1 May 2017

Molly Stewart in Light My Fire

Looking red hot by a roaring fire is Cybergirl Molly Stewart, a tall redhead from Seattle who’s waiting for you in her black and red lingerie. “Honestly, I’d say my eyes are my best asset. Those are my most complimented feature besides my height,” explains the six foot tall model. “The eyes are the window to the soul and mine have a story to tell.” Telling a story of lust, sensuality and passion, Molly begins to strip off her lingerie on photographer Michael Valentino’s set. “It made me feel so sexy, sharp and powerful. It was amazing,” says Molly as she parades her fit body in the buff. “My best piece of sex advice is to always ask and always question because communication is key with sex. It doesn’t matter how big it is or how tight it is—as long as you’re asking questions and trying to improve. You focus on them, they’ll focus on you.”

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