30 Jun 2017

Marlee May in Desert Desire

Cybergirl Marlee May is red hot in her desert shoot with photographer, Cassandra Keyes in the Northern Territory of Australia. “I’m Australian, but I’ve never been here before,” she says. “Seeing the red sand, the rocks and the proper Outback of Australia is pretty special,” she says with glowing blue eyes and a sweet smile. “It’s amazing.” We think so too. Catch this all natural busty lady as she gets down and dirty on set. “It was definitely an experience with the flies, wind and the heat,” she laughs, “but it was great!” In fact, this gorgeous girl got so into her set, she may or may not have swallowed a fly. “I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to nature,” she says laughing, “It’s the most Aussie thing I’ve done!” Now, what would Miss May bring with her to the desert? “I couldn’t live without my friends, hair products, and my mobile phone,” she jokes. But for us? We’d probably bring her.

28 Jun 2017

Wind and Rain

27 Jun 2017

Niki Skyler in Wild Abandon

Let your animal instincts arise when you see Cybergirl, Niki Skyler in her newest shoot on set with photographer Holly Randall. The theme is wild and fun, as you watch Miss Sklyer throw her caramel-brown locks back and arch her back in flirty animal print lingerie. The Miami native turned California girl, also twerks atop a fur rug in golden heels in this one, and we just can’t look away. “Playboy reached out to me!” she says with a glowing smile. Happy that we did, this busty beauty is getting comfortable posing in the nude. (Little does anyone know, it’s only her second time,) “I still get nervous, but it’s so exciting! It’s such a naughty thing to do!” When this babe isn’t on set for us, you can either find her trotting the globe traveling, or hanging with friends at comedy clubs. Who knows, maybe her next stop will be an African safari -- afterall, she’s a natural.

25 Jun 2017

Come with me?

Looking classy in her green retro dress, classic sheer black fully fashioned vintage nylons and matching super rare open bottom corselette!
In her drawing room Honour strips to expose her lovely tits, fingering her her wet pussy to orgasm with you, so sexy!

23 Jun 2017

Katya Clover in Poolside Pleasure

Soft and delicate International model Katya Clover graces us again on set in Thailand with photographer Fredrik Andersson. Peeling off layers of a tiny purple bikini, a white tank, and denim shorts, the model and make-up artist from Russia is more than comfortable posing nude for us. “I usually do art-nude modeling. It’s so natural for me and I feel freedom,” she says smiling. If you love petite girls, you’ll love this lady’s assets, just as much as she does, “I think the best part of my body is my ass, it’s curvy -- I think it’s sexy.” When it comes to men, Katya Clover is a romantic and likes to really connect with her guy. “Intellect, charm, and kindness are very important to me. But the most attractive feature is a sense of humor. It tells a lot about a person.”

Scarlet moments together

Looking the Hollywood bombshell in a scarlet full skirted frock with matching patent stilettoes.
Vanessa plays and performs on the bed in sheer fully fashion nylons and retro lingerie.
Watch her climax as she plays with her trimmed blonde pussy!

22 Jun 2017

Deanna Greene in Glowing Goddess

You’re in for a angelic treat because Cybergirl, and Virginia Beach native, Deanna Greene is glowing with loveliness on set with photographer Holly Randall. We’re awestruck as the tall 5’7” model with long, rapunzel-like brown locks prances around the bedroom in blush pink lingerie. When Deanna isn’t atop a fluffy white bed posing for us at Playboy Plus, she’s hanging with friends, working at Hooters, or competing in bikini competitions.

21 Jun 2017

Bailey Rayne in Flowerbed

Laying her curvy body down on her flowerbed is Cybergirl Bailey Rayne, a proud blonde from the Midwest. “I joke that my ‘corn fed booty’ is a staple of the Midwest and who knows, maybe it's a little true,” giggles the tall, blue-eyed beauty on set with photographer Holly Randall. “I think small town girls bring a warm, genuine outlook into any environment that they're in. I've lived in LA for almost two years and I can definitely say it's a totally different world than back home...I'm not in Kansas anymore.” Looking for a man with Midwestern charm on the West Coast, our busty Cybergirl of the Month January 2017 says she’ll know when she’s met the right guy by how he touches her. “I like to start kissing gently without tongue and explore the other person's kissing style,” she says as she removes her white bodysuit. “After I'm a little more comfortable, I love French kisses and lip biting.”

20 Jun 2017

Let me be your geisha girl!

Zara has got dressed and hair done specially to be your personal geisha girl! She will do as you desire and happy to please in her sexy outfit! She knows what you want, her cute ginger snatch gaping with her toned nylon legs open as she frigs herself?

19 Jun 2017

Cecilia Lion in Sweeter Than Sugar

Newcomer Cecilia Lion is a happy-go-lucky beauty from Phoenix, Arizona who’s sweeter than sugar and has a smile that will make anyone melt. “My best qualities are my smile and my teeth,” says the busty model as she bounces her wild hair. “My hair is fun, curly and exotic looking.” Losing her black shirt, white panties and jumping onto the kitchen countertop, Cecilia prominently displays her juicy bottom for photographer Holly Randall’s camera. “I have an impulsive personality,” she giggles as she grabs a cupcake and smears its yellow icing around her nipples. “I was contacted on Twitter by a Playboy Plus casting director and now, here I am.”

15 Jun 2017

Eva Green in Sexywool

Newcomer Eva Green is a green-eyed Eastern European who’s taking on the Chinese modeling industry and now, Playboy Plus. “I’ve been working as a model in China for the last four years,” says the busty blonde. “I always wanted to visit China and now, I’m lucky to live there.” Taking a short flight to Pattaya, Thailand to meet with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev for her first Playboy Plus photoshoot, the all-natural beauty was a little nervous in her white bathing suit and platform wedges. “My big dream has always been to shoot for Playboy and a month ago, I was offered the opportunity to shoot for them,” says the curvy Ukrainian who loves to show off her favorite body parts. “My best assets are my boobies because I can do a lot of tricks with them.”

Ria Rose in Golden Touch

Ria Rose is your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2017, and she’s got the golden touch on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn. “My third look is on a rooftop terrace! I’m in a beautiful gold 2 piece, high-waist outfit with gold platform heels and a diamond bracelet,” says the green-eyed blonde from her outdoor couch. “I slowly strip down and lay completely naked on top of the edge. It’s a hot, windy day, so I had no choice, but to keep myself cool by pouring my cold water down my naked body, of course!” We can’t argue with such logic especially when it translates into stunning photos that will leave you mesmerized. “If you guys liked what you saw, make sure to give me thumbs up and lots of comments,” says the all-natural beauty. “Let me know how much you liked my set—I would really appreciate hearing from you guys.”

13 Jun 2017

Lost and Found

You'd have to be a fool to cheat on brunette beauty Nikki Sweet, and she knows it. When her man is unfaithful, she stands up for herself, throwing all of his stuff out the window, but she can't escape the longing that she once felt for her lover. She undresses, revealing bright blue

12 Jun 2017

White Hot

The soft glow of twilight streaming through Cara's bedroom window has put her into a fanciful mood. Stretched out elegantly on her feather duvet, she marvels at the beauty of her long supple legs, tiny waist, and porcelain skin. A desire to explore every inch of herself stirs within this angelic babe's heart. So, carefully slipping off her grey crop top and panties, Cara runs her fingertips across her lovely tits, and down her abdomen until they reach her bare pussy. Marveling at the wetness there, she tenderly begins making circles on her clit for a softcore solo. As ecstatic moans escape from her rosebud lips, Cara pleasures her pretty twat until her back arches and thighs tremble from blissful orgasming.

Touch Me, Tease Me

As Jennifer lounges seductively on her suede leather sofa, the angelic beauty is indulging in her naughtiest fantasies. Missing the feeling of a lover's touch, she feathers her fingertips across her soft skin, shivering with pleasure at the sensation. Enraptured by her kinky daydreams, Jennifer sexily bites her lush lips, and begins running her hands through her blonde curls. Slowly slipping out of her turquoise lingerie, the golden goddess puts on a solo striptease, showing off her sweet little ass and pretty innie pussy. When Jennifer is such an enchanting petite babe, what gentleman could resist wanting to touch her and tease her?

8 Jun 2017

Jeana Turner is Gorgeous in Garters

Sexy in black, sheer lingerie with thigh-high stockings is Cybergirl Jeana Turner on set with photographer Holly Randall. “I am mixed with black, white, Native-American, Filipino, Cuban and Creole! I am transitioning to veganism and I love all animals.” With a soft spot for cats and a passion for art, the exotic brunette struts over to the couch in her black pumps where her lingerie and garter belt come off and its game on. “I’m a professional model and ballet dancer so I’m very flexible,” says the tattooed Asian-American as she lowers her all-natural body into a split. “I’m looking for a man who can handle my crazy ass. He has to be sexy, comfortable in his own skin and he has to be good with his hands!” Looking for a man with hands strong enough to handle her curves—especially her butt—Jeana promises to give him a special treat. “I am very much a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, but you take that all off and there is a booty you would have never imagined!,” she confidently states. “I take pride in my curves.”

Lilii in Secret Rendezvous

There is something so sexy about keeping a love affair far away from prying eyes and no one knows that better than International model Lilii. Wearing black, lace lingerie with touches of blush pink, the all-natural brunette makes her way over the fireplace and sparks much more than just our interest. “I would rather be in a relationship because it’s the best way to enjoy life,” she says as she strips down and makes her way over to a leather chair on photographer David Merenyi’s set. “I’m a person that likes to move forward and learn more about life. I’m a happy and funny person with a positive view on life.” Crossing and uncrossing her lean legs wearing nothing more than her black peep toe heels, the sexy Ukrainian who loves to dance and has the body to prove it, certainly has your undivided attention.

7 Jun 2017

Bailey Rayne in Room With a View

Nothing makes Cybergirl Bailey Rayne happier than seeing she’s receiving a phone call from photographer Holly Randall asking her to pose for another stunning Playboy Plus set. Dressed in turquoise lingerie with a sheer, white robe, the blue-eyed blonde showed our cameras her soft and vulnerable side in a room with a view. “I love a man with strong hands,” says our tall Cybergirl of the Month for January 2017 as she runs her hands along her all-natural breasts. “I'm not sure why, but I always notice when a guy has really nice, strong hands. I immediately imagine them around my waist during doggy position. Maybe I have a hand fetish?” Fetish or not, having an open mind is important in the bedroom, especially when you’re lucky enough to be in bed with Bailey. “Someone who is willing to try new things in order to please their partner, even if they aren't sure if they'll like the new things, shows that they really care about their partner's pleasure,” she says. “Unselfishness in the bedroom goes a very long way.”

6 Jun 2017

Lilii in Ocean Breeze

Here at Playboy Plus, we love to surprise our loyal members with a fan favorite comeback so without further ado, please give a warm welcome to International model Lilii who photographer David Merenyi found sunning herself in hot Uruguay. Leaving her hometown of Kiev, Ukraine for the Latin city of Paysandu, the all-natural brunette has been having fun exploring her new surroundings especially the beach. Often found tanning in the buff, the green-eyed Eastern European has given new meaning to the term ‘love thy neighbor.’ “I love to train and take care about my body,” says Lilii, in defense of her exhibitionist ways. “I like to be in shape and I think I have great boobs.”

Veronika Skylee in Hot Tub Hottie

Cybergirl Veronika Skylee has posed on giant rocks and in the boudoir, so for her third set, she’s taking you to her bathroom where her aching, all-natural body is craving for a relaxing bubble bath. “My third set was a bathtub shoot where I wore all-white lingerie that made me seem very innocence, but when I slip into the bathtub, that’s when things got naughty,” says the blue-eyed Russian on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “This was my absolute favorite set because once you get all wet and have water running down your body, it’s just so hot and makes you feel really sexy.” Feeling sexy with her blonde tresses pinned up and her pearl necklace on, Veronika channeled her celebrity crush for sexual inspiration. “My celebrity crush is Angelina Jolie because she’s a timeless, ageless beauty who has accomplished many things in life that I would want,” explains the all-natural model who shares plenty of attributes with Angelina.

2 Jun 2017

Ria Rose in Dirty Tricks

Your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2017 is Ria Rose and she’s letting her inner sex kitten come out to play in this jaw-dropping set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Climbing into bed with a big, devilish grin on her face, Ria couldn’t help but giggle with excitement because she had a naughty idea in mind for this shoot. “My second look is a very sexy, edgy look,” describes the all-natural blonde from Sin City. “My hair is half up and half down, I have jean shorts and a black crop top with black fishnet stockings that I rip off my body…starting right at the crotch.” Starting to rip her fishnet stockings and giving you a better view at her most private area, the flexible model insists this is for her fans. “I absolutely LOVE talking and interacting with you guys,” she says. “It’s so cliche, but if it wasn’t for you guys, my dreams wouldn’t have come true. WE did this together and for that, I will forever be humbled and grateful for each and every one of you!”
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