2 May 2017

Demi Fray in Purple Glow

Demi Fray is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2017 and she’s glowing with glee over it. Posing from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s kitchen set, the petite brunette flaunted her all-natural body in a tight, turquoise dress with a cute pink surprise. “I am very happy to be Cybergirl of the Month,” says Demi as she raises her dress, revealing pink panties that match her heels. “I want to thank everyone and I hope you continue to follow my career.” Following her wherever she goes—whether it’s here on set in Pattaya, Thailand or in her hometown of Kiev, Ukraine—Demi and her flexible, little body are enough for us to keep our passport ready to go on our nightstand. “To be honest, I do not consider myself very flexible, but I do a lot of dancing and hot yoga,” she says as she straddles a chair. “Hot yoga helps you to relax and develop your flexibility.”

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