31 May 2017

Jeana Turner in Stepping Out

 We know how much you love a Playboy Plus comeback, and this trend isn’t going to slow down anytime soon, especially now that Cybergirl Jeana Turner’s back. This time, she’s making sure she’s going home a Playboy Plus champion. “This is my second go round shooting with Playboy Plus,” says the exotic fox who’s definitely comeback with a plan. “Hint, hint: I’m waiting on that Cybergirl of the Month title.” Mesmerizing in her thigh-high stockings with garter belt and polka dotted-lingerie, all-natural Jeana fiercely campaigns for the title of CGOM on the staircase set especially when it all comes off. “I have been modeling for 14 years professionally,” says the tattooed brunette as she sets her green eyes on Holly’s camera. “My eyes are my strongest feature and I have legs that go for years, not days. Also, I am guilty of being a twerk-a-holic!”

Justine Miller in Hot and Wet

It’s been awhile since Cybergirl Justine Miller posed for Playboy Plus and now that she’s back, she’s making up for lost time. “I’m excited for this set. It’s nice to come back after six years,” says the petite model on set with photographer Michael Valentino. “I shot a shower scene which is probably my steamiest set yet. It was slippery when wet and I was crawling all over the floor.” Wearing a pink bikini top with white and green bikini bottoms, all-natural Justine was more than happy to whip them off and get down to business. “I get a lot of compliments on my blue-gray eyes so I know that’s my selling point, but I’ve always really liked waist and my back,” she explains. “I have that really nice back crease and I love my ass. All the women in my family—from the skinniest to the thickest—have that big booty. I’ve learned to love my butt. I’ve always had a lot of self-confidence because there isn’t really a part of my body to dislike, however, my butt is my best asset.”

29 May 2017

Ria Rose in Easy on the Eyes

Ria Rose is your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2017, and she’s overwhelmed by the fabulous news. “THANK YOU! I can’t say it enough, I love you guys so much and you are truly appreciated more than you will ever know,” gushes the all-natural blonde wearing a dusty rose-colored dress. “Words can’t do my feelings justice. I’m absolutely over the moon! This has been my dream since before I was legal! I am so, so grateful and honored to be your Cybergirl of the Month for May 2017.” Showing you her upmost appreciation for the title, the all-natural sweetheart from Las Vegas twists her slim figure into the most eye-catching poses on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn to make sure her fans got see every inch of their CGOM. “Honestly, I get a lot of compliments on my eyes,” she says as she bats her eyelashes and focuses her honey-green eyes on us. “As far as Playboy Plus fans go, people seem to really like my butt, which is funny because it’s basically non-existent!”

First Choice

Sybil isn't in the mood for working out, but her Mediterranean holiday is coming up and she wants to be bikini-ready. After a few halfhearted stretches, the Ukrainian spinner is distracted by a sexy sight. It's herself! "Wow," she thinks. "My legs already look amazing in these yoga pants." Feeling gleefully turned-on, Sybil decides to take a quickie gym break. After stripping off the lycra outfit, she feathers her fingers across her lovely little tits and beneath her blue thong. With every touch against her pert clit, tiny moans of pleasure escape Sybil's lips, as she finger-bangs her tight pussy into a trembling orgasm. Indeed, when she's already such a goddess, what's the point of planks or push-ups?

28 May 2017

Lust and Lace

Gazing out the balcony's windows into springtime, the lovely Violette Pink is filled with blossoming desire. But it's still too chilly to venture outside, especially in skimpy black bra and lace panties! So, Violette slinks back to the leather sofa and spreads her supple legs, feathering her hands across ivory skin and big perky tits, then moving down into her undies. With lingerie tumbling to the floor, the blonde beauty gets onto her knees for a Doggystyle fingering. Crying out in orgasmic pleasure, Violette plays with her pink pussy until she's trembling for climaxing, and dripping from sweet cum juices.

24 May 2017

Veronika Skylee in Cherry Bombshell

Glamour photoshoots used to make Cybergirl Veronika Skylee timid when she was a budding model in Las Vegas, but since then, she’s become a confident bombshell on-and-off camera. “When I first started doing glamour shoots like this, I was a little shy because I wasn’t sure about my body and I wasn’t sure if people would love me or hate me,” admits the blue-eyed Russian on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “I’ve gotten such a positive response since then and to be honest, posing nude made me feel more comfortable with who I am. If you have the curves, I think you should share that with people because it would be selfish to keep it to yourself.” Leading by example, the toned blonde leaves her red, lace lingerie on her hotel room floor and parades her naked body for our cameras, wearing only diamonds and a smile. “I can’t lie, but I have to say my best asset is my butt. I think people like it too,” she adds.

Sophie Anne in Surf's Up

Running barefoot down the beach in her colorful wetsuit is International model Sophie Anne, a busty brunette who oddly enough wasn’t popular back in high school in Australia. “Quite honestly, I was a bit of a loser in high school—I didn’t have many friends and I was teased regularly. Moving school a lot made it hard to create lasting relationships with friends, I guess I turned into a bit of a loner and spent most of my high school years getting bullied,” explains the saucy Aussie with soft, dark-brown curls. “I’m happy to be out of high school and to have a platform like Playboy Plus so I can say to those bullies ‘up yours.’” With a lean body, skin to die for and breasts that will have you forgetting your name, those bullies will eat their words. “I would have to say my best assets are my boobs because they can literally go from massive to small overnight and vice versa. They're also perky and really soft,” says the C-cup beauty as she spreads her naked body across her surf board on photographer’s Cassandra Keyes beach set. “Most people around me compliment my teeth regularly, but I do get a lot of Instagram messages of people asking for pictures of my feet!”

22 May 2017

Chelsie Aryn in Under Wraps

Welcome to Playmate Chelsie Aryn’s circus where she’s the sexy ringmaster and you are the wild animal in need of taming. Wearing white pants and a red jacket, our exotic Miss March 2015 strips down to her black corset, sheer panties and thigh-high stockings to make sure you know who’s in charge. “I’ve got a sex kitten deep down inside of me and I love, love, love sex,” admits our voluptuous Playmate of the Month. “I definitely prefer being in a relationship because being single and looking for a good man sucks.” As she removes on her booties and corset, the German-Japanese beauty makes herself very comfortable by the fireplace. “I will try anything in the bedroom at least once and if I like it, I’ll do it again,” she says on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “I like a strong, independent man with bad boy smile and sparkle in his eye who is a bit mysterious.”

17 May 2017

Justine Miller in Heating Things Up

Chopping up carrots and tomatoes from photographer Michael Valentino’s set is Cybergirl Justine Miller and she’s making healthy eating sexy. “It’s kind of one of those things you want to come home to—a sexy woman welcoming you home with a homemade dinner,” says the all-natural beauty wearing red, lace lingerie in the kitchen. “I got to wear a cute, little apron that made me look like a wifey—I really liked it. It’s so realistic and I think that’s what a lot of people are looking for.” Plenty of men out there are looking for a petite brunette like Justine to which she says she welcomes anyone to try and sweep her off her feet. “I don’t care about race or gender – I want someone honest and self-assured. I want someone who can throw me up against the wall and take me,” says the blue-eyed beauty who now calls Tacoma, WA home. “My biggest turn-on is confidence. I don’t like an overly arrogant person who is too assertive, but I do like a confident person. I really love when a man or a woman make it a point to come up to me and let me know that I am what they want. I enjoy that.”

Veronika Skylee is in the Wild

As far as we’re concerned, if we’re going to be trapped in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada, we want it to be with Amateur model Veronika Skylee—a sexy mirage from Las Vegas via Europe. “I live in Vegas so people always assume that a typical night out with my friends includes us always going out and partying which is totally not the case,” explains the blue-eyed blonde on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “I’m really chill and down-to-earth and I think it’s because I’m from Russia which makes me a little more grounded. I got in touch with Playboy Plus and went to an audition about a year and a half ago. I hadn’t heard back from them and then Cassandra Keyes reached out to me! She scouted me and told me she thought I would be good for Playboy Plus so I tried out again and this time, I got the call that I was approved.” Rocking her black booties and a fringe, leather skirt as she climbs up on the red rocks topless, the sexy Russian admits to us this isn’t the first time she’s gotten freaky in the mountains. “My first look is awesome because it has this vixen, mountain woman concept,” she says with a naughty smile. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex was up in the mountains. We had been hiking and were literally in the middle of nowhere and we just got that urge and did it.”

15 May 2017

Gloria Sol in Fit and Toned

International model Gloria Sol is on vacation in exotic Pattaya, Thailand, but that doesn’t mean she could take a break from her morning exercise routine. With her sheer, pink booty-shorts and white crop top on, the green-eyed brunette from Kiev, Ukraine is ready to stretch her all-natural figure as photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s camera is busy at work. “I am small and skinny, but the best parts are my nipples and green eyes,” giggles the slim Eastern European. “I was always a good person, but now, I’ve become stronger and I think this is much better for me.” Showing us her strength and flexibility, Gloria loses her shorts and folds into a downward-facing dog. “My biggest turn-on is when a man gently touches my hips,” she says.

14 May 2017

Turn Down Service

Lingerie sexy strip tease string body casual glamour fetish exhib danse

13 May 2017

Sparkling Club Dress

Lingerie sexy strip tease string body casual glamour fetish exhib danse

Latina Bonita

Lingerie sexy strip tease string body casual glamour fetish exhib danse

12 May 2017

Shelly Lee in Cat's Meow

Wearing cat-eye makeup to accompany her cat ears and black, sheer bodysuit, Cybergirl Shelly Lee is tapping into her inner feisty feline on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “If I was an animal I would be a cat because I love cuddling and I can be kind of fierce,” says the tattooed Canadian before she lets out a sexy meow. “It’s the best of both worlds.” In our world, the dark-haired sex kitten is our Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, but in Shelly’s world, she’s still very much Shelly from Maple Ridge, Canada. “I’m really family-oriented, and I consider my friends extended family. I’m an animal lover and I couldn’t live without my cat,” she says as she claws at her bodysuit, leaving on only her cat ears and thigh-high boots. “A typical night out with my girlfriends and I is pretty hectic—we are not a calm bunch. We drink quite a bit, I can’t lie about that. We have fun and we know how to let loose.”

Sophie Anne in Naughty Neighbor

Tending to her lawn in strappy heels and blue panties in Brisbane, Australia is International model Sophie Anne. “I grew up in outback Australia,” says the slim beauty as she flips her soft-brown curls. “My parents loved fishing so weekends were spent at our beach house in a little coastal town on the boarder of Queensland a few hours away which I would explore islands, swim and go fishing with my family. I do love my city life, but I will always be a country girl at heart.” A perfect balance of wholesome country living and big city attitude, the brown-eyed brunette has no problem telling a man how to treat her sexy body—and the best part of all is her sensual directions are given in her saucy Aussie accent. “Guys, take your time in the bedroom! Spend more time teasing before and during sex,” she says on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “Kiss and touch her all over and make her really turned on before you get to the sex. Mix fast and rough passion with slower, gentle touches. Guys have become too impatient and selfish in their love-making.”

10 May 2017

Extra Towels

Lingerie sexy, strip tease, string, body, casual, glamour, fetish, exhib, danse

7 May 2017

Anna Opsal in Sensual Shower

Cybergirl Anna Opsal is a sophisticated Scandinavian who knows how to be professional in public and naughty in private. “I want a man who is highly intelligent—otherwise I’ll be bored and honestly, I won’t even find him attractive. He should also be charming, funny and kind. Kindness is underrated,” explains the blue-eyed Dane, her blonde locks tightly wrapped into a bun. “I also want a man who is confident. I want a man who makes me feel like I can rely on him. I like extroverted men since I am very introverted so I admire that quality since I don’t possess it myself.” She may not be extroverted, but the busty international model is definitely bold and beautiful—especially when her lingerie and thigh-high stockings come off on photographer Holly Randall’s bathroom set. “I have a sexual fantasy that I will probably never live out and maybe that’s for the better,” says voluptuous Anna as she heads to the shower to rinse off the suds from her bubble bath. “I have a fantasy where I have sex with more than one guy. It’s quite normal for women to fantasize about being with two or multiple men at once.”

Tahlia Paris in Bodacious Babe

Tahlia Paris is your Cybergirl of the Year 2017, and she’s one bodacious beach babe in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Hailing from Los Angeles, with blonde hair, blue eyes and a year-round tan, Tahlia is the quintessential California girl—able to leap tall waves in a single bound, you can often find her on the beach, sunning herself and frolicking in the surf. “For this set, we wanted to do an old-school, Baywatch-style look,” explains Tahlia. “We slicked my hair back with water, and I wore this amazing, bright yellow bikini—then I got naked and rolled around in the sand and water!” Shot on a private beach, Tahlia really let her hair down for this pictorial, playing nude in the sand like no one was watching. “It was so incredible, it made me wish I had my own private beach,” she said. “I’d run around naked 24/7—no tan lines!”

2 May 2017

Demi Fray in Purple Glow

Demi Fray is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2017 and she’s glowing with glee over it. Posing from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s kitchen set, the petite brunette flaunted her all-natural body in a tight, turquoise dress with a cute pink surprise. “I am very happy to be Cybergirl of the Month,” says Demi as she raises her dress, revealing pink panties that match her heels. “I want to thank everyone and I hope you continue to follow my career.” Following her wherever she goes—whether it’s here on set in Pattaya, Thailand or in her hometown of Kiev, Ukraine—Demi and her flexible, little body are enough for us to keep our passport ready to go on our nightstand. “To be honest, I do not consider myself very flexible, but I do a lot of dancing and hot yoga,” she says as she straddles a chair. “Hot yoga helps you to relax and develop your flexibility.”

1 May 2017

Justine Miller in Sweet Surrender

Cybergirl Justine Miller is back on Playboy Plus, and time has done nothing but increase her sex appeal and modeling capabilities. Channeling her sex icon, the petite beauty from Las Vegas moved gracefully on photographer Michael Valentino’s living room set with—and without—her magenta and cream-colored lingerie on. “I’d have to say Dita Von Teese is my sex icon,” gushes the all-natural brunette, her gray-colored eyes sparkling. “She used to date Marilyn Manson, which was probably the best power couple ever. I actually have a Marilyn Manson tattoo on my foot.” As Justine traces her skin with her delicate fingers, the multiracial model who dabbles in drawing nudes will do much more than draw you in with her latest set. “In high school, I was the unpopular kid and then all of a sudden I get to be a model,” recalls Justine. “That is cool, because I always had small boobs and I was really tiny and everyone was always like, ‘You have to have big boobs to be in Playboy!’ I kind of proved them wrong and showed them I can be me.”

Gloria Sol is In Full Swing

Wearing a powder-blue romper and gold butterfly earrings, International model Gloria Sol is ready to head out to dinner before dancing up a storm in one of Thailand’s hottest clubs. Looking delicate and beautiful, the all-natural Ukrainian admits she doesn’t have much experience in the love department, but that doesn’t bother her. She’s far too busy having fun and modeling to take that next step. “I am single and I am not looking for a relationship because I love my independence,” explains the international model as she flips her long, brown hair. “I know what I like in guy though. First of all, I look at hair, lips and feet and the perfect man for me would be a blonde-haired man.” Her green eyes sparkling with delight as she drops her romper and sheer panties on photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s set, shy Gloria opens up in ways you couldn’t imagine. “My fantasy is spying on someone making love and afterwards, I join in,” she says as her face turns an adorable shade of red.

Molly Stewart in Light My Fire

Looking red hot by a roaring fire is Cybergirl Molly Stewart, a tall redhead from Seattle who’s waiting for you in her black and red lingerie. “Honestly, I’d say my eyes are my best asset. Those are my most complimented feature besides my height,” explains the six foot tall model. “The eyes are the window to the soul and mine have a story to tell.” Telling a story of lust, sensuality and passion, Molly begins to strip off her lingerie on photographer Michael Valentino’s set. “It made me feel so sexy, sharp and powerful. It was amazing,” says Molly as she parades her fit body in the buff. “My best piece of sex advice is to always ask and always question because communication is key with sex. It doesn’t matter how big it is or how tight it is—as long as you’re asking questions and trying to improve. You focus on them, they’ll focus on you.”
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