3 Oct 2017

Tahlia Paris in High Time

Happy October! Grab a glass and a front row seat, because it’s time for some afternoon tea with your insanely beautiful and dreamy Cybergirl of the Year, Tahlia Paris. This month is wonderful because Tahlia is doing her thing and ready to show off a little more of her soft side we love so much. She’s on the set of a dazzling Victorian-era styled dining room with photographer, Holly Randall, pouring herself a dainty glass of hot English Tea. Dressed to knock you off your feet, Tahlia is glowing in glittery, goddess-like makeup, her sunny-blonde hair is perfectly spiral-curled, her lips are pouted a nice pale pink, and she's wearing nothing but a silky and revealing paisley-floral robe. Tahlia's feeling sexy and sensual as she takes her hands and runs them all over her sun-kissed skin, slowly undressing and showing you her perfect curves. “I love modeling. I have been since I was only 5-years-old. I always knew I wanted to be in Playboy so once I hit 18-years-old, I was ready to show off my body the real way,” says Tahlia, gleaming. This California girl is more than ecstatic to be giving her adoring fans another set this month as CGOY 2017. “It’s such an honor for me to be here — I cried when found out," she says laughing. "I work really hard for my body, and there’s no reason for me not to show it off!”

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