12 May 2017

Shelly Lee in Cat's Meow

Wearing cat-eye makeup to accompany her cat ears and black, sheer bodysuit, Cybergirl Shelly Lee is tapping into her inner feisty feline on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “If I was an animal I would be a cat because I love cuddling and I can be kind of fierce,” says the tattooed Canadian before she lets out a sexy meow. “It’s the best of both worlds.” In our world, the dark-haired sex kitten is our Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, but in Shelly’s world, she’s still very much Shelly from Maple Ridge, Canada. “I’m really family-oriented, and I consider my friends extended family. I’m an animal lover and I couldn’t live without my cat,” she says as she claws at her bodysuit, leaving on only her cat ears and thigh-high boots. “A typical night out with my girlfriends and I is pretty hectic—we are not a calm bunch. We drink quite a bit, I can’t lie about that. We have fun and we know how to let loose.”

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