7 Apr 2017

Jillisa Lynn in Generous Assets

Curvy, toned and beautiful are just some of the adjectives we could use to describe Cybergirl Jillisa Lynn, but words are cheap and actions speak much louder. With bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a booty that will make anyone into an ass man, Jillisa adds lots of positive attributes to the Playboy Plus table. “Today, I got to shoot with the amazing Holly Randall—yeah I said it—Holly Randall! I’m so excited to shoot with her,” says the giddy New Yorker from an upscale, poolside lounge. “Everyone on set is so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The makeup artist made me so beautiful and the lighting was just so on point.” Highlighting Jillisa’s bountiful assets is as easy as learning the alphabet, especially when her tight, purple bikini and heels come off and all that’s left is a barefoot beauty splashing in the pool. “My mom says I’m really good at making people feel comfortable and that it’s a talent of mine,” she says as beads of water drip down from her nipples. “I’m really good at making you feel like you’ve known me for a lifetime. I take pride in that. I have a big, beautiful heart.”

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