24 Jan 2017

Tamara Murray in Cold Shower

Cybergirl Tamara Murray is single and ready to mingle, but before she goes out on her date tonight, she needs to get ready. Testing the temperature of the water in her own special way, the blue-eyed beauty with the dark brown hair stepped into the shower and let the warm water splash over her all-natural chest. “Mentally, what I look for in a guy is someone who is strong, calm, patient and powerful,” she says as her wet, leopard-print lingerie clings to her porcelain skin. “I really love calm men who are charming—the guy has to be charming.” Losing her lingerie and crawling on the shower floor, the tattooed Canadian tells photographer Cassandra Keyes that if dinner tonight goes well, she knows who she’ll be spending dessert and maybe breakfast with. “I just melt when I see a nice, strong jawline and a beautiful smile to go with it,” she says as she licks her lips. “I’m pretty stubborn so if I want something, I won’t stop until I get it.”

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