17 Oct 2016

Marianna Merkulova in Heavenly

International model Marianna Merkulova is a natural in front of the camera, especially when she’s on set with photographer David Merenyi. “I became a nude model when I was eighteen,” explains the all-natural beauty from Crimea. “When I was younger, I always thought that nude photography was really beautiful—especially Playboy—so I did everything I could to get into modeling.” Posing on a white couch in her cream-colored lingerie, the tall blonde with the light-green eyes was in her element. “All nude models dream of posing for Playboy Plus,” she says. “Being chosen is a recognition of your beauty and high quality.” There’s room for one more on that white couch, and Marianna Merkulova hopes it’ll one day be filled by the perfect gentleman. “Not many men can accept this kind of modeling and it’s why my last relationship didn’t work,” admits the European model with the long blonde hair. “When I look in a man’s eyes, I know if I like him or not.”

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