13 Dec 2016

Demi Fray in Sun Shower

Back in high school, international model Demi Fray was a popular girl who always aimed to be best in all of her classes. Now, that she’s posing for Playboy Plus, the overachieving Ukrainian wants nothing more than for every member to know her name and study her all-natural figure. “I have always been worried about what people think,” says the gorgeous people pleaser. “In high school, I think I was popular from actively participating in studies, leisure and concerts. I always tried to be close to the honor students and closer to the rebels in my spare time from school.” During her latest outdoor photoshoot with photographer David Merenyi, Demi proved she is willing to go the extra mile to please her fans –and that means nothing was off limits. “I always want to get excellent grades,” she says as she cleanses her body in the shower. “For me, it was always very important not to look worse than others. That’s probably why I must have been so popular in school.”

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