22 Mar 2018

Ilvy Kokomo in Night Vision

Get creative with the gorgeous International model, Ilvy Kokomo, as she stays in tonight to unwind and paint. On the set of an intimate room with photographer, David Merenyi, Ilvy is dressed in a white tank-top and jeans, covered in paint. Watch as she gets rather playful with the watercolors and ultimately decides it's much more fun without clothing. First come her pants, giving all her fans a good look at her slim, long legs, and plump backside. Next, feast your eyes on Ilvy’s totally round, perky and all natural breasts. “My best assets are my naturally big breasts,” she tells us with a smile. When she’s not modeling, Ilvy is actually pretty artistic in real life, and she loves to take photos as well as do makeup. “I am crazy about photography, so I constantly try to develop my skill,” she shares. “I recently finished a makeup course as well.” When it comes to men, Ilvy needs someone who can stimulate her mind. “In a guy, I look for intelligence,” she says directly. In the bedroom, she enjoys someone thoughtful. “Sex begins long before you get to the bed,” she advises. “People make sex crazy, not the place.”

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