18 Apr 2017

Molly Stewart in For Your Eyes Only

Cybergirl Molly Stewart isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell a man what she wants—especially in the bedroom. “I’m honest as hell, although it can come off badly at times. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and stick by my ideals,” laughs the six foot tall Amazonian beauty on set with photographer Michael Valentino. “My biggest turn-on is the feeling of fingers slowly sliding down my neck and my back. Bare skin and bare skin is one of my biggest turn-ons. Oh my god! It makes me feel so sexy!” Sexy in magenta-colored lingerie with a black sheer shirt, Molly makes her way over to her large, wooden bed. “This is one of my favorite lingerie pieces and it’s called the Molly set which I think is fitting,” says the spicy redhead with long, lean legs and rock-hard abs. “I’ve actually led a very interesting sexual life. I’ve had many escapades throughout the years, but one of my biggest fantasies would be finding someone who’s new to everything in the bedroom. Someone that I could lend new experiences to because there’s nothing I love more than pleasing someone sexually. I fantasize about fulfilling someone else’s fantasies.”

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