30 Nov 2017

Lilii in River Odyssey

It’s safe to say that after getting a look this amazing pictorial and video with International model, Lilii, you’ll be head over heels in no time. A truly effortless beauty, Lilii is a one-of-a-kind lady, and with her, less is always more. See for yourself with her sun-kissed skin, absolutely infectious smile and laugh, all-natural curves and outgoing and playful personality. She’s on set with photographer David Merenyi, looking as beautiful as ever in a tiny gold and green bikini. Watch as Lilii hits the water for some much-needed fun and me time, lounging around on the boat and feeling the wind through her dirty blonde hair. Eager to get more comfortable, she decides to be a little spontaneous and sunbathe in the nude, something she loves to do because she works hard for her gorgeous figure. "I love to train and take care of my body,” says Lili. When it comes to her favorite part, she loves her bust. “I like to be in shape and I think I have great boobs,” she says confidently.

7 Nov 2017

Bailey Rayne in Blissful Morning

Gorgeous Cybergirl, Bailey Rayne is absolutely dreamy in nothing but a white bra, panties, and a pinstriped button up. With her long, wavy blonde hair flowing beautifully, bright blues eyes shining, million-dollar smile, and playful personality, it’s hard not to completely fall for her — and not to mention her all-natural figure. On set with photographer Holly Randall, Bailey is lounging around on a bright and sunny morning. As comfortable as can be and aiming to please all her adoring fans, she’s more than ready to show you her body that she absolutely loves. “I get a lot of positive comments about my booty and that's what everyone talks about,” says Bailey. “I joke that my ‘corn fed booty’ is a staple of the Midwest and who knows, maybe it's a little true,” she laughs. Watch as the beauty slowly rolls around atop her all-white bedspread, removing the little clothing she has on. Her eyes are glowing in desire and she’s all smiles doing what she loves the most. When it comes to the action that goes on in her own bedroom, Bailey likes a guy who is open and willing. “I think being creative in the bedroom is important,” says Bailey. “There’s nothing embarrassing about learning to be the best lover you can be!”

5 Oct 2017

Eastern Delights

Mahina is new to adult modeling and retro and vintage, and she had a good sexy time dressing up in a 60s style bra-s-lette lace panel panties and black fully fashioned nylons, ha

4 Oct 2017

Erection Specialist

Need it or not Holly is a fully fashioned nylon clad doctor specialising in providing erection assistance! Get naked with her, cock in hand, and wank as she strips and uses all her specialised equipment to get you off!

3 Oct 2017

Undress to impress

Tahlia Paris in High Time

Happy October! Grab a glass and a front row seat, because it’s time for some afternoon tea with your insanely beautiful and dreamy Cybergirl of the Year, Tahlia Paris. This month is wonderful because Tahlia is doing her thing and ready to show off a little more of her soft side we love so much. She’s on the set of a dazzling Victorian-era styled dining room with photographer, Holly Randall, pouring herself a dainty glass of hot English Tea. Dressed to knock you off your feet, Tahlia is glowing in glittery, goddess-like makeup, her sunny-blonde hair is perfectly spiral-curled, her lips are pouted a nice pale pink, and she's wearing nothing but a silky and revealing paisley-floral robe. Tahlia's feeling sexy and sensual as she takes her hands and runs them all over her sun-kissed skin, slowly undressing and showing you her perfect curves. “I love modeling. I have been since I was only 5-years-old. I always knew I wanted to be in Playboy so once I hit 18-years-old, I was ready to show off my body the real way,” says Tahlia, gleaming. This California girl is more than ecstatic to be giving her adoring fans another set this month as CGOY 2017. “It’s such an honor for me to be here — I cried when found out," she says laughing. "I work really hard for my body, and there’s no reason for me not to show it off!”

1 Oct 2017

Party frock teaser

Stella is off to the debutantes ball but wanting to show off to you not those guys there. She looks lovely as she strips and plays in her sexy vintage nylons and lingerie! Watch her frig herself off!

19 Sep 2017

Olivia Preston in Sheer and Sexy

Olivia Preston is absolutely stunning in her second set under her reign as September 2017 Cybergirl of the Month. This gorgeous woman isn’t wasting any time and she’s ready to show you all she has to offer in this beautiful set, on location in a Los Angeles loft with photographer, Cassandra Keyes. Olivia looks angelic in her floral, beige lingerie, and pink sheer robe. Her skin is sparkling and glowing underneath all the sun’s rays just peeking into the windows, as she draws a warm bath in a beautiful vintage claw foot tub. “This one was the most glamorous,” she says of her time shooting. “We had big windows and long white curtains, and the sunlight was coming in. I had on beautiful lingerie; it was obviously my favorite one of the day,” she gushes as she tucks away a perfect curl behind her ear. When it comes to the girl in front of the camera, this beauty is just like the rest of us with her charming and outgoing personality, and wholesome attitude. “I’m a small town girl from small town Canada,” she shares. “I grew up with a huge family and great family values. I was crazy shy and a little bit nerdy,” she reveals. “Then I moved to the big city of Vancouver and blossomed into this little Playboy model! Life has been crazy since.” And there’s no stopping her, as she continues to pursue what she loves as your #CGOM. “I’m really loving life right now,” she smiles.

11 Sep 2017

Flavia De Celis in Lounge Lust

International model, Flavia De Celis is pink, perky and ready for a good time. Sporting something of a school-girl look, she’s just getting home and isn’t heading to her homework right away. First, she’s made some time for some much needed lounging around time — sans skirt and top of course. Smiling, she gives the camera a quick peep of underneath her black skirt, giving you a glimpse of her light gray lace lingerie. Soon enough, she’s in nothing but her thigh high socks and black pumps, spreading her legs atop a brown leather couch. “My favorite parts of my body are my belly, my butt, and my waist,” she says as her hands run over her hips. When it comes to the opposite sex, she’s looking for a tall man with a friendly demeanor. “I look for height and a nice heart,” she says. “I also like kisses, especially on my neck, that really turns me on.”

10 Sep 2017

Gloria Sol in Cloud Nine

Just when we thought international beauty, Gloria Sol couldn’t get any dreamier, she knocks us off our feet again with another effortlessly gorgeous pictorial. This Ukrainian babe is on set with photographers David Merenyi and Adam Nagy bringing out yet another sensuous set, where she's doing nothing but lounging around in her birthday suit, and we couldn’t feel any luckier to be invited to the private show. Miss Sol is angelic in her all white bikini, sprawled out in the best way possible with blankets, pillows, and the summer sun hitting all of her natural curves just perfectly. Watch as she flips her long brown locks from side to side, finding the comfiest position as the camera snaps, capturing her busty petite figure, and her gaze of desire. “Playboy just found me,” she says in her endearing Ukrainian accent. “I pose great on camera. I have experience posing as a nude model.” When it comes to who she is, she’s just like the rest of us, only with a little more mystery. “I am waiting for the right moment to explore life and my wild side,” she adds. “Three things I cannot live without though are the internet, condoms, and books.”

5 Sep 2017

Laura Alexis in Study Break

Welcome back California girl, Laura Alexis in her third pictorial ever on Playboy Plus. Since her short time here, she’s already a fan favorite and it's easy to see why everyone loves her so much. With a charming face, a bold and friendly personality, and a knock out body, it’s hard not to fall head over heels for this lady. She’s on set this time with photographer, Michael Valentino in a quiet study, wearing a black sheer robe, strappy heels, and all white lingerie. “When I showed up, I was a little nervous,” she admits with a shy smile, “but everyone made me feel really comfortable. It came pretty naturally for me to just shoot. I’m just really comfortable with my body and in front of the camera,” she says. And we can tell it was fun and easy, just by the way she moves in front of our lens. Watch this blonde bombshell flip her hair from side to side nailing every pose, as she slowly begins to peel off her top revealing her perfectly shaped breasts, and then watch as she sprawls out on the chaise lounge to give you a better view of whats underneath her lace thong. When it comes to men, Miss Alexis is looking for someone as outgoing as she is. “I look for confidence, a good head on his shoulders and stability,” she says proudly. In the bedroom, she’s really looking for someone to handle her with care, but a little rough play never hurt anyone, “my sexual fantasy is being choked while being fucked really hard, but the most important thing is a connection.” she says with a playful laugh.

4 Sep 2017

Cara Mell in Night Lights

It’s okay to pinch yourself when scrolling through this incredibly intimate and sexy set of international model, Cara Mell. Trust us, she isn’t a dream, in fact, she’s a beyond gorgeous reality on set with photographers, David Merenyi and Adam Nagy in her home country of Hungary. This sandy blonde beauty is lounging on a leather couch, in a pretty lace lingerie, surrounded by hundreds of bright twinkle lights, making it feel like Cara is in a world all her own, just waiting for the right someone to come by and sweep her off her feet. She’s feeling the vibe, her eyes shining straight into the camera with desire, and a sweet, sweet smile on her pink lips. Watch as she slowly peels off her nightgown, showing you her perfectly bronzed skin, and all natural curves. Well known for her artistic nude photos and videos, this lady is making a name for herself worldwide and doesn’t plan to stop until she achieves all her wildest dreams. “My mind is calm and my vision is clear,” she says of her goals. “I’m ready for some serious growth.” This self-proclaimed Supergirl is always on the move, but when she’s not modeling, you can find her adventuring, loving fashion, traveling, and eating great meals.

Tahlia Paris in Hot Sands

If you’re like us, the first of the month is your favorite time, because it means another pictorial from your gorgeous Cybergirl of the Year, Tahlia Paris — and she’s sure to have you on your mark, ready and set to go with her perfectly petite yet voluptuous body, on location with photographer Holly Randall. Catch this blonde beauty in her best racing get-up of dark sunglasses, ripped pants, leather gloves and a black strappy bodysuit in this sexy desert, auto-erotic set. Soon enough this lady will fulfil your wildest, fastest fantasies, as she undresses in nothing but her bandana and black boots. She’s basking in the hot sun, legs spread perfectly, as she sits atop the dune buggy's hood. When it comes to bringing her fans the best photos, this lady is determined, and we can tell. “I want to be the best CGOY I can possibly be,” she says confidently with a sweet smile. “I want to bring to the table some new and different looks — I wouldn’t have made it this far without my fans, and I want to make sure you guys are happy!” When it comes to a companion in in Miss Paris’ passenger seat, she likes someone as self-assured as she is, and she’s willing to wait it out for the perfect Mr. Right. “If I like a guy, I usually wait for him to come to me,” she says. “To seal the deal with me, you have to be able to make me laugh.”

3 Sep 2017

Gloria Sol in Swing By

Eastern European beauty, Gloria Sol is sure to have you feeling all kinds of butterflies after this outdoor set. She’s taking some much needed me time, just hanging out and spending the day sprawled out on a beautiful deck near a lake as captivating as she is. Her eyes are piercing as she glares into the camera with desire, almost as if she’s waiting for a companion to come by and join her in her leisurely downtime. Watch as this international gem shimmies out of her black cut out swim suit to reveal her large all natural breasts and petite and toned booty. “I pose great on camera,” she says confidently with a smile. Just gazing at her beauty has us in awe, and we’re sure it will do the same for you. When it comes to the parts she’s most proud of, she definitely knows her best assets., “I am small and skinny but the best parts are my nipples and green eyes,” she says.

1 Sep 2017

Flavia De Celis in Bad to the Bone

Say, Mucho Gusto — that’s nice to meet you in Spanish to this South American beauty, Flavia De Celis from Buenos Aires, Argentina. She’s jamming out on set today with photographer Mariano Rocca with an electric guitar, ready to play sweet music just for you. Catch this international babe atop a leather couch in her best rocker chick attire: ripped black jeans, high heel boots, and red lingerie underneath a fishnet top. She’s got the look and the music down and she isn’t afraid to show you everything she’s working with. “My special talent is that I’m a singer,” she reveals to us. Let this lady fulfill all of your wildest fantasies as she strips down to nothing, guitar in hand and inviting gaze on high power. “One of my biggest sexual fantasies is having sex tied up,” she tells us. “I also like kisses, especially on my neck, that really turns me on.”

Carissa White in Curtain Call

Your lovely Cybergirl of the Month, Carissa White has a special delivery today on the set of a beautiful home of bright light and tall windows with photographer, Holly Randall. Waiting for her is a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a card from a secret admirer. The sweet gesture has this Cybergirl feeling hot and heavy with desire, so she awaits her gift-giver as patiently as she possibly can. Watch as our perfectly scrumptious and voluptuous Carissa takes a flower to get herself going — she pulls back petal by petal and slowly slips off her pale pink bodysuit only to reveal her hard pink nipples, and there is no way you can look away. Next, she bares all and bends down on all fours, atop her bright orange couch to match her auburn hair — giving you a beautiful sight of her curvy hips and perky booty. This lady keeps her body in shape in the sexiest way possible – with a little help from a pole. “I’m a model and dancer,” she says of her current line of work. “I’m trying to get a dang pole in my apartment, but I’ve been pole dancing for years,” she says, “It’s the perfect workout for the female form.” In her spare time she likes to go out, dance, and have a few drinks with friends.

29 Aug 2017

Barbara Desiree and Cheyenne Cummings in Squeaky Clean

If you think you’ve seen hot and steamy from Cybergirls, Barbara Desiree and Cheyenne Cummings, wait until you’ve seen their third set together, shot by photographer, Jennifer Vaughn — it’s the epitome of your wildest dreams as they toast champagne glasses and then slowly start to undress each other as they draw a warm bath with lots of bubbles. They’re dressed in all purple lingerie, really feeling each other, and having a relaxing girls night in. But instead of the typical facials and manicures, these ladies decide to spice things up with a more wild time. Watch as they take off each other's bra and panties, feel one another’s gorgeous bodies and really get wet. “It was pretty hot,” explains Barbara Desiree, “We got each other wet more than once,” she laughs. “This last set was our favorite for sure,” says Cheyenne, “It will be the hottest one.” When it comes to chemistry, it’s no doubt these ladies have it on and off set. “We’re really into each other, it’s not fake,” says Barbara Desiree. In fact, they each have favorite body parts they love on the opposite girl. “Her frame is very petite and cute, I love her boobs,” says Barbara of Cheyenne. “I love her ass,” adds Cheyenne of Barbara. “I’m naturally more into men but I’m very open-minded and I like kissing girls quite a bit,” adds Cheyenne. When it comes to the bedroom, these ladies are adventurous. “I’ve had a threesome before, I’d definitely have one with her,” says Barbara Desiree.

28 Aug 2017

Cara Mell in Summer Rain

Feast your eyes on the beautiful international sensation that is Cara Mell. A natural beauty in full form, this petite lady comes to us all the way from Csomor, Hungary, and we couldn’t be any happier to have her here on Playboy Plus. She’s on set soaking up the last of the hot summer sun as she prances around in her white tank and white panties already giving you a preview of everything wonderful she has to offer. Watch in awe as she flips her sandy brown hair and gazes deep into the camera in the most inviting way like she’s looking for someone to come and join her. When she’s not in front of our cameras, you can find her trotting around the globe as a model of various styles. She’s a motivated lady too, making sure all of her dreams come true. “My mind is calm and my vision is clear,” she says of her goals. “I’m ready for some serious growth.”

Laura Alexis in Morning Warm Up

Welcome back beautiful blonde bombshell, Laura Alexis from Sacramento, California. She’s on set with photographer Michael Valentino for her debut as a Cybergirl in this set that will have you feeling hot and sweaty in no time. Get your heart pumping as you do some workouts with this fit lady. In fact, she mentions to us that this was her favorite set because it allowed her to really do what she does. “Right now, I’m working as a certified trainer,” she tells us showing off her hard abs and even tighter booty. “What I love about working out is the challenge. I like to see results, the push for something and knowing that I worked for what I have.” You’ll be thankful too, once you see her flawless, toned figure that we just can't get enough of. “I do yoga, I do hot yoga, hiking, running on the ocean and I love reading. My best assets are my boo-tay,” she says laughing. “And definitely my eyes.”

25 Aug 2017

Getting carried away!

Tiffany soon finds out the sexual appeal of retro and vintage lingerie and fully fashioned stockings is quite intoxicating! Before she knows it she's stripping off her sheer blouse and tight skirt and masturbating, nyloned legs spread wide pussy glistening wet!

24 Aug 2017

Fantastic day!

Honour May. Ass, Babe, Bedroom, Beige Nylons, Brunette, Bullet Bra, Dress, Full Fashioned,
Garter Belt, Heels, Masturbation, Medium Tits, Panties, Stilettos

Office Opportunities


On bosses orders

Honour May. Black Nylons Brunette Corselette Full Fashioned Lounge Masturbation Stilettos Vintage Nylons

22 Aug 2017

The Wild Wonder

21 Aug 2017

Carissa White in Daytime Delight

Your lovely Cybergirl of the Month, Carissa White has a special delivery today on the set of a beautiful home of bright light and tall windows with photographer, Holly Randall. Waiting for her is a beautiful bouquet of pink roses and a card from a secret admirer. The sweet gesture has this Cybergirl feeling hot and heavy with desire, so she awaits her gift-giver as patiently as she possibly can. Watch as our perfectly scrumptious and voluptuous Carissa takes a flower to get herself going — she pulls back petal by petal and slowly slips off her pale pink bodysuit only to reveal her hard pink nipples, and there is no way you can look away. Next, she bares all and bends down on all fours, atop her bright orange couch to match her auburn hair — giving you a beautiful sight of her curvy hips and perky booty. This lady keeps her body in shape in the sexiest way possible – with a little help from a pole. “I’m a model and dancer,” she says of her current line of work. “I’m trying to get a dang pole in my apartment, but I’ve been pole dancing for years,” she says, “It’s the perfect workout for the female form.” In her spare time she likes to go out, dance, and have a few drinks with friends.

Gloria Sol in Hanging Out

Say Hello again to the gorgeous European beauty, Gloria Sol from Kiev, Ukraine. This model is more than ready and excited to be back gracing your screens again with her international flawlessness. She’s on set with nothing but her banging, all-natural body and a bright red and orange hammock, just waiting for someone to come and enjoy an afternoon of hanging out with her. This brunette babe is petite but curvy in all the right places — at just 5’1” and 92 pounds she’s got a bust that will make your body ache with desire. ”I am small and skinny, but the best parts are my nipples and green eyes,” she says of her body. “My biggest turn-on is when a man gently touches my hips,” she adds. Watch as she prances around slowly removing her dark lacy top, and then her black lace thong only to wrap herself up inside the hammock and then quickly swing back, showing you just about everything her beautiful body has to offer.

16 Aug 2017

Late for Work

Dirty Talking, Dancing and Stripping British Girls

14 Aug 2017

Glamour Model Striptease

Dirty Talking, Dancing and Stripping British Girls

8 Aug 2017

Naughty Redhead

Everybody loves a redhead, but her real beauty is in the way she bares herself so confidently to the camera.

29 Jul 2017

So sheer, so expensive

Anna is back to tease and please in an outfit that includes some glamorous and rare vintage tan full fashion nylons with an alluring black cuban heel! Of course she is as naughty as ever, loving to get herself off along with you!

26 Jul 2017

Out or in, you decide

She wanted to go to the flicks! You wanted to stay in...you stayed in! So sexy Lucy decides to get you as horny as possible, her flicking the bean and you pulling your pud! This nylon blonde does get off, as will you!

20 Jul 2017

A pin up's tale

Sophia creates an illustrated story for you with her playing the part she loves, a prick tease! So sit back and listen, watch and wank! For heeled and nyloned Sophia will get you twitching hard to busting point!

In the kitchen at parties

Sometime the best place to be at a party is in the kitchen! This is one of those times, with Kiana getting hot in black vintage sheer full fashioned nylons and racy black lingerie putting on a teasy show, ending with full open masturbatiion on the counter!

18 Jul 2017

Losing myself again

Busty posh blonde Ophelia is in the boudoir in her sexy vintage and retro undies, with a mint nylon slip staring off the tease! With her large natural breasts in a bullet bra and multi strap garter and sheer panties plenty to get jerking over as her pussy is spread ready to play!

17 Jul 2017

Sexed up on the sofa!

Just in from work, she knows just the thing to relax, strip and tease time with you! Slipping off her outer clothing, clipping that bra, satin panties drop and her tight pussy right there ready to be played with!

Ali Rose in Flawless Figure

If you’re like us, you’ll never get enough of the gorgeous California Cybergirl Ali Rose. The strong summer sun is hot, but not as hot as she is. The busty 32DD beauty stands tall at 5’8”, with a perfect petite waist of 23, on set with photographer Michael Valentino. Miss Rose’s backdrop for her shoot is beautiful — with a large backyard and a pool in the mountains, she’s ready to slip off her white denim shorts and hot pink bikini to bare her curvy, toned and tanned body. But don’t fret, she keeps on her brown strappy heels and delicate gold jewelry. We first laid eyes on this brunette babe in a casting call back in 2013. She came on a whim and ever since her first shoot, we had to have her back. “This is my first time posing nude,” she mentions to Playboy Plus years ago. But now, Miss Ali Rose is nothing short of a pro at working the camera and making her fans fall head over heels over and over again.

16 Jul 2017

Molly Stewart in Fiery Fantasy

Welcome back the stunning Molly Stewart. She’s back better than ever because now, she’s your Cybergirl Of The Month for July 2017! “It's such an honor to be here,” she says pressing together her large full pink lips. Miss Stewart was in her bedroom on a live webcam when she found out the exciting news. “I got the email and I started freaking out and nobody knew why,” she laughs. “I was so excited but I couldn’t tell anyone!” she grins, showing off her perfect large smile. Molly is the full package: sexy, smart and funny as she cracks jokes on set with the crew and photographer, Holly Randall. “I feel like I’m going to throw up,” she jokes, full of butterflies during her interview. “I never thought I would ever be in Playboy, and I wouldn’t be if I didn’t have you guys pushing me,” she says to her fans. “Thank you so much.” For her first set as Cybergirl Of The Month, Molly lays atop a shag rug in front of a blazing fireplace almost as hot as she is, in purple floral lingerie.

Deanna Greene in Candy Land

You’re in for the sweetest treat with sexy Cybergirl, Deanna Greene. This beautiful brunette is as playful as ever on set with photographer Holly Randall. Her long brown wavy hair, perfectly round bust and bootylicious backside will have you begging for more. But don’t worry, Miss Greene is already one step ahead of you as she teases her white tie-tee to show you just the bottom half of her 34C cup, seemingly perfect breasts. Next, comes her denim short shorts, and then hot pink lace panties. When it comes to relationships, this down-to-earth lady would rather not be in one. “It’s nice to not have to worry about anyone else," she says. "Just me enjoying life."

12 Jul 2017

Bailey Mattingly in Red Hot

The sun is setting but Bailey Mattingly is just getting her night started. This amateur model has been dreaming of her start on Playboy, and now dreams are a reality. Enjoy her gorgeous bronzed body atop a deep red bedspread shot by photographer Michael Valentino in a beautiful California home. “I was talking to Holly Randall and she told me to go to a casting, which I was super excited about,” she explains of her modeling journey. “When I think of Playboy I think of the most beautiful women in the world. Playboy is super iconic!” she says gleaming with excitement. When she’s not posing for us, you can find this Austin, Texas girl hiking, riding horses or fishing. “I’m a country girl at heart.”

10 Jul 2017

Mary Jane in Intimate Bliss

Las Vegas Cybergirl Mary Jane is a sweet treat in this bedroom set with photographer Michael Valentino. Feast your eyes on her long wavy brown locks, inviting green eyes, perfectly rounded bust, and long legs as she strips off her bright blue lingerie atop a pink floral bedspread. “It was a lot of fun rolling around on the bed,” she says of her second time shooting with Playboy Plus. We found this timid beauty during a Las Vegas casting call and we were smitten — as was she. “I went to a casting call, and they said they’d love to have me, and now I’m in LA!” she exclaims. When it comes to men, this lady is looking for a good laugh to accompany some deep passion in the bedroom. “That’s my number one thing,” she explains, “If they can’t make you laugh don’t sleep with them.” After she’s found a good jokester, “I want a best friend, someone I can grow with.” Feel like you can befriend the lovely Mary Jane?

Niki Skyler in Black Magic

Miami native turned California girl Niki Skyler is always all smiles. She graces your screen again with her glowing tan skin, long blonde curls and fierce gaze in her newest shoot with photographer Holly Randall. This time, Miss Skyler takes to a comfy bed, set outdoors in sexy all black lingerie. “This look was really glam,” she explains. “The shoot went amazing, I had a lot of fun,” she says with a sweet smile. You might recognize this lady from what she does when she’s not posing nude for us. “I’m on webcam almost every day. I love it,” she explains. And when she’s not doing that you’ll find her hanging with friends in LA or out at comedy clubs. Her favorite thing about enjoying a good laugh is when the lights go off. “It’s dark and people don't talk to you, so you can just lose yourself and be entertained.” Some of her favorite comedians are Dave Chappelle and Bill Burr. In her own guy, she’s looking for someone who smart and nice. “I really appreciate a guy who is intelligent — who can carry a conversation because sometimes I can be a little shy,” she says as she fixes her hair. “and I don’t go for the pretty boy,” she affirms.

5 Jul 2017

Tahlia Paris in Sexy Siren

Our Cybergirl of the Year, Tahlia Paris is ravishing and royal in the newest addition to her reigning title, "Sexy Siren." She's on set with photographer Holly Randall, on the coast of the breathtaking La Paz, Mexico on a private beach. But the views of the beautiful water and mountains are second best compared to the beauty stripping down in front of them. Miss Paris' undeniably perfect curves will have your head spinning and your jaw dropping as she lays atop the hot rocks and quickly peels off her rose pink one-piece, only keeping on her jewels, of course. "I was so excited because I got to get super glam with all the diamonds. I love that look," she says. This California girl loves the beach, but it's the one place where she hopes to get it on one day. "Believe it or not, I’ve yet to have sex on the beach. I need to work on that," she says with a soft smile and laugh. Tahlia is proud to be a part of Playboy Plus and loves to show off her gorgeous figure. “It’s such an honor for me to be here — I cried when found out," she says. "I work really hard for my body, and there’s no reason for me not to show it off!” Keep doing your thing, Miss Paris.

3 Jul 2017

Dance Hall Babe

Lovely girls and women in stockings. Enjoy watching!

Elsa Galvan in Irresistible

Gaze deep into this newcomer, Elsa Galvan’s eyes. Afterall, this amature model calls them her favorite asset. “Eyes are key for me,” she says as she sweeps a strand of hair behind her ear. “Eyes will make you feel things that hands can never make you feel.” Miss Galvan is all fun and positive vibes in life and on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn, as she rolls atop a comfortable couch in an all black lace bodysuit. But soon, all she’ll have on are those pointy black heels. “My biggest turn on is when a guy takes time to touch your body and cares about it,” she says with authority. “What matters to me with how big it is or how he uses it, is a little bit of both,” she says laughing.

Ali Rose In Flirty Fountain

Cybergirl and Los Angeles native, Ali Rose, will have you begging for more in her newest flirty and floral shoot with photographer, Michael Valentino. Eat your heart out as she bends over and pours herself a glass of wine, then lets loose outdoors near a large fountain. The gorgeous all-natural brunette is wearing a velvety pink skirt and a tiny off the shoulder top that barely covers her large bust, but don’t worry it won’t be for long. Miss Rose slips out of her pretty-in-pink outfit to reveal her perfectly tight and toned body, and breathtaking curves we just can’t get enough of -- and neither can she. “I love being naked, because it’s fun and feels really sexy. Posing for Playboy has definitely boosted my confidence,” she says with a bright and inviting smile.

30 Jun 2017

Marlee May in Desert Desire

Cybergirl Marlee May is red hot in her desert shoot with photographer, Cassandra Keyes in the Northern Territory of Australia. “I’m Australian, but I’ve never been here before,” she says. “Seeing the red sand, the rocks and the proper Outback of Australia is pretty special,” she says with glowing blue eyes and a sweet smile. “It’s amazing.” We think so too. Catch this all natural busty lady as she gets down and dirty on set. “It was definitely an experience with the flies, wind and the heat,” she laughs, “but it was great!” In fact, this gorgeous girl got so into her set, she may or may not have swallowed a fly. “I think that’s the closest I’ve ever been to nature,” she says laughing, “It’s the most Aussie thing I’ve done!” Now, what would Miss May bring with her to the desert? “I couldn’t live without my friends, hair products, and my mobile phone,” she jokes. But for us? We’d probably bring her.

28 Jun 2017

Wind and Rain

27 Jun 2017

Niki Skyler in Wild Abandon

Let your animal instincts arise when you see Cybergirl, Niki Skyler in her newest shoot on set with photographer Holly Randall. The theme is wild and fun, as you watch Miss Sklyer throw her caramel-brown locks back and arch her back in flirty animal print lingerie. The Miami native turned California girl, also twerks atop a fur rug in golden heels in this one, and we just can’t look away. “Playboy reached out to me!” she says with a glowing smile. Happy that we did, this busty beauty is getting comfortable posing in the nude. (Little does anyone know, it’s only her second time,) “I still get nervous, but it’s so exciting! It’s such a naughty thing to do!” When this babe isn’t on set for us, you can either find her trotting the globe traveling, or hanging with friends at comedy clubs. Who knows, maybe her next stop will be an African safari -- afterall, she’s a natural.
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