31 Dec 2016

Lo in Purple Rain

Amateur Lo makes a stunning first impression with this shockingly sexy pictorial from photographer Michael Valentino. A self-proclaimed gamer with purple-colored hai, Lo promises to inject some magic into the world of Playboy Plus with her nerdy knowledge, purple punch and wide, blue-eyed look of seduction. “I’m actually a hobbit from The Shire in Middle Earth,” she jokes. “Now I’m in one of the best cities in the United States, which is awesome—Los Angeles! I have so many personal interests, but first and foremost, it’s really gaming. I play Dungeons and Dragons with my friends and my number one sexual fantasy definitely involves any and every superhero ever in like any and every way. That’s my number one fantasy for sure.” Supplementing her natural beauty with a corset and thong in her favorite color, Lo takes us on a journey to seduction and beyond.

30 Dec 2016

White Vibes

On a sunny morning Ariel decides to play with her precious vibrator. Witness her her intense orgasms in this beautiful solo scene.

The Piano Lesson

Jessie was waiting for her piano teacher, but he never came. She still found the way to make the most out of a quiet afternoon...

27 Dec 2016

Darah Kay in Desert Rose

Canada has blessed us once again by giving us another beautiful model with a wholesome personality and loving smile. From a small town in Western Canada to photographer Cassandra Keyes’s set in Joshua Tree, California, Cybergirl Darah Kay wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for her well-known friends and their inspiration. “I’m friends with Cybergirls Elyse Jean and Ashleigh Rae, and when I saw what they were doing with Playboy, I got inspired!” giggles the bubbly beauty as her big, blue eyes sparkle. “When I get an idea or a goal in my head, I work very, very hard to accomplish that goal or complete that idea. I'm also very stubborn, so let’s just say I always get what I want.” Posing in a burgundy-colored bra and thong in the desert, the all-natural sweetheart with the dark-brown, wavy hair flaunted her absolute favorite body parts, just for you. “I love my long legs because being tall is a nice advantage! And heels make my legs look so good,” she says before crawling on all-fours to demonstrate the others. “I also really like the curve my back and the way my hips look when I pop my booty!”

26 Dec 2016

Emily Bloom & Jenna Sativa in Naughty List

All natural and downright sexy, Santa’s helpers will forever be on the big guy’s naughty list, thanks to photographer Holly Randall. Emily Bloom and Jenna Sativa thought they had come up with the perfect gift for Santa to change his mind and put them back on the nice list—a homemade gingerbread house. However, the fair-skinned Ukrainian and the all-natural Latina got a little carried away with the leftover icing—especially when the lingerie-wearing beauties realized they were under the mistletoe. If you wished for some girl-on-girl excitement for Christmas, you’ve come to the right place. “I prefer women to men. I tend to go for petite girls with bubbly personalities, like me,” says Jenna as she licks the sugary, white icing off petite Emily’s natural breasts. “I like girls from all over the world. Trust me, my tastes are very broad.” Repaying the favor, Emily circles Jenna’s nipples with icing before licking off the tasty treat. “I think it’s best to relax and give each other as much pleasure as possible,” Emily says before making her way down towards Jenna’s stomach with her tongue. “I’ve always wanted to do a photoshoot like this one. I think it came out really cute—and you guys will definitely be interested in the video!” 

Shelly Lee in On the Catwalk

Shelly Lee is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, and she’s strutting her stuff in this set from photographer Holly Randall. All done up in a skintight dress and thigh-high boots, Shelly saved the very best for last. As early Christmas presents go, this is one of the best we’ve ever gotten. “Thank you guys for supporting me,” says Shelly, her full lips spreading into a smile. “Being Cybergirl of the Month has been a blast so far. Hopefully this is just the beginning!” On set with Holly, Shelly got in touch with her inner vixen, and with or without clothes, her sex appeal should be obvious to everyone. “I think this dress was super hot and flattering,” says Shelly proudly. “I couldn’t wait to take it off. When it comes to nudity, I think as long as I’m having fun, everything’s good!”

25 Dec 2016

Nubile Babe

Dani is back and she is beautiful as ever. Watch as she slowly strips down for you.

24 Dec 2016

Raise in Sexy Sundance

Young, beautiful and all-natural, newcomer Raise is making her Playboy Plus debut with help from photographer David Merenyi. “I was grew up in a small, green village,” says the hazel-eyed brunette in her adorable accent. “It is place without internet and other interesting games. I spend all my time in garden where I have many flowers.” Hoping her Playboy Plus career will bloom like her garden back home in the Ukraine, the tattooed sweetheart is an old soul who doesn’t always feel like she fits into this fast paced, technology-driven world. “I hate social media. All my free time, I spend it reading books,” she says. “I like reading books and I really like to be a leader. It makes me feel good to be the first in everything.”

22 Dec 2016

Melissa Lolita in California Dreamin'

Cybergirl Melissa Lolita currently lives in New York City, but she will always be a California girl at heart. “I kind of randomly decided to move there after visiting the city a few times. I didn’t really know anybody, I didn’t have a job there or anything—I just wanted something new,” explains the all-natural, exotic model. “New York is super-fast paced and exciting.” Happy to be on the West Coast with photographer Holly Randall for a poolside photoshoot where her caramel skin glistened under the hot sun, Melissa felt right at home. “I think I would like to move back to California in the next few years to be closer to my family,” admits the busty babe before taking off her black bodysuit and tanning in the buff. “I really miss all the sunshine, the mountains and the ocean because we don’t get much of that in New York.”

20 Dec 2016

Melissa Lori in Hot Water

Petite, toned and very flexible, Cybergirl Melissa Lori had tried to become a Playboy Plus model for years before finally making it, and she’s expressing her gratitude through her eye-catching poses. “I have also been to castings and know tons of people connected, but I suppose it was never my time. I believe in fate and am over the moon to finally have my dreams come true,” explains the all-natural brunette from Queens. “Being naked is natural, it gives you sense of freedom.” Free as a bird while on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn, Melissa shows off every single curve she has as she seductively removes her hot-pink bathing suit and gets creative with her wet surroundings. “I have always been tiny, but I am lucky enough to have curves. I get many compliments on my booty,” she says with a wink as she lowers her all-natural figure into a split to the tunes of her celebrity crush. “I have such a crush on Justin Bieber. He has been looking really good lately.” 

17 Dec 2016

Shelly Lee in Sex Goddess

Shelly Lee is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, and she’s a total sex goddess in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Red, black and sexy all over, Shelly wowed us with her first pictorial. With her second, she decided to aim even higher, delivering one of the sexiest scenes in recent memory. “Guys, my advice is to take charge in the bedroom,” declares Shelly. “That’s by far the hottest thing you can do! In relationships, I’ve learned to be laid back and have trust in my partner. If you can’t do that, then I think you’re in the wrong relationship.” One thing’s for sure, you can trust Shelly to turn you on—her gorgeous face and naturally curvy body turn even the strongest man’s mind to mush, and you’d better believe she’s soft under all that strappy black lingerie. “I like a bit of anticipation, but I’m forward,” she hints with a smile.

16 Dec 2016

Emily Bloom in Masterpiece

Painter Emily Bloom knows what to do when she sees a blank canvas, and there isn’t a canvas out there as beautiful as her figure. Following her naughty instincts, the busty art lover with porcelain skin unfastened her paint-covered overalls as she told photographer Holly Randall she has a better painting in mind. “I love my body and all the assets of it,” says Emily as she paints a green heart around her all-natural breasts. “There is nothing about my body that I would change, but I never realized people would like my body as much as I do!” As inspiration continued to follow the cute Eastern European’s paintbrush, she turned around to paint a flower on her bum. “I'm all about art, creating new things and expressing myself. I sing, dance, act, model, do photography, write, write music, play instruments, paint and direct. I do a lot of stuff,” giggles the blue-eyed beauty from Kiev. “I’m dedicated to my goals and follow my dreams.”

Melissa Lolita in Seduce You

Newcomer Melissa Lolita has been modeling for years off and on, and she’s excited to show off her favorite assets for Playboy Plus. "My best feature has to be my eyes,” admits the marketing consultant wearing black lingerie and sexy thigh-high stockings. “They're really dark, almost black, but it makes them sort of seem mysterious. I also love my curves.” Curvaceous and busty, the beauty with the long, chestnut-brown hair first burst onto the modeling scene in San Francisco where she learned the tricks of the trade and how to achieve the modeling career she wants. “I started by modeling for a local company and I was able to find a style that fit me,” explains the all-natural New Yorker while on set with photographer Holly Randall. “I'm not trying to be on the cover of Vogue—I really just want to create cool images.”

14 Dec 2016

Skin Deep

Young Madison's fit body shows incredible natural features, she is one stunning Babe your really don't want to miss.

Alone And Horny

Heather is all by herself on a quiet afternoon and she's so horny that she has no choices but to play with herself. Watch this hot Babe get wet in this sensual masturbation scene.

13 Dec 2016

Demi Fray in Sun Shower

Back in high school, international model Demi Fray was a popular girl who always aimed to be best in all of her classes. Now, that she’s posing for Playboy Plus, the overachieving Ukrainian wants nothing more than for every member to know her name and study her all-natural figure. “I have always been worried about what people think,” says the gorgeous people pleaser. “In high school, I think I was popular from actively participating in studies, leisure and concerts. I always tried to be close to the honor students and closer to the rebels in my spare time from school.” During her latest outdoor photoshoot with photographer David Merenyi, Demi proved she is willing to go the extra mile to please her fans –and that means nothing was off limits. “I always want to get excellent grades,” she says as she cleanses her body in the shower. “For me, it was always very important not to look worse than others. That’s probably why I must have been so popular in school.”

12 Dec 2016

Melissa Lori in Burning with Desire

Tempting in teal-colored lingerie is Cybergirl Melissa Lori and she wants you to join her in bed. “I can be the life of the party or a domestic goddess, and I have a really big heart,” says the all-natural New Yorker as she removes her thong. “Most importantly, I greet every day with a sense of positivity!” Believing in the power of positivity, Melissa knows her Prince Charming is out there somewhere—possibly checking out her latest photoshoot—and she cannot wait to lavish him with affection. “It’s nice to share your life with someone. You always have someone to do things with and make memories. I’m a really loving and emotional person,” she says while on set with photographer Jennifer Vaughn. Sweet as candy and hot as fire, the petite model with the long, brown hair adds Prince Charming shouldn’t assume that life with her would be without its share of kinky surprises. “I am very flexible and double jointed,” she says while positioning her naturally, limber figure into an upside down split.

11 Dec 2016

Breathtaking Liz

Elizabeth is a new young and busty Babe, simply irresistible.

Red negligee with Ella Milano

Shelly Lee in Flames of Desire

Shelly Lee is your Cybergirl of the Month for December 2016, and she fans the flames of desire with this hot set from photographer Holly Randall. Thrilled to be named CGOM, Shelly was determined to give it her all on set. With her long, dark hair and brown eyes, she rocks a black lace teddy like no other. Be honest, guys—how badly do you want to spend a romantic night in with Shelly Lee? “My birthday is in December, so needless to say, this is the best gift ever,” gushes Shelly. “Hopefully, this is just the first step with Playboy Plus! I hope to be Cybergirl of the Year—I want it so bad!” Spreading out in front of a roaring fire, Shelly puts on her hottest performance to date. This girl is so gorgeous, she needs nothing but a smile to look her best. “I’m not a flashy person, and I don’t think you need to spend a lot of money to have a romantic evening,” says Shelly. “Forget limos and expensive dinners—I’ve been on plenty of dates like that, and I have a better time when things are fun and casual. Make me laugh, bring me a bottle of wine and we’re good!”

9 Dec 2016

Krysta Lynn in Poolside Pose

Laying out her blue yoga mat poolside is Cybergirl Krysta Lynn, a petite Canadian who earned her toned yet voluptuous body through several years of practicing yoga. “I’m actually a big yoga enthusiast. When I told my photographer Michael Valentino that it was one of my secret hobbies, we decided to incorporate it into my third set,” says the brown-eyed, brown-haired model before transitioning from upward-facing dog to downward-facing dog. “It was awesome to prance around and feel very much like a woman. I think the pictures that we got are dramatic and gorgeous and I cannot wait to see the final results.” As the lovely yogi jumped forward and brought her hands to her chest, Krysta felt her heart beating rapidly—just like when she’s in bed with a man who could read her body. “To me, the most important thing in the bedroom is foreplay. If you don’t get me warmed up, we’re not going to go anywhere fast,” admits the busty esthetician. “So kiss me, hug me, squeeze me—do all those dirty things to me to get me going and you’ll have the ride of your life.”

Carmen Calle in Room Service

Cybergirl Carmen Calle is a sweet romantic who loves to surprise her man with soft lingerie whenever she can. Showing photographer Damir K how she would surprise her unsuspecting lover, Carmen first put on her red and black teddy and black thong before taking her fantasy a step further over by the couch. “I love to have fun in bed, and I’m not afraid to try new things! I hate when sex feels like a serious thing,” exclaims the petite Californian as she takes off her lingerie and flips her mane of long, brown hair. “My wildest sexual experience would have to be the time I did it in an alleyway when I was 18. It’s a lot more romantic than it sounds. The stars were shining and it was pretty.” Ever the hopeless romantic, Carmen’s big, brown eyes lit up when she told us that all she needs for a memorable night are just two simple acts. “I love kisses and cuddles!” she says with a giggle. “Most guys aren't willing to just kiss and cuddle with a girl, but that's my favorite part.”

8 Dec 2016

Stunning brunette

Yellow bra and panties

6 Dec 2016

Demi Fray in Hot and Wet

Poolside cutie Demi Fray is excited to represent the beautiful women of her native Kiev, Ukraine on Playboy Plus and we must say, she’s making them mighty proud. “I do not want to flatter myself since I am an ordinary Ukrainian girl, but Ukrainian girls are the best,” laughs the international beauty with the long, brown hair. “All other words to describe us are superfluous.” She isn’t kidding—she’s a petite stunner with natural curves, an endearing accent and a desire to make everyone around her very happy, especially her man. “My biggest turn-on has to be spontaneous sex—it interrupts any home situation. I do not like routine, and the way to get rid of boredom—it’s always pleasant for me,” says the Eastern European as she drops her black bikini to the ground. “I really need a man who is passionate and gentle at the same time.”

5 Dec 2016

Melissa Lori in Sexy Reflection

Growing up in Queens, New York, Cybergirl Melissa Lori dreamt of posing for Playboy Plus and having legions of fans know her name, her body and most of all, her heart. “I have wanted to do Playboy for as long as I remember,” says the aspiring singer with the long, brown hair. “There’s something so sexy about a confident woman. I mean, the body is a beautiful thing and posing nude is art, but I believe being naked also gives you sense of freedom.” Looking at her reflection in the large mirror on photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s set, Melissa confesses she loves the way her body looks in black lingerie and thigh-high stockings. “I am the all-natural, petite package. I have always been tiny, but I am lucky enough to have curves,” laughs the New Yorker as she places her hands on her firm bottom. “I get many compliments on my booty, my stomach, my calves and my smile. Oh, and my big, wild hair.” Let Melissa Lori personally show you each of her favorite body parts, right here on Playboy Plus.

4 Dec 2016

Demi Fray in Violet Delights

Newcomer Demi Fray is as beautiful as she is intelligent and she cannot wait to share both sides of her with Playboy Plus. “I received my master's degree in anthropology recently,” proudly states the petite Ukrainian before heading into her dressing room. Finding a lovely set of sheer, violet-colored lingerie waiting for her, Demi was feeling rather romantic and admits this is exactly what she would wear to surprise someone she loves. “Love is the main thing in life and it is very important to me,” says the international romantic. “I cannot live without my family, love and my favorite work.” For the past four years, the all-natural brunette has been trying to further her modeling career with stunning results and finally making it onto Playboy Plus is proof her hard work is paying off. “My favorite is artistic nude,” Demi explains from photographer David Merenyi’s set in Paphos, Cyprus. “When I started to work as a model, I could not imagine that I'd be working for Playboy Plus, but it finally occurred in sunny Cyprus.”
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