17 May 2017

Justine Miller in Heating Things Up

Chopping up carrots and tomatoes from photographer Michael Valentino’s set is Cybergirl Justine Miller and she’s making healthy eating sexy. “It’s kind of one of those things you want to come home to—a sexy woman welcoming you home with a homemade dinner,” says the all-natural beauty wearing red, lace lingerie in the kitchen. “I got to wear a cute, little apron that made me look like a wifey—I really liked it. It’s so realistic and I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for.” Plenty of men out there are looking for a petite brunette like Justine to which she says she welcomes anyone to try and sweep her off her feet. “I don’t care about race or gender – I want someone honest and self-assured. I want someone who can throw me up against the wall and take me,” says the blue-eyed beauty who now calls Tacoma, WA home. “My biggest turn-on is confidence. I don’t like an overly arrogant person who is too assertive, but I do like a confident person. I really love when a man or a woman make it a point to come up to me and let me know that I am what they want. I enjoy that.”

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