. Watch as this captivating lady gets playful, showing us her most intimate parts as she takes a dip in the pool. When it comes to men, this lady has a bit of a type. “As cliche as it sounds, what I look for is a sense of humor,” she says. “If a guy can make me laugh, then I'm interested.” And in the bedroom, she has a few unique turn-ons. “Hands down my biggest turn on? Physically, I have a weird thing for hands. I love strong looking hands. Also, beards are hot!”

8 Aug 2018

Vi Shy in Cavern Mist

Things are getting steamy and very wet with the gorgeous International model, Vi Shy in this new pictorial with the photographer, David Merenyi. For her second feature, Vi is dressed in a figure-hugging black bikini, totally sultry and sensual as water begins to spray all over her all-natural, flawless figure. You’ll be left speechless as soon as this petite Ukrainian babe is totally nude, all wet, with just a little light shining into the unique location she’s fully immersed herself in. “I like posing nude,” she tells us proudly. “I love my body. I try to look after it, control my weight, tone, and eat healthy food.” When it comes to the opposite sex, Vi likes someone who is sweet and well dressed. “I appreciate kindness,” she tells us. “Responsiveness; someone caring. And that his clothes emphasize his personality.”

5 Aug 2018

Putri Cinta in Pristine Beauty

Gracing Playboy Plus for the first time, is Putri Cinta, an International model, and an absolute one-of-a-kind woman. With big, gorgeous hair, a sweet smile, and an all natural body, we’re sure you’ll love everything about this new model. On the set of a bright bedroom with Cassandra Keyes, Putri is shooting in her home country of Indonesia, and couldn’t be more excited to be meeting you. “This is an amazing job,” she tells us, smiling from ear to ear. Dressed in a delicate bikini, Putri is a just the right balance of shy and confident as she begins to show us her petite, gorgeous figure. First, her breasts, and then you’ll love everything else even more. “I love my body so much,” she says. “My best physical assets are my butt and boobs.

4 Aug 2018

Fatima Kojima in Breezing Through

Back to Playboy Plus with her Cybergirl debut pictorial, is the absolutely lovely model, Fatima Kojima. Looking totally dreamy and delicate, Fatima is dressed in a sheer robe and light lingerie in her backyard with the photographer, Liz Stewart. Enjoying the lovely day, Fatima steps out for some fresh air and decides to get a little more comfortable by removing pieces of her pretty outfit for her brand new Playboy fans. “My best quality is I am non-judgmental,” she tells us of herself. “I can connect to any person with any circumstances they may have, and appreciate who they are and support them,” she adds sweetly. In addition to her charming, sweet, and totally outgoing demeanor, Fatima is beautiful, with a look all her own and a body that will knock you off your feet. “My measurements are 32 - 22 - 34,” says the 27-year-old model. “I love posing nude. I am most comfortable when I am nude,” she says. When it comes to her best physical assets, Fatima loves her breasts, eyes, and bum. “My bootay!” she laughs. “It’s come a long way and I’m proud of its little cushion.”
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