30 Dec 2018

Sassy May

In this fabulous adult erotica video you'll meet a gorgeous blonde called May who went sunbathing on a hot summer day. May lay down on her blanket and exposed her beautiful body to the sun, enjoying the wonderful weather and daydreaming. She thought about the wild night she spent with some guy she met in a club, and these flashbacks made her feel incredibly turned on. So May took her panty off and let the passion seize her... Enjoy this gem of modern erotic art that will blow you away with its sensuality, zeal and emotion. Every admirer of stylish erotic artwork will be delighted and impressed.

29 Dec 2018

Glamorous and salacious

If you're into beautiful porn sex videos that combine steamy action with creativity and artistic approach then this glamour sex movie will not disappoint you. Watch a stunning girl having a walk near the picturesque mountains. Soon she decides to have some rest and spreads her blanket on the ground. The breathtaking view and the blissful solitude get the long-haired beauty in the sexy mood, and she removes her clothes with no hesitation. Being nude feels even more arousing, and the lustful girl yields to her desires and takes joy in the sweetest ecstasy. Her skillful and knowing fingers easily get the lecherous brunette to cloud nine. Enjoy this unforgettable erotica in HD!

28 Dec 2018

The ultimate bliss

Every admirer of first-class nude girl videos and stylish artistic porn clips will be delighted and charmed by this amazing movie. You'll see a ravishing beauty sunbathing and enjoying the warmth of the sun against her smooth skin. And why not take her bikini off since there's nobody around? So the gorgeous brunette removes her bikini top first, and then her panty. Being nude in a public place feels so audacious and reckless, no wonder our hottie feels turned on. She decides to go even further and do something she's never done before - to masturbate right there, even though she might be seen by someone. Admire her strongest orgasm in this awesome adult erotica movie!

There's no better lover than myself

The gorgeous girl in this erotic art video loves sex more than anything, but who knows better then herself how to get her to cloud nine? And even though she has enough lovers she can't help having some fun all by herself every now and then. This glamour erotica video is one of her fantasies come true: she is in the country all alone, she is wearing her sexiest lingerie and she is feeling incredibly horny... See what happens next and where the lustful blonde's fantasies take her. Every scene of this unforgettable high definition porn movie is the essence of erotic art.

Beauty on the rocks

What can make a breathtaking landscape even more exciting? A stunning girl stripping and playing with her pussy! Watch a beautiful slim brunette set up a real sex show on the rocks. Her every move is full of lure and temptation, she's so overcome by lust and desire, she knows what exactly she wants and how to get it. If you're into glamour sex movies that sparkle with sensuality and lustiness then you're gonna be impressed by this one. Every scene is totally irresistible and extremely exciting, and the perfect quality of this high definition xxx movie make it an absolute must-see.

26 Dec 2018

Shower mischief

If it takes your girlfriend too long to shower then maybe she's doing something kinky in the bathroom. This beautiful erotica video will reveal all the secrets and show you what nasty and oversexed girls really do when they say they want to take a shower. A stream of water is just as good as any sex toy, and if you add a dildo, well, this is a little sex party in the bathroom! Watch a stunning babe in this awesome art porn video caress herself until she comes very hard. A real treat for any admirer of chic and sophisticated artful porn!

25 Dec 2018

Mad with passion

The gorgeous babe in this erotic pornography video, Tini, is a very filthy and dirty-minded girl with the face of an angel. This combination of innocence and inner glow with the lewdness and lechery is what drives men totally crazy, isn't it? Watch insatiable Tini caress and finger herself so lustfully and seductvely, you're gonna be blown away by this girl. Then things get even hotter as she takes her big dildo and shows what else she's capable of. Oh what a nasty and crazy babe! Watch this fantastic adult erotica video till the end to enjoy every steamy moment of it!

24 Dec 2018

Guilty pleasures

In this incredible erotic art video you'll once again see Erica, a gorgeous blonde and a real queen of masturbation videos. This time she is on a cosy couch, slowly taktng her clothes off and touching her gorgeous body. Erica isn't ashamed of her desires, and she wants you to see everything, the whole process from the very start to the explosive ending, from all angles. This is why she stars in chic and raunchy erotic art films that drive everyone crazy. This girl is really something special, so don't miss this impressive and spectacular artistic porn video!

23 Dec 2018

The best morning exercises

The girl in this overwhelming erotic pornography video woke up and was about to do her morning exercises, but then she thought that masturbation can be considered an exercise too, and a very pleasant one. Besides, what can ever be healthier than an orgasm? So she took her tank top and shorts off and caressed her beautiful nude body. Ah, what a bliss! Watch the insatiable hottie finger herself until she exploded in an orgasm. As a perfect example of the modern art of pornography, this icredible video is an absolute must-see.

I don't mind you watching

Everybody masturbates, there's no use arguing with that. But some filthy babes don't mind doing this and being watched, and that's especially exciting. The naughty blonde in this awesome adult erotica video shamelessly strips naked and fingers her oozing pussy, looking playfully in the camera. How arousing is that? She enjoys her passionate masturbation session and she enjoys your attention. What a girl! Watch this amazing artistic porn video to admire its style,beauty, great camera work and above all the blonde's insatiable lust.

Can you keep a secret?

Every girl has her secrets. Erica's dirty little secret is that she masturbates a lot, but is there anything wrong in being lustful and desirous? She loves carnal delights and mind-blowing orgasms more than anything, but who doesn't? In this fantastic erotic pornography video you'll see her nude and turned on, first fingering herself and then using her favorite dildo to get to cloud nine. Being one of the greatest erotic art videos, this movie impresses with both hot action, explicit scenes and impeccable taste, creative approach, beauty and chic.

22 Oct 2018

Anna Katarina in Ramble On

Ready to pull on your heartstrings is the stunning Playboy Muse, Anna Katarina in her second pictorial for Playboy Plus! A musician and model, this blonde babe is hitting the road with her guitar as the photographer, Cassandra Keyes snaps her camera away. “I’m currently recording my first album with my band,” Anna says. “My passions are music and travel, and my special talent is singing!” Read to wow all her new fans with her voice, charm and flawless figure, Anna begins to tease her skirt a little as she gazes deep into the camera. In just a few minutes, this lovely Playboy Muse is peeling off pieces of her outfit. After finding a nice and quiet place, listen to the lovely Anna strum you some beautiful music totally nude. Thinking this is the girl of your dreams? Anna looks someone likeminded with similar passions. “My biggest turn on is a man who can sing, cook and has great arms,” she giggles. “A similar sense of humor to mine is also really important to me.” Do you love everything there is to know about the lovely, Anna Katarina?

16 Oct 2018

Thera Jane in Poolside Seduction

Gorgeous and sultry, International babe, Thera Jane is back with her second pictorial for Playboy Plus. On location in beautiful Bali, Indonesia, Thera looks glamorous for a seductive and fun day by the pool with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes capturing all of her beauty. Dressed in a blue crochet bikini, Thera is ready to lose all her inhibitions and take a dip. No stranger to the sun and hot weather, Thera decides to tell us a little about herself while slipping out of her bikini. "I grew up in Perth, Australia along the coast,” she tells us. “I have a very big family, and I’m the baby girl.” Modeling since she can remember, Playboy has always been one main goal of her’s. “I thought it was a joke,” she says of her initial email from Cassandra. “It’s only been a dream of mine to shoot with Playboy my whole life! One of my best qualities is that I never give up on anything,” she adds. Now in the spotlight, keep your eyes on the stunning Thera as she shows all of the world her luminous beauty. “I love my lips, eyes, and hair,” she says of her favorite physical assets. “I love my body but of course I have insecurities, I’m not perfect!”

14 Oct 2018

Miluniel Louis in Wild Wonder

Looking effortlessly gorgeous as usual is your Playboy Muse of the Month, Miluniel Louis. Getting ready for a little adventure on location in Perth, Australia, the lovely Miluniel is dressed in a white top, shorts, a hat, and boots for a sensual hike with all of her fans. Photographer, Cassandra Keyes captures Miluniel’s natural beauty just perfectly as this sweet model from Belgium begins to undress to reveal a flawless figure. “My best quality is that I am kind and try to be openminded,” says Miluniel. “I’ve always been curious about everything, willing to discover the world and make new experiences!” Doing just that with you, Miluniel is more than thrilled to be right where she is in her modeling career. “I’ve always wanted to be a part of Playboy, and I've dreamed about becoming a Playmate,” she says. “So, when Cassandra Keyes contacted me for a Playboy photo shoot, I was really happy!” Currently, this lovely brunette is single, but she’s definitely looking for that special someone. “Kindness, open-mindedness, and intelligence are essential to me,” she says thoughtfully, “But I admit that I usually notice a guy first if he is really charming,” she adds.

15 Aug 2018

The gardeners disgrace!

Madam Zoe is in her study when the gardener walks in, immediately she wants a game of tease
and strips from her glamorous skirt and blouse, showing off her nyloned legs and bare trimmed pussy!
Soon she's getting you hard and spurting hot cum towards her. Her game is complete!

12 Aug 2018

Muliniel Louis in Lavish Garden

Twirling her umbrella by a pool in Pattaya, Thailand is international model Jasmine Jazz on set with photographer Stanislav Vorobye. “I’m the gentlest lady in the world, but I’m completely mad,” giggles the all-natural brunette wearing a swimsuit with sexy cutouts. “In high school, I was as sweet as candy. Nothing has changed since then.” As she lowers her red, heart-shaped sunglasses to the tip of her nose and focuses her big, brown eyes on us, the sexy Ukrainian lets us in a scandalous secret from her schoolgirl days. “When I was in school, I liked physical education,” begins the Eastern European. “Actually, I was in love with the teacher.” Now that she’s all grown up, Jasmine handles her crushes on older men very differently. “I’m not afraid of my desires. Now, I just do it!” she says.

11 Aug 2018

Maija Riika in Pit Stop

The wait is finally over! Your gorgeous August Cybergirl of the Month, Maija Riika is gracing your screens again with her debut as this month’s featured model. Totally thrilled to be here, Maija was so happy when she got offered to shoot for August CGOM. On set in breathtaking British Columbia, this Toronto native is getting a glimpse of the natural life on set with the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. “I’ve never been to B.C., I’ve always wanted to come out here,” she gushes. “I’m from Toronto, and it’s just a big city, so we don’t have this much nature — it’s so beautiful! I’m super happy!” Just her second time posing nude for us, Maija is a natural in front of Cassandra’s lens, dressed in a cute outfit as she stops to put gas in her little blue car. Looking absolutely divine, Maija is equal parts cool and sexy as she pours water down her petite, yet totally curvy figure. Watch in pure lust as she begins to undress car-side. “My passion is, of course, modeling,” she tells us laughing. “I found out about Playboy Plus’ Cybergirl of the Month five years ago, since then it has been a dream of mine to become one. Cassandra Keyes found me and here I am,” she tells us. “I think Playboy models are the strongest women out there. They show other people that you can do whatever you want, you can be free — and I just think it’s beautiful.” We can say the same for you, Maija.

10 Aug 2018

Evelyn Sommer in Delicate Seduction

Delicate and totally angelic is Australian babe, Evelyn Sommer in this third sexy pictorial from the photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Dressed in an all white lace dress and lace lingerie, Evelyn is ready to fulfill all your deepest fantasies as she spends a quiet day inside her sun-drenched bedroom. Glowing and looking totally irresistible, Evelyn begins her seduction by revealing her perky, all-natural breasts. In no time, she gets to show the camera her favorite physical asset: her bum. “I’m very comfortable naked,” she tells us sweetly. “I have a nice butt,” she laughs. As sensual as can be, Evelyn heads to her bed to get a little more comfortable as Cassandra’s camera circles her petite frame. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is be considerate and spontaneous,” says this gorgeous model. “Don’t be afraid to be different and don’t rush,” she advises. As for her own fantasies, Evelyn has already completed a few. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex was against a tree in a public park in England,” she says giggling.

Mia Valentine in Aqua Pura

Enjoying a relaxing pool day all to herself is the absolutely lovely International beauty, Mia Valentine. Originally from Guatemala City, but now living in New York City, this gorgeous brunette is a well-experienced model, and is so thrilled to be shooting her third pictorial for Playboy Plus. “I’ve always dreamed of doing Playboy,” she tells us smiling. “Everyone around the world knows Playboy and what it stands for. For me to be a small part of that history feels really special,” she tells us. Getting comfortable with the photographer, Liz Stewart, Mia loses her bright red swimsuit in no time and begins to run her soft hands all over her all natural curves. “I have no problems with nudity. I've always been comfortable showing off my skin,” she says proudly. Watch as this captivating lady gets playful, showing us her most intimate parts as she takes a dip in the pool. When it comes to men, this lady has a bit of a type. “As cliche as it sounds, what I look for is a sense of humor,” she says. “If a guy can make me laugh, then I'm interested.” And in the bedroom, she has a few unique turn-ons. “Hands down my biggest turn on? Physically, I have a weird thing for hands. I love strong looking hands. Also, beards are hot!”

8 Aug 2018

Vi Shy in Cavern Mist

Things are getting steamy and very wet with the gorgeous International model, Vi Shy in this new pictorial with the photographer, David Merenyi. For her second feature, Vi is dressed in a figure-hugging black bikini, totally sultry and sensual as water begins to spray all over her all-natural, flawless figure. You’ll be left speechless as soon as this petite Ukrainian babe is totally nude, all wet, with just a little light shining into the unique location she’s fully immersed herself in. “I like posing nude,” she tells us proudly. “I love my body. I try to look after it, control my weight, tone, and eat healthy food.” When it comes to the opposite sex, Vi likes someone who is sweet and well dressed. “I appreciate kindness,” she tells us. “Responsiveness; someone caring. And that his clothes emphasize his personality.”

5 Aug 2018

Putri Cinta in Pristine Beauty

Gracing Playboy Plus for the first time, is Putri Cinta, an International model, and an absolute one-of-a-kind woman. With big, gorgeous hair, a sweet smile, and an all natural body, we’re sure you’ll love everything about this new model. On the set of a bright bedroom with Cassandra Keyes, Putri is shooting in her home country of Indonesia, and couldn’t be more excited to be meeting you. “This is an amazing job,” she tells us, smiling from ear to ear. Dressed in a delicate bikini, Putri is a just the right balance of shy and confident as she begins to show us her petite, gorgeous figure. First, her breasts, and then you’ll love everything else even more. “I love my body so much,” she says. “My best physical assets are my butt and boobs.

4 Aug 2018

Fatima Kojima in Breezing Through

Back to Playboy Plus with her Cybergirl debut pictorial, is the absolutely lovely model, Fatima Kojima. Looking totally dreamy and delicate, Fatima is dressed in a sheer robe and light lingerie in her backyard with the photographer, Liz Stewart. Enjoying the lovely day, Fatima steps out for some fresh air and decides to get a little more comfortable by removing pieces of her pretty outfit for her brand new Playboy fans. “My best quality is I am non-judgmental,” she tells us of herself. “I can connect to any person with any circumstances they may have, and appreciate who they are and support them,” she adds sweetly. In addition to her charming, sweet, and totally outgoing demeanor, Fatima is beautiful, with a look all her own and a body that will knock you off your feet. “My measurements are 32 - 22 - 34,” says the 27-year-old model. “I love posing nude. I am most comfortable when I am nude,” she says. When it comes to her best physical assets, Fatima loves her breasts, eyes, and bum. “My bootay!” she laughs. “It’s come a long way and I’m proud of its little cushion.”

22 Mar 2018

Slip into something

Tindra is a fan of the nylon slip, slinky and tactile over her kinky retro lingerie and vintage nylons. Her stunning body is so trim,
wonderful breasts, her pussy, so wet, open and inviting, wanton for slipping into...nyloned legs parted as she 3 finger frigs.

Ilvy Kokomo in Night Vision

Get creative with the gorgeous International model, Ilvy Kokomo, as she stays in tonight to unwind and paint. On the set of an intimate room with photographer, David Merenyi, Ilvy is dressed in a white tank-top and jeans, covered in paint. Watch as she gets rather playful with the watercolors and ultimately decides it's much more fun without clothing. First come her pants, giving all her fans a good look at her slim, long legs, and plump backside. Next, feast your eyes on Ilvy’s totally round, perky and all natural breasts. “My best assets are my naturally big breasts,” she tells us with a smile. When she’s not modeling, Ilvy is actually pretty artistic in real life, and she loves to take photos as well as do makeup. “I am crazy about photography, so I constantly try to develop my skill,” she shares. “I recently finished a makeup course as well.” When it comes to men, Ilvy needs someone who can stimulate her mind. “In a guy, I look for intelligence,” she says directly. In the bedroom, she enjoys someone thoughtful. “Sex begins long before you get to the bed,” she advises. “People make sex crazy, not the place.”

21 Mar 2018

Perfumed and seductively salacious

Looking very glamorous in her vintage robe and sexy black lingerie Sophia is all set to entertain on the bedroom couch, slipping out her large natural tits. Encouraging you to slowly at first, jerk off with her, as she strips to reveal and spread those sheer black nyloned legs and her soft wet open fingered pussy!

Just like old times

Penny always loved to tease and dress in retro lingerie, high heels and sheer vintage nylons,
just to get turned on as she turns you on too! Here she is in the bedroom,
slipping out of her clingy dress and pantyless in open girdle, teasing with her sweet trimmed pussy!

5 Mar 2018

Cosmo in Sensual Comforts

Slow things down with the absolutely lovely International model, Cosmo. With her long, brown wavy locks, sweet smile, and totally sultry ways, we’re so glad to have this Hungarian beauty gracing Playboy Plus once again. Ready to kick back and just relax a little with someone special, Miss Cosmo is all dressed down in lace white lingerie, and a silky tan robe, atop a velvety red couch. Feast your eyes on her tantalizing, all natural figure of perky breasts, long legs, curvy hips and round butt. "I’m really into fitness,” she tells us, and we can definitely tell. “I can be a perfectionist, so it was great to do such a fun shoot,” she says. “Playboy makes me feel so free,” she says of her time shooting. When it comes to the company she keeps, Cosmo tends to be a guy’s gal. “I don’t really have many girlfriends,” she says. “With the guys, I like to go out to the cinema or to a restaurant for dinner. If there’s a good party, we can’t miss it!”

4 Mar 2018

Celia in Silken Luxury

Please welcome Celia, an absolutely dreamy new model from Kiev, Ukraine. Coming to Playboy Plus amidst a booming career as a model, Celia is thrilled to be posing for our cameras. Most known for her art nude modeling throughout Europe, she’s most known for her delicate, sexy frame, all-natural breasts, green eyes, and very beautiful blonde hair. You’ll fall for her sweet and sultry ways in this first pictorial on set with photographer, David Merenyi. Sitting atop a big bed with an all-white bedspread and pretty pastel silk sheets, Celia is ready to please all her new viewers. Watch in awe as she tumbles among the soft sheets, showing off every curve of her petite figure. When it comes to free time Celia is adventurous and spontaneous, ready for anything fun. “I love new feelings,” she tells us. “I also love music, dancing and meeting new people,” she adds.

Ariel in Sun Splashed

Totally luminous and full of smiles on set with photographer, David Merenyi, is the beautiful International model, Ariel, once again. She’s absolutely glowing in an all white bikini on the ocean shore. Doing all her best, delicate and totally sexy poses for the camera, Ariel is no stranger to a bikini and some sunlight. In fact, when she’s not working, or curled up with a good book, you can usually find this divine beauty in a teeny-tiny bikini somewhere warm. Totally in her element, she isn’t shy to start taking off pieces of her bikini to do some sunbathing. First comes her top, and before you know it she’s totally nude atop the rocky shore. You’ll fall instantly for her all natural, slender body, curvy hourglass hips, and long, long legs. In her free time, Ariel dabbles in what it takes to be behind the camera — very interested in the art of photography.

Tahlia Paris in Intoxicating View

Your 2017 Cybergirl Girl is the Year is going out with a bang in her last set under the reigning title. Taking the art of seduction to new heights, Tahlia is dressed in an all lace, figure-hugging jumpsuit, ready to say "see you soon" to all her adoring fans. On the set of a beautiful living room, the blonde and beautiful Tahlia pours herself a glass of red to feel even sexier than you can ever imagine. Slowly sipping, she begins to unzip her one piece, and you won’t be able to take your eyes off her round, perfect ass and large breasts. Keeping her heels on, she’s finally fully nude atop the piano bench rubbing her hands up and down her fit and succulent figure. “Being CGOY is so amazing—above and beyond anything I could have hoped for in the Playboy world! When I got the phone call, even my response was, ‘Oh, my god—no way,” she reminisces. With breathtaking set after breathtaking set, Tahlia reminds us just why she was named CGOY. Stick around, some may say this is only the beginning for the flawless, Tahlia Paris.

3 Feb 2018

Tahlia Paris in Artist's Touch

A new month means another beautiful set from your 2017 CGOY, Tahlia Paris. Equal parts sexy and cute, Miss Paris is glowing on the set of an outdoor patio with photographer, Holly Randall. Looking to get a little creative, she heads towards a piece she’s been working on. Dressed in her splatter-painted clothes of a tee and denim shorts, Tahlia is the sexiest artist we’ve ever laid eyes on. Touching up her watercolor painting, she’s looking for a bit more inspiration. Slowly peeling off pieces of clothing, we’re reminded of her luminous beauty and totally hot figure of large breasts, plump bum and perfectly sun-kissed skin. Soon enough, Miss Tahlia is fully naked playfully painting on her lovely body. When it comes to men, this blonde-haired beauty is loving the single life. "I just got out of a relationship, and I’m enjoying the single life in California,” she shares. “My idea of a romantic evening is spending the night at home,” says Tahlia. “We’d cook dinner, just us two, and then watch a movie in our pajamas.” When it comes to the bedroom, Tahlia isn’t afraid to get a little spontaneous. “I have had sex in public a few times,” she admits. “The best time was in the men’s shower at a campground!”

2 Feb 2018

Katey in Mellow Moments

Meet new International model, Katey. Coming to Playboy Plus all the way from Budapest, Hungary, Katey is all smiles and deep sultry looks on set with photographer, David Merenyi. In a gorgeous green sunroom, Katey is dressed in maroon lingerie and a silky robe, ready to get acquainted with you. It’s easy to fall for her succulent body and all natural curves — something she is very proud of. “I’m 100 percent natural,” she tells us confidently. “No tattoos, no piercings, no implants, no scars!” Also a true natural in front of the camera, it’s easy to tell Katey has been at this for quite some time. In fact, she has specialized in editorial, glamour and fine art nude modeling for the last seven years. Watch as she tantalizes the camera and slowly undresses to the music, revealing her delicious, large breasts. If you love that, just wait until she’s on her stomach, displaying her round booty. If you’re loving this new model, stick around!
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