11 Nov 2016

Ivy Jones in Golden Girl

Ivy Jones in Golden Girl
“Hi, I’m Ivy Jones,” says our petite Cybergirl from Portland, Oregon, “I’m on set today with Holly Randall shooting for Playboy Plus.” Looking like a sexy siren in her blue ombré dress complete with gold-colored heels, the busty beauty with the long blonde hair gushed over how beautiful she feels every time she’s on a Playboy Plus set. “The first time I ever posed nude was for a friend of mine from college who’s an amazing photographer. He took some lingerie pictures of me, and I decided I wanted him to take some nude while we were at it,” recalls the archaeology major with the golden-blonde hair. “It felt so liberating and empowering to be in front of a camera completely naked. I had so much fun with it that I never really stopped nude modeling.” With no plan to stop insight, Ivy is excited to finally call herself a Playboy Plus model. “I have always wanted to pose for Playboy!” exclaims our Cybergirl. “I love that Playboy stands for women’s confidence and sexuality.”

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