25 Jan 2017

Ria Rose in Hot Buns

Our latest newcomer is a shout out to all of our loyal members who love their ladies on the blonde side. Meet Ria Rose, a lovely beauty from Sin City with golden-blonde curls and pale green eyes. “I’ve wanted to be a Playboy model ever since I first watched Girls Next Door. I love everything Playboy stands for,” says the all-natural Amateur model. “I’ve looked up to many Playmates over the years and have always wanted to be and feel as beautiful and empowered as they do.” Feeling gorgeous in the kitchen with photographer Jennifer Vaughn, Ria happily demonstrated her sexy baking skills—wearing a white, lace bodysuit instead of an apron, of course. “All my life, I’ve loved being naked and I feel the most comfortable when I am,” admits Ria, who’s been craving excitement in her life lately. “I grew up in Las Vegas, Nevada. It’s actual pretty boring given that I’m not 21 yet, but other than that, I like it.” As the oven timer rings, the sexy model takes her hot biscuits out of the oven and begins to butter them. “I started modeling 2 weeks after I turned 18,” she says. “My first shoot was actually a submission shoot for Playboy Plus.”


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