24 May 2017

Sophie Anne in Surf's Up

Running barefoot down the beach in her colorful wetsuit is International model Sophie Anne, a busty brunette who oddly enough wasn’t popular back in high school in Australia. “Quite honestly, I was a bit of a loser in high school—I didn’t have many friends and I was teased regularly. Moving school a lot made it hard to create lasting relationships with friends, I guess I turned into a bit of a loner and spent most of my high school years getting bullied,” explains the saucy Aussie with soft, dark-brown curls. “I’m happy to be out of high school and to have a platform like Playboy Plus so I can say to those bullies ‘up yours.’” With a lean body, skin to die for and breasts that will have you forgetting your name, those bullies will eat their words. “I would have to say my best assets are my boobs because they can literally go from massive to small overnight and vice versa. They're also perky and really soft,” says the C-cup beauty as she spreads her naked body across her surf board on photographer’s Cassandra Keyes beach set. “Most people around me compliment my teeth regularly, but I do get a lot of Instagram messages of people asking for pictures of my feet!”

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