23 Mar 2017

Hailey Lynzz in Naturally Blessed

Amateur model Hailey Lynzz is the new girl on the Playboy Plus block which is nothing new—she has plenty of experience being ‘the new girl.’ “My family moved around a lot so I had to make new friends every couple years and learn to fit in all kinds of scenes,” says the black-haired maven who now lives in Seattle, WA. “It was hard being the ‘new girl’ 10 different times, but it taught me to stay positive and stay focused on the goal I have set for myself.” Her positivity and outgoing personality landed her on set with photographer Michael Valentino where she left her bra and robe on the floor as she got comfortable in the shower. “My friend tagged me in a ton of stuff on Instagram about Michael Valentino needing some girls to take pictures and pose for Playboy Plus. I messaged him and sent over my pictures. He got back to me that day,” says the busty beauty.

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