12 Dec 2016

Melissa Lori in Burning with Desire

Tempting in teal-colored lingerie is Cybergirl Melissa Lori and she wants you to join her in bed. “I can be the life of the party or a domestic goddess, and I have a really big heart,” says the all-natural New Yorker as she removes her thong. “Most importantly, I greet every day with a sense of positivity!” Believing in the power of positivity, Melissa knows her Prince Charming is out there somewhere—possibly checking out her latest photoshoot—and she cannot wait to lavish him with affection. “It’s nice to share your life with someone. You always have someone to do things with and make memories. I’m a really loving and emotional person,” she says while on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Sweet as candy and hot as fire, the petite model with the long, brown hair adds Prince Charming shouldn’t assume that life with her would be without its share of kinky surprises. “I am very flexible and double jointed,” she says while positioning her naturally, limber figure into an upside down split.

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