11 Mar 2017

Kendra Cantara in Ivory Tower

Follow Cybergirl Kendra Cantara to the bedroom where there is only one rule—no clothes are allowed. Walking in wearing white lace lingerie, the all-natural beauty with long, black hair strips down and makes her very comfortable on set with photographer Damir K. “I have to say I love my face, stomach, and booty. I am obsessed with my nose and cheekbones! Having a long torso is great and my booty is pretty great as well,” she says as she displays her round bum, just for you. “Sexually, I look for someone who likes to take control. I like to be thrown around a little bit!” However, not just any man will do for a bedroom throwdown with Kendra. “My kind of guy is tall, dark and handsome, with long hair and strong arms. He’ll know exactly how to handle me,” says the slim model from Hartford, Connecticut.

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