1 Apr 2017

Jillisa Lynn in Hard Twerk

Sit down and pay attention, Mistress Jillisa Lynn is in charge and she’ll tell you when you’re allowed to address her. “I need a man who is strong, yet sensitive to my needs,” says the blue-eyed babe with light brown hair as she plays with her whip. “I love being single because I'm able to focus on myself because I tend to get consumed. I also love being in a relationship because I'm a giver and catering by nature.” Giving you what you deserve, the flexible New Yorker begins to run her fingers along the fishnet detail of her leather corset before cracking her whip and instructing her loyal subjects on just how to touch a curvy woman like her. “My biggest turn-on is when a man looks at me and kisses me,” she says on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “Men need to listen to their partner. We all need and want our own satisfaction.”

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