30 Nov 2016

Carmen Calle in Poolside Siren

Newcomer Carmen Calle is our latest model to join the ranks, but this is one name that no one will soon forget. With her adorable smile and sweet, innocent charm, the all-natural Californian with long, dark brown hair was absolutely elated to open up with photographer Damir K and his cameras. “It’s been a dream of mine to work for Playboy Plus,” giggles the poolside brunette wearing her favorite white bikini. “This is my fantasy—to be laying out by a really big pool on a nice beach chair. All I need is a cabana boy serving me whatever drink I want, so I could just relax without a care in the world. That’s definitely my fantasy.” Carmen’s fantasy wouldn’t be complete if her personal cabana boy didn’t do more than just quench the petite beauty’s thirst. “Looks aren't that important for me,” says the soft-spoken cutie. “I do like a guy who's bigger than me though! I'm small, so I like to be cuddled and feel like I'm protected.”

Heidi Romanova in Zen Beauty

For homebody Heidi Romanova, nothing can compare to curling up in bed on a Saturday night while her friends hit the clubs until the early morning hours. “I like to stay at home being in cozy bed and read books, watch movies or do nothing all day long,” proudly states the freckled Eastern European. “But, I have to be in my fluffy pajamas and socks with unicorns on them when I do. I like cute things.” While she had to forgo her loungewear for beachwear during her latest photoshoot with photographer David Merenyi, the green-eyed redhead adored working outdoors and feeling the hot sun beam down on her all-natural body while she stretched. “Three times per week, I go to gym,” says the international model who has a fondness for yoga. “I have to go to the gym. My favorite food is sushi and I can eat it every day.”

Krysta Lynn in Brunettes Have More Fun

In this hot set from photographer Michael Valentino, Canadian cutie Krysta Lynn makes quite the first impression. Brown-haired, brown-eyed Krysta comes to us from small-town Ontario, where she lives and works as an esthetician.

27 Nov 2016

Nico Faye in Cherry Red

Crystal chandeliers, a cherry-red couch and expensive artwork adorned the walls of the high-rise condo that served as Cybergirl Nico Faye’s photoshoot location –a stark contrast from how the saucy redhead grew up.“I grew up in Sacramento, CA in a one bedroom home with 4 people. My upbringing was crazy,” Nico says from photographer Damir K’s luxurious set. “But, I wouldn't trade it for the world. It gave me a lot of empathy and compassion for others. I love my crazy family.” As chaotic as her family can be, the blue-eyed Californian with the long red hair is grateful to have them in her corner supporting her Playboy Plus dreams. “I didn't know how I’d feel posing nude at first, but I actually wasn't the least bit shy,” proudly states the all-natural beauty wearing cream-colored lingerie. “I love showing off my body especially my hips. My hip to waist ratio is a ten-inch difference and although I'm thin, I'm curvy. My nipple piercings are pretty awesome as well.”

21 Nov 2016

Shannon Troy in Blonde Beauty

Shannon Troy in Blonde Beauty
Being a makeup artist, Cybergirl Shannon Troy is no stranger to the set of a photoshoot, but posing for Playboy Plus was the first time she had all eyes on her. “My modeling experience is limited,” admits the petite Canadian from photographer Cassandra Keyes’s set. “This is these are first real photoshoots I’ve ever done. I’ve been asked to get in front of the camera, but I never really modeled until now.” Taking a leap of faith for Playboy Plus and earning fans in the process, the green-eyed beauty with the long blonde hair knows she made the right choice—even though it’s taken her out of her comfort zone. “I want to be a Playboy Plus model because it’s always been my dream, so I flew out to LA last year and tried out and I made it!” says the shy makeup artist. “Shooting for Playboy Plus has made me feel very glamorous.”

18 Nov 2016

Ivy Jones in Pool Pleasure

Ivy Jones in Pool Pleasure
After spending her summer working and studying abroad, Cybergirl Ivy Jones is most looking forward to relaxing at home before her upcoming exams. “I’m studying archeology and this past summer, I spent a whole month in Belize digging up a Mayan temple, which was pretty cool,” says the busty blonde wearing a white bikini. “I really just want to see most of the world.” With a long list of countries to visit, her bags packed and her passport renewed, the only thing the petite model from Portland, Oregon is missing is a travel companion who wouldn’t mind giving up the window seat for her. “I really want to go to South Africa because I’ve always wanted to go on a safari, and I want to go to Southeast Asia so I could try all the amazing meat dishes they have over there,” says the poolside beauty as she flips her long blonde hair. “I’ve never been to Paris or anywhere super romantic. Perhaps someday.”

16 Nov 2016

Heidi Romanova in Sunny Delight

Heidi Romanova in Sunny Delight
International beauty Heidi Romanova is a complex delight from Riga, Latvia who says she enjoys posing nude even though she’s incredibly shy. “I'm very much an introvert, which means that I don't like places full of people. I don't go to clubs in weekend and it's difficult for me to be myself with a lot of people around,” explains the green-eyed model with curly red hair. “But, I feel comfortable posing nude because I love myself and I love my body. I was never shy to be nude in front of camera, even when I just started.” Her confidence reverberated throughout photographer David Merenyi’s set and soon everyone was under the all-natural Eastern European’s spell.

15 Nov 2016

Nico Faye in American Beauty

Nico Faye in American Beauty
Meet our newest addition to Playboy Plus, a bartender, student and model from sunny California. “Hi, I’m Nico Faye,” she says, blushing a little. “I’m a little socially awkward, but I can read people really well. Growing up, I had mostly male friends, and I spent a lot of time playing video games online, particularly role-playing games.” Shy and beautiful, Nico left photographer Damir K and his team wondering how such a stunning, bubbly beauty with porcelain skin could consider herself socially awkward. In front of the camera, Nicolette is bold and unafraid to show it all—posing alongside a shiny black muscle car, this all-natural redhead is definitely in the driver’s seat, and we’re more than happy to be along for the ride. “Once I was in the midst of it, I wasn’t nervous,” she says proudly. “They brought in a classic car and I wore Daisy Dukes and a wife beater.

Unpublished: Leanna Decker Vol. 1

Unpublished: Leanna Decker Vol. 1
Playboy Plus is opening up the vault with our latest series, Unpublished, where we give fans a glimpse at never-before-seen content. This week, we’re answering your prayers and are giving you what you’ve been dying to see—brand-new photos of our Cybergirl of the Year 2012, Leanna Decker. When the voluptuous beauty with the long red hair first burst onto the scene, fans fell in lust and wanted to see more of her, which she happily obliged. What followed was one of the most incredible reigns from any Cybergirl, anywhere, with Leanna’s incredible natural body taking center stage. “I’ve always wanted to model for Playboy, but never thought it would be my reality,” says the naturally curvy Leanna. “My favorite thing about posing for Playboy Plus is the way it makes me feel. When I’m there and the fan is blowing my hair and the director is like ‘do this, do that,’ I feel sexiest. And I love getting my hair and makeup done, of course!”

Tawny Swain in Bedspread

Tawny Swain in Bedspread
Tawny Swain is your Cybergirl of the Month for November 2016, and she’s simply irresistible in this romantic set from photographer Holly Randall. All natural, with bright red hair and blue eyes, Tawny’s road to becoming CGOM has been a long one—and now that she’s here, she fully intends to make up for lost time. “I’ve been a part of the Playboy family for some time now, and I love it,” she gushes. “I love being myself and expressing who I am, and I think that’s what the fans love most in a Cybergirl. I’m very fun and goofy, and I do it all for my fans!” In her light-filled bedroom, Tawny takes off all of her clothes, all the better to feel the pink silk against her bare skin. “I liked playing the role of the sweet, innocent girl for this set,” says Tawny, flashing a devilish grin. “Natural redheads are very sassy, and I take charge of the room wherever I go. It’s a trait that only redheads can possess, and it can’t be faked. I blame my red hair for my freaky side!”

11 Nov 2016

Shannon Troy in Sensual Seduction

Shannon Troy in Sensual 

Cybergirl Shannon Troy is back for her second Playboy Plus set with photographer Cassandra Keyes. “We headed up to the bedroom where I wore a white outfit,” says Shannon, gesturing to her white lingerie with peep-toe heels. “It was more sensual shoot—being in the bed and by the window sill.” With her long blonde curls cascading over her toned figure, the all-natural Canadian felt her outfit needed a pop of color, so she applied red lipstick onto her full pout. “I’m a makeup artist. I cannot live without makeup, my car and a hairbrush,” laughs the Vancouverite. “My special talent would definitely be makeup. I’m good at making people look good.” As much as she loves cosmetics, it doesn’t mean Shannon is afraid to get down and dirty and mess up her perfectly-applied makeup—even in public. “The craziest place I’ve ever had sex was a Taco Bell drive-thru,” laughs the shy model. “It got me a free meal though.”

Ivy Jones in Golden Girl

Ivy Jones in Golden Girl
“Hi, I’m Ivy Jones,” says our petite Cybergirl from Portland, Oregon, “I’m on set today with Holly Randall shooting for Playboy Plus.” Looking like a sexy siren in her blue ombré dress complete with gold-colored heels, the busty beauty with the long blonde hair gushed over how beautiful she feels every time she’s on a Playboy Plus set. “The first time I ever posed nude was for a friend of mine from college who’s an amazing photographer. He took some lingerie pictures of me, and I decided I wanted him to take some nude while we were at it,” recalls the archaeology major with the golden-blonde hair. “It felt so liberating and empowering to be in front of a camera completely naked. I had so much fun with it that I never really stopped nude modeling.” With no plan to stop insight, Ivy is excited to finally call herself a Playboy Plus model. “I have always wanted to pose for Playboy!” exclaims our Cybergirl. “I love that Playboy stands for women’s confidence and sexuality.”

9 Nov 2016

Heidi Romanova in Across the Pond

Heidi Romanova in Across the Pond
Newcomer Heidi Romanova is no stranger to the world of Playboy, but this is the first time she’s posing for fans on the side of the pond. Born and raised in Latvia, the curly, red-haired Eastern European with the green eyes has an all-natural look that the modeling industry loves. “I was born in Riga, Latvia,” says Heidi in her adorable accent. “Latvia is a small country with good people. We have beautiful sea and amazing forests.” From shooting in her home country to Italy and Germany, the fair-skinned beauty with freckles made her Playboy debut when she graced the cover of Playboy South Africa early last year. “I want to be a Playboy model,” says the international redhead from photographer David Merenyi’s set. “I feel comfortable posing nude because I love myself and I love my body.”

8 Nov 2016

Chandler South in What Men Want

Chandler South in What Men Want
Photographer Holly Randall has answered the age old question ‘What do men want?’ with her latest set featuring Cybergirl Chandler South. As our voluptuous Cybergirl with the big blue eyes posed for the cameras in her blue lingerie, she exuded poise and confidence—could anything be sexier? “I love a man that is mentally strong enough to handle my big personality. I’ve never been a ‘sit on the sidelines’ kind of gal. But, oddly enough, I’ve never had much of a ‘type,’” explains the petite, red-haired Texan. “I’m all over the place when it comes to men. As long he’s not vanilla in bed, I’m open to it.” As she clicks her sparkly heels after removing her panties, Chandler confesses she enjoys being the submissive in bed, but she needs a man who loves to experiment. “In the bedroom, I love it when a man is open-minded. Especially about toys! I’m young and I want to have fun,” giggles the mischievous model. “Men are kind of like ice cream – I want to sample all of the flavors.

Mashup Black is Beautiful Vol. 2

Mashup Black is Beautiful Vol. 2
The weather might be getting colder, but here at Playboy Plus, things are heating up with our second volume in Black is Beautiful for Mashup Sunday. First up, petite Hope Alina isn’t lying in bed because she plans on sleeping tonight. The voluptuous beauty has some naughty ulterior motives, will you comply with them? Over in Chicago, Cybergirl Brittany Kelly is the resident exhibitionist in her neighborhood—not that her neighbors mind. “Being bootylicious is never a bad thing! If you’ve got it, flaunt it!” exclaims the tall twin as she removes her red panties. Licking a Popsicle in her pool back in Scottsdale is CGOM Briana Ashley who loves her curvy body and will make you love it too. “I get tons of compliments on my body, and it’s a total confidence booster,” says the busty model.

7 Nov 2016

Lena and Aneta having fun with toys

Lena and Aneta having fun with toys
Lena and Aneta are seriously ready to have some one on one fun. They know how to lick, suck and bang one another and have a lot of fun doing it. Watch as they pound each other with their toys and come really hard.

Shannon Troy in Blonde Ambition

Shannon Troy in 

Blonde Ambition
Meet Playboy Plus’s latest newcomer, Shannon Troy from Vancouver, Canada. “I actually grew up in Minitonas, Manitoba. It’s very small and quiet. It’s about five hundred people. There’s not much going on there,” laughs the green-eyed makeup artist with the long blonde hair. “My modeling experience is limited. This is the first real photoshoot I’ve done. I’ve been asked to get in front of the camera, but I never really modeled until now. I’m on set today shooting for Playboy Plus with Cassandra Keyes.” For her first set, Shannon wore a nude-colored bodysuit with a multicolored robe and spread her body across a dining room table in a way that screams bon appétit. “I think my best assets are my eyes, not my butt. It’s too bony!” laughs the busty blonde. “I love my stomach and my boobs, definitely my boobs. I’m all-natural.” A natural and toned figure like Shannon’s needs to be seen, and she could think of no better place to show it off than Playboy Plus. “I want to be a Playboy model because it’s always been my dream,” she gushes.

Niemira in Fast and Flirty

International adrenaline junkie Niemira is passionate about all things fast and furious, like the red sports car that served as her prop during her set with photographer Stanislav Vorobyev. Wearing her very short Daisy Dukes and white t-shirt, the petite Ukrainian with piercing blue eyes walked by the car as her fingers brushed against its cherry-red paint. “I have lots of sexual fantasies,” confesses the all-natural Eastern European with the long dark brown hair. “My main sexual fantasy is to have sex with a loved one in an airplane.” With steamy thoughts of engaging in a passionate embrace miles above the ground, Niemira is feeling hot and in need of cooling down. Seeing a hose on the ground, she turns it on and splashes her busty chest with the cold water. “I like well-built guys,” she says as her soaked t-shirt leaves little to the imagination. “I also respect the guys who are kind.”

4 Nov 2016

Ivy Jones in California Cutie

Newcomer Ivy Jones has been a nude model for about a year now, but she feels her career has finally taken off now that she’s become a Playboy Plus model. “I have always wanted to pose for Playboy! This is my first time,” says the excited blonde, who comes to us from Oregon. “You finally found me!” Too shocked to speak, Ivy thought she had dreamt up the phone call from Playboy Plus telling her the good news, until she received a follow-up call from photographer Holly Randall with information on their upcoming shoot. “In high school, I was an art geek,” says petite university student with a red lollipop in her mouth. “And now, I’m a hottie!” Looking at the metropolis below the rooftop terrace serving as Ivy’s set for the day, the archaeology major in the black bodysuit with white booties says there’s a whole world out there she’s dying to explore. “I love the nature and outdoors,” explains the amateur model. “I also love my body and modeling.”

Gia Ramey-Gay in Effortlessly Sexy

Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay is effortlessly sexy in this set from photographer Holly Randall. An incredible natural beauty, Gia looks good in just about anything she wears, but she’s damn near irresistible in a dress. “What I wear depends on the occasion,” she explains. “On a casual date, I might wear shorts and a crop top—but if we were going out, I would wear a sexy dress!” When it comes to romance, Gia loves trying new things and meeting new people. Her motto is to say ‘yes’ to everything at least once. “I can’t speak for all women, but I like a guy who’s passionate, and notices all the little things,” she hints. “If you can remember the little things I tell you, that’s impressive to me.” To drop a few more hints, Gia loves to go salsa dancing, and her idea of a romantic trip is a weekend in a cozy cabin.

3 Nov 2016

Brittney Shumaker in Little Red Devil

With help from photographer Jennifer Vaughn, Cybergirl Brittney Shumaker is going to be a very, very bad girl for Halloween, which is a stretch for the blue-eyed beauty. “In my free time, I like to volunteer for my church. I love to help people,” says Brittney, who’s going leave her good-girl attitude behind this Halloween. As she puts the finishing touches on her cupcakes and candied apples, the model with the long black hair has one thing left to do before her friends arrive: put on her naughty costume. “There is no ‘typical’ night out with my beautiful girls! Ever!” says the all-natural model as she slips into her sexy devil costume. “You'll never know what to expect, because neither do we.” Spontaneous and devilishly voluptuous, our tattooed CGOM is still a good girl at heart who enjoys playing coy when she’s asked some very personal questions, like where’s the craziest place she’s ever had sex. “Sex in crazy places?!” says Brittney as she winks. “Who, me?”

2 Nov 2016

Mashup Best of Costumes Vol. 2

The sky is black, the pumpkins have been carved and the bowls of candy have been filled—it’s Halloween weekend, and our Playboy Plus models are ready to trick-or-treat tonight. First up, blonde-haired Chloe Crawford is a Las Vegas magician’s assistant, and she’s ready to pull more than just rabbits out of her hat. Playmate Jaclyn Swedberg channels Marie Antoinette with her thigh-high stockings and white gloves as she crawls on a table filled with French pastries. Arabian nights are hot and tantalizing when dark-haired Jenna Sativa invites you back to her bedroom; finally, you have the right to remain silent as Elle Alexandra, our all-natural police officer with long red hair, handcuffs you and takes you back to her bedroom for a grueling interrogation.

1 Nov 2016

Chandler South in Vamped Up

Walking onto photographer’s Holly Randall’s set in her black dress with crisscross laces and black pumps, Cybergirl Chandler South exuded poise and determination—the qualities she happens to love most in a man. “The most important thing in the bedroom, for me, is confidence,” admits the voluptuous model with fiery red hair. “I can’t even stress it enough.” With plenty of time on her hands to meet confident men, the single Texan admits when she does find a man worthy of her time, he’s in for some sexy surprises. “I’ve developed the talent of doing the splits. I grew up as a cheerleader and was a flyer on the team. I never had a problem with flexibility when up in the air, but if you got me on the floor, I could never do a split. It was the strangest thing, until recently when I decided to give it a go, and with the help of tequila, I was able to do a split. I’ve been doing them ever since!” Slipping out of her dress, Chandler gives us all something to flip over. “I’m also a huge fan of sex in public places. There’s something about having sex in a dressing room or a stairwell that drives me wild,” she admits. “I think it’s the fact that we could get caught at any moment that gives me so much of a rush.”
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