26 Apr 2017

Sophie Anne in Good Enough to Eat

Meet newcomer Sophie Anne, an Amateur model from the Australian outback who’s never posed nude before this very shoot. “Until recently, I hadn't had much experience modelling—I’ve only done a few photoshoots for friends,” says the shy beauty as she plays with her dark-brown curls. “My shoot for Playboy Plus with photographer Cassandra Keyes was the most amazing first professional experience! We stayed in the cutest Airbnb house on a farm in the Hunter Valley near Gold Coast, Australia. We explored around the farm, finding exciting places to capture the perfect shoot.” Stumbling upon a location they were pleased with, the brown-eyed brunette wearing blush-pink lace and a cowboy hat laid down her picnic blanket and proceeded towards the trees with a milk jug in hand. “I’m from the country so I'm used to wide open spaces and nature but I love living in the city and all the advantages that come with it,” she says as she pours the milk over her cute bum. “In my heart, I think I’m a bit of a hippy.”

25 Apr 2017

Demi Fray in Kiev Cowgirl

Demi Fray is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2017, and she gets a little wild in this set from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. This shoot is what you might call a real melting pot—set in Pattaya, Thailand, it features one of our very favorite Ukrainian babes in an American Western-style theme. When it comes to fantasy, Demi knows a thing or two about steamy daydreams, and she loves to imagine herself in all kinds of hot scenarios. “My idea of a romantic evening is dinner by the sea,” she says. “Candles, saxophone music and the sound of the surf. The kind of kiss I like best is French.” Whether she’s wild and Western or softer and more romantic, Demi is the kind of girl that stars in all our sexiest fantasies—beautiful, natural and open-minded, with a little bit of exotic flair.

24 Apr 2017

Shelly Lee in Lush Temptation

Cybergirl Shelly Lee loves to be outdoors taking in the fresh country air so when she woke up before anyone else did on photographer Cassandra Keyes’s set, our busty CGOM December 2016 went out for a walk. Wearing an olive-green bodysuit with sexy boots and a sheer vest, the all-natural brunette from Maple Ridge, Canada could make any man a morning person especially when she takes this party to the bedroom. “At this stage in my life, being single is my preference because I’m having a lot of fun and I’m learning about myself and I’m growing. If I find the right person, I’ll settle down,” explains the tattooed beauty as she drapes a furry blanket around her voluptuous body. “If I were an animal, I would be a cat because I love cuddling and I can be kind of fierce. It’s the best of both worlds.” As Shelly begins to purr with delight, she spreads her curves across her bed and boy, is she ever a sight for sore eyes. “My best assets are my boobs because they’re real,” confesses the social work major. “My number one celebrity crush—this is a hard one because I like a lot of guys with tattoos—I have to say David Beckham. I like older men. He’s hot.”

20 Apr 2017

Anna Opsal in Bedroom Blonde

Cybergirl Anna Opsal loves the intimacy that comes with pillow talk and today, she wants you to really get to know who the stunning blonde from Copenhagen, Denmark really is. “Through my high school years, I had always been the popular girl and maybe if you ask my mates from school, they will tell you that I was also the bad girl who tried everything first,” explains the blue-eyed Scandinavian. Naughty and nice on set with photographer Holly Randall, the international, busty beauty looked darling in her white lingerie speckled with color, but she looks absolutely delectable in the buff. “I like fit guys. Preferably tall as well as I’m 5’8. My biggest weakness is good abs and strong arms. But, I can easily fall in love with a guy even though he isn’t that fit so it’s not everything. I want a man who is highly intelligent – otherwise I’ll be bored and honestly I won’t even find him attractive,” explains Anna. “I want someone dominant and someone who takes the initiative. I’m a pleaser, so it turns me on to see him enjoy it.”

19 Apr 2017

Gloria Sol in Break Free

Amateur model Gloria Sol is a petite sweetheart from Kiev, Ukraine, but since it’s still a little cold back home, she’s booked a one-way ticket for exotic Thailand where the party scene is hot and the beaches are plentiful. “I am waiting for the right moment to explore life and my wild side,” giggles the all-natural brunette from her balcony. “Three things I cannot live without though are the internet, condoms and books.” Enjoying each of those items during her Thai vacation, Gloria decides to tap into her wild side as photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s camera snaps away. “I pose great on camera,” says the international model as she removes her red, lace lingerie. “I really do like posing nude.”

18 Apr 2017

Molly Stewart in For Your Eyes Only

Cybergirl Molly Stewart isn’t afraid to speak her mind and tell a man what she wants—especially in the bedroom. “I’m honest as hell, although it can come off badly at times. I’m not afraid to speak my mind and stick by my ideals,” laughs the six foot tall Amazonian beauty on set with photographer Michael Valentino. “My biggest turn-on is the feeling of fingers slowly sliding down my neck and my back. Bare skin and bare skin is one of my biggest turn-ons. Oh my god! It makes me feel so sexy!” Sexy in magenta-colored lingerie with a black sheer shirt, Molly makes her way over to her large, wooden bed. “This is one of my favorite lingerie pieces and it’s called the Molly set which I think is fitting,” says the spicy redhead with long, lean legs and rock-hard abs. “I’ve actually led a very interesting sexual life. I’ve had many escapades throughout the years, but one of my biggest fantasies would be finding someone who’s new to everything in the bedroom. Someone that I could lend new experiences to because there’s nothing I love more than pleasing someone sexually. I fantasize about fulfilling someone else’s fantasies.”

17 Apr 2017

Demi Fray in Heart of Gold

Demi Fray is your Cybergirl of the Month for April 2017, and she’s got a heart of gold in this set from photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. Petite and all natural, Demi comes to us from Kiev, Ukraine—it’s been a while since we’ve featured an international CGOM, and who better than the fabulous Miss Fray? “I am very happy to be Cybergirl of the Month,” says Demi. “Right now, I am celebrating my victory, and I want to thank everyone! In the future, I’ll make more photos to make my fans happy.” Shot on location in Pattaya, a beach town in eastern Thailand, this pictorial sees Demi in her element—a bikini, some lipstick and nothing else. Let’s just say that red lips have never looked so tantalizing. “Light skin, delicate features and scarlet lips are the image of Ukrainian beauty,” says Demi proudly. “I think it’s very attractive and special!”

Alexandra Young in Auto Erotic

Cybergirl Alexandra Young is feeling rather retro on photographer Holly Randall’s set and she’s loving every moment of it. Looking lovely in her blue, high-waist shorts, red lips and a scarf wrapped around her dark-brown locks, the all-natural pinup girl is ready for a hot night of necking in the backseat of her classic convertible. “I am loving the single life, but if I meet the right guy I would totally be open to a relationship,” says the brown-eyed California cutie. “My biggest turn-on is when a guy can act like a gentleman. It could be as surprising me with flowers or sending me a sweet text to make me smile.” Hopping into the backseat in her birthday suit, the sexy, single kitten admits she’s ready to go steady with a greaser who knows how to treat a lady like her. “I think the most important thing in the bedroom is making sure both people are pleased in the end. You can’t just leave your girl hanging,” she says as she nibbles on the temple of her sunglasses. “Don’t just have sex with someone, make love to her. There has to be emotions involved or it just won’t feel right.”

Anna Opsal in Step To This

As you wait at the bottom of the steps in anticipation of meeting our latest Playboy Plus model, you begin to feel a little nervous. Will she be blonde? Will she be international, beautiful and smart? The sound of stilettos begins to get louder and louder as someone walks down the stairs, excited to meet you. Standing before you is a tall blonde with a strong jawline and bright blue eyes in the sexiest black lingerie with titillating cutouts that you’ve ever seen. Meet International model Anna Opsal from Copenhagen, Denmark. “I have been modelling for 7 years and that’s my fulltime job. I’ve just been living in London for a year working as a model and now I’m back in Denmark where I come from to finish my degree,” says the busty Scandinavian. “I sent in my photos to Playboy and went for a test shoot which was so much fun. After that, they wanted to book a shoot with me.” Obviously, we couldn’t let her get away from us and after seeing her shoot with photographer Holly Randall, you’ll be glad we didn’t either.

11 Apr 2017

Jasmine Jazz in April Showers

Twirling her umbrella by a pool in Pattaya, Thailand is international model Jasmine Jazz on set with photographer Stanislav Vorobye. “I’m the gentlest lady in the world, but I’m completely mad,” giggles the all-natural brunette wearing a swimsuit with sexy cutouts. “In high school, I was as sweet as candy. Nothing has changed since then.” As she lowers her red, heart-shaped sunglasses to the tip of her nose and focuses her big, brown eyes on us, the sexy Ukrainian lets us in a scandalous secret from her schoolgirl days. “When I was in school, I liked physical education,” begins the Eastern European. “Actually, I was in love with the teacher.” Now that she’s all grown up, Jasmine handles her crushes on older men very differently. “I’m not afraid of my desires. Now, I just do it!” she says.

Molly Stewart in Desert Dessert

Newcomer Molly Stewart is a fiery redhead who seeks adventure wherever she goes—and that wasn’t about to change once she reached photographer Michael Valentino’s set. “I’ve always been someone who loves adventure,” says Molly as she puts on her cowgirl hat. “I’ve moved 10 times in the past 5 years and I love all those new experiences! I’ve always wanted to travel and in my adult life, love made that happen.” Calling Seattle home for now, our sexy, midnight cowgirl with long, lean legs is ready to show you how happy she is that her adventurous spirit has taken her to Playboy Plus. Wearing a revealing red halter top with tiny jean booty-shorts, the six-foot tall ginger will make anyone a fan of redheads. “I got to wear one of my favorite outfits ever: a cute cowgirl hat with sparkly, rhinestone boots. It was gorgeous,” says Molly as it all comes off. “I would have to say my best assets are my eyes. Those are my most complimented feature besides my height. The eyes are the window to the soul and mine have a story to tell.”

10 Apr 2017

Riley Reid in Nothing Will Stop Her


Blair Williams in Top O' The Mornin' To You


Blair Williams in Merciful Goddess


Sydney Cole in Shower Time


Shelly Lee in Hot Breakfast

Escaping the bright lights of the big city with a getaway to a mountain lodge is bombshell Shelly Lee, who brought along photographer Cassandra Keyes for the ride. Wearing a purple bra and panties with knee-high socks, our all-natural Cybergirl of the Month December 2016 always starts her morning off with breakfast, the most important—and now, sexiest—meal of the day. “My first look of the day was a sexy morning look where I had some cereal and milk—a milk shower basically,” giggles the voluptuous brunette with hazel-colored eyes. “It was fun, it was different and it was so cold!” Cold and completely naked on the cabin’s wooden floor, the tattooed Canadian admits there’s only person she would invite to join her for a milk shower in the future. “My number one celebrity crush is Ryan Gosling,” she gushes. “I have a soft spot for him and not because of The Notebook. I actually didn’t like that movie because I don’t like sappy movies.”

9 Apr 2017

Alexandra Young in Reel 'Em In

Catch and release won’t be your fishing motto once you’ve laid your eyes on our latest newcomer, Alexandra Young. Using her alluring, all-natural body as bait, the California girl with short, brown hair has her pick of any fish in the sea, but she’s looking for right one to reel her in. “Right now, I am loving the single life, but if I meet the right guy I would totally be open to a relationship,” she says as removes her jean shorts, revealing her perfect booty. “My biggest turn-on is when a guy can act like a gentleman. It could be as surprising me with flowers or sending me a sweet text to make me smile.” Making us smile as she puts on her fishing waders—in the nude, of course—Alexandra plays with her French braids like a schoolgirl who’s about to tell a juicy secret. “I’ve always wanted to lay on some beautiful island in the middle of nowhere,” she says as she hooks her bait, “with no one around and all we can see is a beautiful ocean and just make love on the beach!”

Jasmine Jazz in Window Undressing

With her red lipstick and jean shorts on, International model Jasmine Jazz is ready for her close up with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. “In high school, I was as sweet as candy and nothing has changed,” says the all-natural Ukrainian who is single and ready to mingle. “I’d rather be single because it’s more fun.” Unbuttoning her plaid shirt followed by her short-shorts, Jasmine shows off her slim figure on the dining room table as she opens up, just for you. “I’ve always had this sexual fantasy where I have sex with a stranger,” says the brunette who now calls Thailand home. “I’m searching for a man with soul and a good body.”

7 Apr 2017

Jillisa Lynn in Generous Assets

Curvy, toned and beautiful are just some of the adjectives we could use to describe Cybergirl Jillisa Lynn, but words are cheap and actions speak much louder. With bright blue eyes, blonde hair and a booty that will make anyone into an ass man, Jillisa adds lots of positive attributes to the Playboy Plus table. “Today, I got to shoot with the amazing Holly Randall—yeah I said it—Holly Randall! I’m so excited to shoot with her,” says the giddy New Yorker from an upscale, poolside lounge. “Everyone on set is so amazing and made me feel so comfortable. The makeup artist made me so beautiful and the lighting was just so on point.” Highlighting Jillisa’s bountiful assets is as easy as learning the alphabet, especially when her tight, purple bikini and heels come off and all that’s left is a barefoot beauty splashing in the pool. “My mom says I’m really good at making people feel comfortable and that it’s a talent of mine,” she says as beads of water drip down from her nipples. “I’m really good at making you feel like you’ve known me for a lifetime. I take pride in that. I have a big, beautiful heart.”

Tahlia Paris is Cybergirl of the Year 2017

The wait is over, and she’s finally here—Tahlia Paris is your Cybergirl of the Year 2017, and she’s absolutely radiant in this set from photographer Holly Randall. At only twenty years old, Tahlia has accomplished more than most other models her age—if her first set as Cybergirl of the Year is any indication, we’re all in for an incredible year with this blonde bombshell. “I was nineteen when I first shot with Playboy Plus, a little over a year ago,” says Tahlia. “Being CGOY is so amazing—above and beyond anything I could have hoped for in the Playboy world! When I got the phone call, even my response was, ‘Oh, my god—no way!’” Petite but curvy, with sunny blonde hair and brown eyes, Tahlia is a California girl through and through, exactly the kind of cutie you’d hope to meet on the beach some summer evening. We thought it fitting to take her to the shores of Baja California, Mexico, suit her up in a bikini and let her do her thing. “I want to be the best CGOY I can possibly be,” says Tahlia. “I know I’m only in competition with myself, but I want to bring to the table some new and different looks—I wouldn’t have made it this far without my fans, and I want to make sure you guys are happy! For this look, I wore a seashell bikini and braided hair—I felt just like a mermaid!”

3 Apr 2017

Sydney Cole in Style And Grace


You Want A Piece Of Me?


Alexandra Young in Love by the Lagoon

Meet newcomer Alexandra Young, a model from California whose petite body packs quite a punch. “I started modeling about 4 years ago. Photographers started asking me to shoot with them and I tried it and I’ve been modeling ever since!” she says. “My friend actually suggested I submit for Playboy so I did and now this will be my first shoot with Playboy.” As she loses her gold bikini on photographer Holly Randall’s lagoon set, it’s obvious to us that Alexandra Young will become a fan favorite, but who exactly is this dark-haired goddess? “I grew up in a small town in the Bay Area,” says the petite brunette. “I am a very spontaneous and adventurous person, so 2 years ago I moved to LA and have been doing modeling and commercial acting ever since!” With a bachelor’s degree in theater arts and a love for the beach, Los Angeles was the perfect place for the brown-eyed, all-natural beauty to call home—especially as far as modeling is concerned.

2 Apr 2017

Chelsie Aryn in Royal Treatment

Wearing diamonds, copper-colored lingerie and a naughty smile is Playmate Chelsie Aryn, and she’s preparing for a romantic evening in her Spanish-style villa with you. Unhooking her DD-cup bra and revealing her pierced nipples, our exotic Miss March 2015 has never looked more sensual—well, that’s what we thought until every stitch of clothing came off. “I’ll be the same girl I’ve always been,” insists the curvaceous Playmate on set with photographer Holly Randall. “I like to think I’m tough. In high school, they called me Mighty Mouse, ‘cause I thought I was so tough. But hey, let’s face it— I’m a small girl and a big lover with many fantasies! I won’t say more than that because I feel fantasies are like wishes if you tell someone then they won’t come true.”

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Jasmine Jazz in Hot Spa

Swaying her all-natural body ever so slightly by a bathtub in Pattaya, Thailand is newcomer Jasmine Jazz and if her sweet smile isn’t enough for you to remember that name, her revealing bathing suit will do the job. With a deep—and we mean deep—V-shaped, plunging neckline that goes down to her nether regions, the Eastern European model is the picture of class and confidence on set with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev—surprising since this is her first shoot ever. “I have zero modeling experience. This is my first time modeling,” says the international beauty from Mykolaiv, Ukraine as she dips her toes into the bathwater. “The last few years, I’ve been living in Thailand. Once I decided to move to Thailand, it changed all my life and my personality.”

1 Apr 2017

Jillisa Lynn in Hard Twerk

Sit down and pay attention, Mistress Jillisa Lynn is in charge and she’ll tell you when you’re allowed to address her. “I need a man who is strong, yet sensitive to my needs,” says the blue-eyed babe with light brown hair as she plays with her whip. “I love being single because I'm able to focus on myself because I tend to get consumed. I also love being in a relationship because I'm a giver and catering by nature.” Giving you what you deserve, the flexible New Yorker begins to run her fingers along the fishnet detail of her leather corset before cracking her whip and instructing her loyal subjects on just how to touch a curvy woman like her. “My biggest turn-on is when a man looks at me and kisses me,” she says on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “Men need to listen to their partner. We all need and want our own satisfaction.”

Darcie Dolce in Play it Again

Cybergirl Darcie Dolce has been modeling and working as a DJ for years, which means her busty body has to be in tip-top shape to be able to handle her rigorous schedule, but you won’t find her hitting a gym anytime soon. “I really like to work out. I work out a lot at home because I hate gyms,” says the petite brunette as she grimaces. “They’re icky, well at least to me they’re icky.” One thing that is far from icky is Darcie’s petite figure which looks incredible on photographer Holly Randall’s set. “For my third look, I’m wearing a pretty pink and lacy bra and panties set. It’s very sexy and brightly-colored,” she says as she runs her slender fingers across the floral detail on her DD-cup bra. “We paired it up with a pink lip and gold-chrome heels with matching earrings. I think I look very pretty and I got to pose in front of a white piano.” Pretty and precious in pink, but wildly sexy when it all comes off—Darcie will blow you away when she shows you just how comfortable she is in her own skin.
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