9 Apr 2017

Alexandra Young in Reel 'Em In

Catch and release won’t be your fishing motto once you’ve laid your eyes on our latest newcomer, Alexandra Young. Using her alluring, all-natural body as bait, the California girl with short, brown hair has her pick of any fish in the sea, but she’s looking for right one to reel her in. “Right now, I am loving the single life, but if I meet the right guy I would totally be open to a relationship,” she says as removes her jean shorts, revealing her perfect booty. “My biggest turn-on is when a guy can act like a gentleman. It could be as surprising me with flowers or sending me a sweet text to make me smile.” Making us smile as she puts on her fishing waders—in the nude, of course—Alexandra plays with her French braids like a schoolgirl who’s about to tell a juicy secret. “I’ve always wanted to lay on some beautiful island in the middle of nowhere,” she says as she hooks her bait, “with no one around and all we can see is a beautiful ocean and just make love on the beach!”

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