28 Feb 2017

Ally Arizona In First Blush

Amateur model Ally Arizona is a California girl who’s trading in the runway for the set of a Playboy Plus photoshoot with photographer Holly Randall. “When I was younger, I worked on high fashion runways so most of the work that I’ve done has been fashion work, but I’m excited to explore this side of modeling,” says the beauty with the very long, brown hair and big, hazel-colored eyes. “This is my first time modeling nude though.” Walking into the dining room with her red, strappy lingerie, garter belt and thigh-high stockings on, Ally was a little shy at first, but the moment Holly focused her camera Ally was ready to go. “When I think about Playboy Plus, I think of really powerful and beautiful women. I’m proud to be a Playboy Plus model,” she says. “I want to continue fashion modeling, but I would love to continue working with Playboy.” With a bright future ahead of her with Playboy Plus, Ally is ready to put everything on hold to see this through and that includes dating. “I prefer to be single, unless I am with someone who is very independent and understanding of my schedule,” she adds.

27 Feb 2017

Kendra Cantara in Front Door Strip

Back from the beaches of Bora Bora is Cybergirl Kendra Cantara, and she’s teamed up with photographer Damir K for a comeback set you won’t forget. “I was on the television show Dating Naked and I was super excited about it,” explains the hazel-eyed, black-haired model. “It was an awesome experience, but the guy they chose for me wasn’t necessarily my type. My kind of guy is tall, dark and handsome, with long hair and strong arms. He’ll know exactly how to handle me. He’ll do whatever he wants with me!” His loss is your gain, because as soon as Kendra flew back to her home in Hartford, Connecticut, she placed a call to Playboy Plus for a photoshoot— located preferably somewhere warm. “The weather on the East Coast is really horrible. It’s always freezing in Connecticut,” says the all-natural beauty wearing lace lingerie. “We shot this set in Beverly Hills at a really beautiful mansion and my favorite look was this black bodysuit with a fur jacket.” Posing on the front steps of the estate, Kendra admits she really missed the Playboy Plus cameras and they missed her right back.

Message from the I.O.A.M.

Beautiful girls and women in vintage stockings. Lingerie sexy, strip tease, string, body, casual, glamour, fetish, exhib, danse. Enjoy watching!

Briana Ashley in Desert Lover

The desert in Arizona is heating up, thanks to Cybergirl Briana Ashley and her naturally toned figure. “The background for this set was amazing because we went to Superstition Mountains,” says the busty African-American as she slips out of her floral romper. “I started hiking when I moved from Alaska to Arizona and even though it’s super-hot here, I really love it. It’s nice to explore the desert.” Dropping her black bra and panties near some cacti, our tall Cybergirl of the Month for June 2015 has come a long way since her first Playboy Plus photoshoot, back in 2014. Aside from becoming a much more confident model and learning how to flaunt her curves best, Briana is also newly single. “During my first interview with Playboy, I was asked whether I prefer to be single or in a relationship, and at the time I was in a relationship, so you know what my answer was,” she explains to photographer Cassandra Keyes. “Now, I personally prefer to be single. I like enjoying life and having fun with myself. I don’t like having someone constantly on me and in my space, but I definitely love having friends and sometimes friends with benefits.”

26 Feb 2017

Rebecca Bailey in Balcony Babe

Amateur model Rebecca Bailey may be new to Playboy Plus, but her natural curves and British accent will soon make her a household name. “I’m originally from London, England, but I grew up in Spain. My family moved there when I was young,” says the curvy brunette in her alluring English accent. “Now, I’m living in Vancouver, Canada and I love it.” Wearing a white lace corset with a tulle skirt on set with photographer Cassandra Keyes, the blue-eyed beauty with the dark-brown waves was thrilled to shoot in such a stunning location. “We’re shooting in a Beverly Hills mansion and the view here is just beautiful,” says the all-natural sweetheart. “My modeling experience is mainly from modeling lingerie and swimwear. This is my first time shooting for Playboy and I’m really excited. I feel like this is an amazing opportunity and I feel very confident posing nude.”

Melissa Lori in Bedside Backside

Melissa Lori is your Cybergirl of the Month, and she’s upping the ante with this set from photographer Holly Randall. If you thought Melissa’s last pictorial was hot, wait until you get a load of this one—let’s just say that this flexible little lady’s talents are on full display, and her sex appeal is totally undeniable. “This look was my favorite,” gushes Melissa, who’s a former gymnast. “We shot in one of the bedrooms, and I got to show off my flexibility for everyone. I love my fans more than anything, so I try to connect whenever possible.” In the bedroom, Melissa loves candles and lingerie, but besides that, she believes you don’t need much to have a romantic evening. “Romance can be very simple, but most people complicate it,” she says, shaking her head good-naturedly. “Put on some good music, get the conversation flowing and then it’s all about foreplay. Trust me, women love that!”

Lexi Storm in Body Movin'

Swoon and sweat over Cybergirl Lexi Storm who wants to show you how important exercise is in her life. “I’ve been dancing for my whole life. I grew up doing ballet and jazz. I also cycle in my spare time so I’m pretty outdoorsy and athletic,” says the model with long, black hair on set with photographer Damir K. “This fitness shoot was pretty crazy. We pretty much covered my entire body with baby oil before I started lifting weights. It was absolutely insane.” Showing off her flexibility and toned physique, the all-natural beauty with blue-green eyes found it easy to be nude on camera. A stark contrast from the first impression she often leaves people with. “For people who don’t know me, I could come off a bit reserved at first, but the second we have a conversation and begin to vibe on a topic, they’ll see I’m a bit crazy, outgoing and very sarcastic,” says sexy Lexi. “Hopefully, you could handle me.”

24 Feb 2017


Briana Ashley in Fit and Tight

Climbing up on large rocks in the desert of Arizona is Cybergirl Briana Ashley, a sporty brunette with a body that would make anyone envious. “Lucky for me, my mother blessed me with a perfect body,” our toned CGOM for June 2015 tells photographer Cassandra Keyes. “I really love that my outfit was much sportier for this set because I’m really getting into fitness.” Exercising almost on a daily basis, the all-natural beauty from Scottsdale does everything she can to add definition to her long, lean legs and is cognizant to keep her curves intact, especially her perky booty. “I’m also starting to get some abs. Hopefully, my bottom two abs will come in soon—I need to work on them,” giggles the beautiful African-American model who loves to work out to the tunes of her favorite Canadian men. “I love hip hop and my favorite artist is Drake—I’m obsessed with Drake, PartyNextDoor and The Weeknd. The Weeknd’s music is just so sexy. It’s definitely music you have sex to.”

22 Feb 2017

Chelsie Aryn in Roses are Red

It’s Valentine’s Day and we’ve got a special gift for our loyal members—the return of Playmate Chelsie Aryn. Wearing a black lace negligee with her sexy white and black lingerie underneath, our voluptuous Miss March 2015 has a romantic surprise for you waiting in her bathroom—a hot bubble bath and red roses in every nook and cranny. “I have plenty of sexual fantasies, but I feel fantasies are like wishes—if you tell someone then they won’t come true,” says the exotic Playmate as she lowers her curves into the hot bathwater. “I will try anything at least once. You never know, you might like it and want to do it again. I’ve got a sex kitten deep down inside of me. I love, love, love sex.” As her DD-cup breasts fight to stay afloat, Chelsie informs photographer Holly Randall that this is only part one of her Valentine’s Day special. “Watch the video for more, and stay tuned for my next sets,” she says with a wink.

19 Feb 2017

Make a Splash

It was a balmy morning in paradise that day, but it wasn't just the weather that was hot and wet. Fresh from a yoga session among the wild fronds, Emma Mae slinked onto her secluded hideaway's patio, piercing the humid air with

18 Feb 2017

Bedetime desires...

Beautiful girls and women in vintage stockings. Lingerie sexy, strip tease, string, body, casual, glamour, fetish, exhib, danse. Enjoy watching!

14 Feb 2017

Lexi Storm is Gorgeous in Garters

Standing in the doorway in her black lingerie with blue glitter detail is Cybergirl Lexi Storm, and she’s feeling quite exposed.

13 Feb 2017

Melissa Lori in A Place in the Sun

Melissa Lori is your Cybergirl of the Month for February 2017, and in this stunning set from producer Holly Randall, she’s finally earned her place in the sun.

12 Feb 2017

Teachers relaxation time

Beautiful girls and women in vintage stockings. Lingerie sexy, strip tease, string, body, casual, glamour, fetish, exhib, danse. Enjoy watching!

Hilary C in Total Knockout

Her long, brown hair twisted into a braid and her white boxing gloves on tight, International model Hilary C means business while on set with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev.

10 Feb 2017

Briana Ashley in Stone Cold Fox

Back at it again on Playboy Plus is Cybergirl Briana Ashley, and she’s elated to be working in the desert with photographer Cassandra Keyes.

9 Feb 2017

Ria Rose in Bathtime Babe

Cybergirl Ria Rose is getting ready for a hot night out, but first, she needs to wash her all-natural figure in the tub. “I’m wearing sexy, maroon-colored lingerie and it’s all coming off before I get into the bathtub,” says the blue-eyed blonde on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn. “This has to be my favorite set because I’m so comfortable and ready to kill it.” Stripping down before lowering herself into the water, the sexy beauty from Las Vegas admits to hoping these photos will land her a few dates with her Mr. Right. “I really want a guy with a great personality, a sense of humor and someone I could have an intellectual conversation with,” says Ria, who’s been single for a few months now. “It’s not really about looks for me, even though I do like dark features on a man—black hair, dark eyes—it’s mostly about personality and brains.” As she rises from the bath and beads of water trickle down her breasts, the model with the blonde curls has a special message for her fans. “If you guys liked what you saw, make sure to give me thumbs up and lots of comments,” she says. “Let me know how much you liked my set—I would really appreciate hearing from you guys.”

7 Feb 2017

Lexi Storm in Magic Mirror

With piercing blue eyes, sun-kissed skin and long, dark brown hair, newcomer Lexi Storm is a stunning beauty you’ll surely want to see become a Cybergirl. Wearing sexy gray lingerie with peephole panties, the curvy Baltimore native takes you to the bedroom to see where the magic happens. “Today I did my first shoot for Playboy Plus with Damir K and it was really, really fun,” said the soft-spoken model on set. “Posing nude has never been difficult for me. I mean, I’ve always been comfortable being naked. I love my body and I’m comfortable in my own skin.” Surprisingly, Lexi has only been modeling full-time for the past year—before that, she was a skin and massage therapist at a spa. “I specialize in shiatsu massage—I can do a really, really mean shiatsu—and I also do marma. It’s basically a cranial massage and you move down to the neck and the shoulders. It’s amazing,” says the curvy beauty as she rubs her shoulders. “My favorite type of massage to get is probably shiatsu because it goes a little deeper—I like deep massages, for sure.”

Boutique break babe!

Beautiful girls and women in vintage stockings. Lingerie sexy, strip tease, string, body, casual, glamour, fetish, exhib, danse. Enjoy watching!

6 Feb 2017

Hilary C in Rain or Shine

Newcomer Hilary C had been modeling for years when she received a call from Playboy Plus asking

5 Feb 2017

Salena Storm is Pretty in Plaid

“For today’s shoot, the background was very natural, boho and a little bit Western,” says Cybergirl Salena Storm while on set with photographer Jackson Gotit. “There was even a saloon on this 20-acre ranch. I was a little bit nervous coming into it, but everyone on set was amazing and they made me feel so comfortable. It was a really fun day.” Wearing jean shorts, a plaid shirt with white lingerie, the brown-eyed brunette was all too happy to take every piece off. “I actually gravitate towards more mature men, so I do like an older man, but he needs to be able to keep up with me,” says the slim sweetheart from San Diego. “Not only physically because I am very active, but also mentally. If a guy is extremely good-looking, but if he can’t speak to me or hold a conversation, it’s just not going to work.” Fellas lucky enough to land a date with Salena will truly want a relationship to flourish, especially for the chance to get up-close and personal with her booty. “It’s what I’m best known for and I’m proud of it because I work hard to have it,” she says with a giggle.

Ria Rose in Home Stretch

Cybergirl Ria Rose wants to welcome you home after a hard day at work in her own special way. Wearing her favorite black, strappy lingerie with matching heels, the Las Vegas blonde with light-green eyes is making herself nice and cozy by the fireplace. “I definitely need a man with a great sense of humor who will be able to hold an intellectual conversation,” says the all-natural model while on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn. “I love a man with dark features—dark hair and dark eyes—and he has to be fit. I like dominant, yet romantic men.” Making herself much more comfortable, Ria stripped down—much to our delight—and let us in on what she really, really wants. “Hands down, my biggest turn-on is neck kissing. Oh, yes! That’s what I really love,” she says as she lets out a soft moan. “I used to date a drummer who was headlining a show for a major hotel on the Strip and before a show, we snuck backstage and had sex on the trumpet player’s wardrobe station. When we finished, I went back to the audience to watch him perform.”

Gia Ramey-Gay in Pick Me Up

Propping her naturally, busty body atop of a bushel of hay in the back of a pickup truck is Cybergirl of the Year 2016, Gia Ramey-Gay. The sexy brunette from Charlottsville, VA is enjoying the fresh air of the country in this rustic set with photographer Holly Randall. “Holly is so much fun to work with,” says Gia, who’s wearing nothing more than a Stetson and a smile. “I definitely wouldn’t wear this on a first date—I’d wear a sexy dress, or a crop top and jeans.” Long legs and curves for days, the certified yoga instructor and professional salsa dancer would love to teach the man she loves how to follow her body’s lead. “I think it’s important to be spontaneous and open-minded,” explains our beautiful CGOY 2016. “I want to have fun with my life, and I want a guy who is passionate! I can’t speak for all women, but I like a guy who is passionate.”

2 Feb 2017

Noemi Moon in Peek of Pink

Swaying her toned figure on the steps of a mansion in Albufeira, Portugal, just for you, is international model Noemi Moon. “Playboy is famous and I love how they bring beauty to the screen,” says the sweet Ukrainian with the dark-brown waves. “That’s why I always wanted to pose for Playboy.” With her piercing blue eyes, pink pout and perky breasts, Noemi has everything you’ll want to see and more. “I really like my eyes, face and breasts,” she says as her face turns a lovely shade of pink, matching her sheer panties. “I also love my sensitive lips.” Biting down on her soft bottom lip, Noemi confesses her white dress would be perfect for a first date—if only the right guy would ask her out. “I really want a man whose kind and has a good head on her shoulders,” she says on photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s set. “I want to be in a relationship where we just love each other.”
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