20 Apr 2017

Anna Opsal in Bedroom Blonde

Cybergirl Anna Opsal loves the intimacy that comes with pillow talk and today, she wants you to really get to know who the stunning blonde from Copenhagen, Denmark really is. “Through my high school years, I had always been the popular girl and maybe if you ask my mates from school, they will tell you that I was also the bad girl who tried everything first,” explains the blue-eyed Scandinavian. Naughty and nice on set with photographer Holly Randall, the international, busty beauty looked darling in her white lingerie speckled with color, but she looks absolutely delectable in the buff. “I like fit guys. Preferably tall as well as I’m 5’8. My biggest weakness is good abs and strong arms. But, I can easily fall in love with a guy even though he isn’t that fit so it’s not everything. I want a man who is highly intelligent – otherwise I’ll be bored and honestly I won’t even find him attractive,” explains Anna. “I want someone dominant and someone who takes the initiative. I’m a pleaser, so it turns me on to see him enjoy it.”

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