4 Dec 2016

Nico Faye in Sheer Deliciousness

Waiting for her gentleman lover to come over for some afternoon delight, Cybergirl Nico Faye has put on her favorite sheer black lingerie with thigh-high stockings. “I've had sex quite a few crazy places,” admits the blue-eyed Californian with the long red hair. “I'm not promiscuous or anything—I'm almost always in a relationship—but I love to show my partner new experiences. Bring them to a rooftop or bend over on the hood of my car, whatever makes it all the more passionate and alluring.” Bringing that intense passion to a hotel room is easy for the fair-skinned beauty, as long as her man knows how to pay attention to her all-natural body and its every desire. “The most important thing a guy can do in the bedroom is read your body. If he lacks the ability to sync with you and your movements, it's nothing short of robotic,” she admits to photographer Damir K. “My biggest turn-on is probably the way someone kisses me. Girl or guy, when the kiss is passionate and their lips are full—it kills me.”

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