9 Nov 2016

Heidi Romanova in Across the Pond

Heidi Romanova in Across the Pond
Newcomer Heidi Romanova is no stranger to the world of Playboy, but this is the first time she’s posing for fans on the side of the pond. Born and raised in Latvia, the curly, red-haired Eastern European with the green eyes has an all-natural look that the modeling industry loves. “I was born in Riga, Latvia,” says Heidi in her adorable accent. “Latvia is a small country with good people. We have beautiful sea and amazing forests.” From shooting in her home country to Italy and Germany, the fair-skinned beauty with freckles made her Playboy debut when she graced the cover of Playboy South Africa early last year. “I want to be a Playboy model,” says the international redhead from photographer David Merenyi’s set. “I feel comfortable posing nude because I love myself and I love my body.”

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