30 Mar 2017

Jillisa Lynn in Body in Motion

With hot pink legwarmers and pink leotard on, former gymnast Jillisa Lynn is a busty blonde who’s mighty flexible, especially when photographer Holly Randall’s cameras are rolling. “I love that my first look for Playboy Plus is a ballet-inspired one because I have a background in dance and gymnastics, so it’s nice to incorporate my skills into the shoot,” says the blue-eyed Amateur model from New York. “I can still do flips, splits and all that fun stuff.” Giving you a glimpse of her bodacious booty, the former dancer admits she wasn’t always a fan of her luscious assets, but as her confidence grew, she learned to love them. “My favorite part of my body is actually my stomach. I like my lips and my eyes too…. I can’t believe I left my butt out! I think Holly’s favorite is my butt,” says Jillisa as she flashes photographer Holly Randall a naughty smile. “When I was in the 7th grade, my butt came in and so did the stretch marks and I was like “Nooo!” But now, I’m like “Yesss!” I love this butt and these stretch marks. I’m grateful because people pay a lot of money for a butt like mine and mine is natural. It’s a God-given, Mommy-given, natural butt.” 

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