4 Sep 2017

Cara Mell in Night Lights

It’s okay to pinch yourself when scrolling through this incredibly intimate and sexy set of international model, Cara Mell. Trust us, she isn’t a dream, in fact, she’s a beyond gorgeous reality on set with photographers, David Merenyi and Adam Nagy in her home country of Hungary. This sandy blonde beauty is lounging on a leather couch, in a pretty lace lingerie, surrounded by hundreds of bright twinkle lights, making it feel like Cara is in a world all her own, just waiting for the right someone to come by and sweep her off her feet. She’s feeling the vibe, her eyes shining straight into the camera with desire, and a sweet, sweet smile on her pink lips. Watch as she slowly peels off her nightgown, showing you her perfectly bronzed skin, and all natural curves. Well known for her artistic nude photos and videos, this lady is making a name for herself worldwide and doesn’t plan to stop until she achieves all her wildest dreams. “My mind is calm and my vision is clear,” she says of her goals. “I’m ready for some serious growth.” This self-proclaimed Supergirl is always on the move, but when she’s not modeling, you can find her adventuring, loving fashion, traveling, and eating great meals.

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