27 Oct 2016

Stripping in the Great Outdoors

26 Oct 2016

Niemira in Lush Beauty

When International model Niemira was invited by Playboy Plus to pose for photographer Stanislav Vorobyev in Portugal, it was an opportunity the Ukrainian beauty couldn’t pass up. “I love to travel,” says the petite Eastern European. “I work as a model in different styles from fashion to nude.” Practicing her English throughout the shoot, the blue-eyed model with the long, dark brown hair and porcelain skin beamed with pride every time she surprised herself by saying a phrase correctly. “I have always been a shy, modest girl,” explains Niemira with her adorable accent, “but now I am more confident and bold.” Speaking of bold, the all-natural brunette in the turquoise lingerie had no problem expressing her sexual desires in almost perfect English. “The main important thing in the bedroom is trust and passion,” confesses the busty Ukrainian from Kiev. “I want men to be of high quality during sex, and I want them to be bold. I like well-built guys and I respect the guys who are kind.”

25 Oct 2016

Dacia Maria in Hot City Lights

As the dark sky covers the city below, Cybergirl Dacia Maria was prepares for some naughty nighttime fun on a rooftop. Wearing her white bikini, the busty model with the curly brown hair walks towards the hot tub, ready to work her magic for photographer Michael Valentino. “It’s so dark that all I can see are the really pretty city lights,” says the green-eyed beauty as she looks at the view. “My Playboy Plus experience has been awesome.” The world of modeling isn’t new for the Las Vegas native, but she is still anxious to see how Playboy Plus fans will welcome her and her photos. “Playboy Plus found me through Instagram,” explains Dacia. “I started modeling at 19 and have worked for over 300 photographers and major clothing companies. I have a lot of modeling experience, but I had never posed for Playboy Plus before!” Now that she’s become a Cybergirl, the beautiful brunette has some suggestions for upcoming shoots of hers and they include showing off some very special talents. “I do aerial silks and Lyra hoop,” admits Dacia. “I used to be a gymnast, so I’m really very flexible.”

Brittney Shumaker in Naughty by Nature

A voluptuous, all-natural body is a sight to behold, and when it’s a figure as sexy as Cybergirl Brittney Shumaker’s, it should be downright worshipped. With her buxom chest, piercing blue eyes and delightful derriere, Brittney knows how to work her assets for the photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s camera. “My biggest turn-on is making love to the camera, of course,” says the tattooed model with the long black hair as she removes her black bra. “I believe that there are different things that make up who I am! Women are very complex creatures, you know.” The stunning woman from Clearwater, Florida has several layers to her personality that she cannot wait to share with her Playboy Plus fans—she’s a jokester, a passionate volunteer, a world-traveler and all-around beauty. “To me, Playboy Plus is a bunch of beautiful, different women. Everyone has a different idea of what the ‘perfect girl’ means to them,” explains Brittney as she plays with her chain necklace. “She could be black, white, or purple—there’s a different type of girl for everyone, and Playboy Plus offers that.”

24 Oct 2016

Unpublished: Before They Were Playmates

You guys asked for it and we listened—thanks to repeated requests, Playboy Plus is opening up the vault and giving you a glimpse at never-ever-before-seen content. Get a whole new look at all of your favorite models with our new series, Unpublished. Kicking off our collection of newly-unearthed photos is all-natural Ashley Doris, shot before she was crowned Miss March 2013, posing in a sexy black bodysuit. Next up, petite Audrey Aleen Allen tans her all-natural, succulent chest near her garden of succulents, and voluptuous blonde Carly Lauren falls to her knees by her bed, showing off her plump bottom for our rolling cameras. Finally, dark-haired beauty Kaylia Cassandra kisses her small-town girl persona goodbye as she poses outdoors and indoors, wearing nothing but a white thong complete with an adorable tiny black bow.

21 Oct 2016

Eden Arya in Slow Burn

Eden Arya is your Cybergirl of the Month for October 2016, and with this set from photographer Holly Randall, she’s got us burning with barely-containable desire. In a cute top and panties, Eden is warming herself up by the fire—after a long day in front of the camera, she’s ready to get into relaxation mode. “This was the last set I shot as Cybergirl of the Month,” explains Eden. “This was a real wood-burning fireplace, which was nice. I wore sweater socks, and it was cute as fuck!” Slipping out of her clothes and into the nude, Eden leaves on her knee-high socks—all the better for us to appreciate her long, slender legs, the shape of which would put a lot of dancers to shame. “Most people who compliment my ‘parts’ tend to compliment my breasts,” says Eden. “Yes, they’re real—thank you!”

20 Oct 2016

Bailey Rayne in Backdoor Beauty

Strutting towards a lounge chair by the pool, all eyes on photographer Holly Randall’s set were on Cybergirl Bailey Rayne—or more specifically, attention was called to her derriere. “People tell me that my butt is my best asset. It's really big and round. I do a lot of squats to justify all of the Netflix I watch,” laughs the busty blonde, who insists she doesn’t exercise often. “My worst quality may be how much I hate exercising. I think my last time at a gym was six months ago.” A blue-eyed Midwestern beauty who now calls California home, Bailey is currently single and focused on her modeling career, but that doesn’t mean her eyes don’t wander from time to time. “I’m really busy with work all the time, and starting a relationship on top of that would be stressful,” she says with a shrug. “Plus, I can have a lot more fun this way! I really like guys who are smart, creative and have a great sense of humor. I didn’t know any buff musicians while I was in college, but for me, that would have been the total package!”

19 Oct 2016

Chandler South in Belle Rouge

Hearing the click of her red heels as they take her across the living room floor, Cybergirl Chandler South knows how to command attention from anyone she wants. Seducing all those around in her black lingerie and a long red cape, the petite redhead was ready to make everyone on photographer Holly Randall’s set fall in lust with her. “I’m the submissive in bed. I need a man who’s in control,” says the petite Texan with the big blue eyes. “I love a man that is mentally strong enough to handle my big personality. I’ve never been a ‘sit on the sidelines’ kind of gal. But, oddly enough, I’ve never had much of a type. I’m all over the place when it comes to men. As long he’s not vanilla in bed, I’m open to it.” Voluptuous Chandler is anything but bland, especially when it comes to the bedroom—or, should we say, anywhere but the bedroom? “I’m a huge fan of sex in public places,” giggles the naughty redhead. “There’s something about having sex in a dressing room or a stairwell that drives me wild.”

18 Oct 2016

Niemira in Sexy Sundress

Welcome our latest international beauty from the Ukraine, Niemira. The petite model with the long, dark brown hair has been modeling for a few years in her native country, and she’s excited at the prospect of becoming a successful model here in North America. “I work as a model in different styles,” says the blue-eyed sweetheart in her Ukrainian accent. “I do fashion, advertising and nude modeling.” Twirling in her black-and-blue sundress on photographer Stanislav Vorobyev’s set, Niemira admits her friends back home are always surprised that modeling has taken her from shy schoolgirl to sex kitten practically overnight. “I’ve always been a modest girl. Now, I am more confident and bold,” says the sexy European as she takes off her dress. “I have sexy legs, gorgeous breasts and a great ass, but I’m also kind and very patient.”

17 Oct 2016

Marianna Merkulova in Heavenly

International model Marianna Merkulova is a natural in front of the camera, especially when she’s on set with photographer David Merenyi. “I became a nude model when I was eighteen,” explains the all-natural beauty from Crimea. “When I was younger, I always thought that nude photography was really beautiful—especially Playboy—so I did everything I could to get into modeling.” Posing on a white couch in her cream-colored lingerie, the tall blonde with the light-green eyes was in her element. “All nude models dream of posing for Playboy Plus,” she says. “Being chosen is a recognition of your beauty and high quality.” There’s room for one more on that white couch, and Marianna Merkulova hopes it’ll one day be filled by the perfect gentleman. “Not many men can accept this kind of modeling and it’s why my last relationship didn’t work,” admits the European model with the long blonde hair. “When I look in a man’s eyes, I know if I like him or not.”

Mashup Exotic Beauties Vol. 4

Eden Arya is your Cybergirl of the Month for October 2016, and she’s an afternoon delight in this set “As long as it’s with the right guy, it doesn’t have to be fancy.”

15 Oct 2016

Eden Arya in Afternoon Delight

Eden Arya is your Cybergirl of the Month for October 2016, and she’s an afternoon delight in this set from photographer Holly Randall. Clad in a teddy and a slinky robe, Eden’s hanging around in her bedroom. It may be early in the day, but her thoughts are tending toward the late-night and the languid. “I’m a challenge, to put it mildly,” admits Eden. “I want it all—a mental and spiritual connection, physical chemistry and mad romance!” Speaking of romance, Eden doesn’t need champagne and roses to feel special—she’s confident in herself and her preferences. “My idea of a romantic evening is just hanging out with my boyfriend,” she explains. “As long as it’s with the right guy, it doesn’t have to be fancy.”

14 Oct 2016

Bailey Rayne is In The Mood

Newcomer Bailey Rayne experienced a flood of emotion during her first Playboy Plus shoot with photographer Holly Randall. The busty beauty wearing red lingerie was very nervous, but so excited to finally call herself a Playboy Plus model after being asked to pose several times. “I met a Playboy talent scout at a shoot I was doing for another company. I was invited to do a test shoot, but it took me a year and a half to actually go in and meet with Playboy,” confesses the Midwestern model with the long blonde hair. “I was really intimidated because this is such a huge company. When I got a call back, I couldn't believe it!” We’re pleased that Bailey finally accepted our offer, and with her first set completed, we can confidently say she was worth the wait. “It’s an honor to work for Playboy Plus,” admits Bailey as she slips out of her red satin panties.

12 Oct 2016

Dacia Maria in Bed of Roses

Flaunting her all-natural, busty figure in red lingerie on bed of roses is petite Dacia Maria, on set with photographer Michael Valentino. “For my second set, I was in the bedroom covered in rose petals,” says Dacia. “It was much more romantic. I still have my heart necklace on, actually.” With a pink rose in her hand, the green-eyed beauty traced her soft, subtle chest with the flower as she laid down on the rose petal-covered bed. “I would definitely rather be single. I feel like if I was in a relationship, I wouldn’t be able to do all the stuff I want to do. I’m the type of girl that wants to do what I want, when I want. A boyfriend doesn’t fit with that,” admits the Las Vegas native. “Let’s just say I have a lot of sexual fantasies, but I don’t kiss and tell.”

Olivia Preston in Shoreline Strip

Stripping by the British Columbian shoreline is Cybergirl Olivia Preston, an all-natural beauty we met during our Montreal Casting Call. “I heard Playboy Plus was going to be in Montreal for a Casting Call, and one of the scouts found me on Facebook and invited me to come along,” recalls the tall Canadian who calls Vancouver home. “I actually grew up in rural Canada. My extended family were all really close and it was nice to grow up in an environment like that.” Speaking of environment, Olivia was mesmerized by the location of her latest photoshoot with photographer Cassandra Keyes. Although she didn’t remove her black bikini and jean shorts to jump into the cold water, she’s not afraid to take the plunge with some naughty behavior, like the time she and her boyfriend held their own private school assembly. “I was dating a guy on the swim team,” says the shy model. “During a school assembly, we broke into the swim coach’s locker-room and did it up against his coach’s locker.”

11 Oct 2016

Marianna Merkulova in Get Lucky

All-natural Marianna Merkulova was known for being notoriously shy in school, but she surprised everyone when she said she wanted to pose for Playboy. “Everybody was laughing back then,” recalls the tall Crimean from photographer David Merenyi’s set. “But, today it just happened for Playboy Plus, and I can say that one of my dreams just came true.” With her golden hair in soft curls and her gold-colored dress short enough to show off her long gams, it’s no wonder her journey in becoming a Playboy Plus model was more like a quick stroll. “I like every part of my body in harmony,” explains Marianna in her adorable accent—she knew we needed a model with a body like hers.

10 Oct 2016

Eden Arya in Whipped

Eden Arya is your Cybergirl of the Month for October 2016, and she’s wild and Western in this set from photographer Holly Randall. All natural, with dark brown hair and wide brown eyes, Eden has totally and completely won us over—from her first appearance to her reign as Cybergirl of the Month, you might say she’s reined us in real good. “Being Cybergirl of the Month is cool,” she says. “There are a lot of pretty girls on Playboy Plus. I’m not the typical model, though—maybe that’s why I stood out. I’m different.” On location in Box Canyon, California, Eden channeled her inner cowgirl and put on a show you won’t forget anytime soon. “I had on a fringey vest, a cool belt and cowboy boots,” she explains. “All black, just like Johnny Cash. Holly shot me climbing around on the rocks—it was fun!”

8 Oct 2016

Dacia Maria in Linger in Lingerie

Newcomer Dacia Maria is a gorgeous natural beauty who always felt her small hometown wasn’t exciting enough. “I was born and raised in a small town that I hated,” laughs the petite former gymnast. “Now, I travel the world for an amazing job that I love.” Calling Las Vegas home has allowed the all-natural brunette to pursue modeling and practicing every sport imaginable. “Some of my hobbies are surfing, going to the beach and hiking. I do aerial silks and aerial hoop so I love to be up in the air, doing anything sporty,” explains Dacia from the set of her first Playboy Plus shoot with photographer Michael Valentino. “For my first set, I was in the living room on this awesome white couch. I was wearing this really skimpy black lingerie set with these really sexy thigh-highs, so it was cool. I really liked it.”

7 Oct 2016

Brittney Shumaker in Smoldering Hot

Cybergirl Brittney Shumaker has been feeling frisky all day and cannot wait for her lover to come home for a romantic evening. With red roses by the bed, candles lit and her shimmery lingerie on, the tattooed model with long black hair is growing ever more anxious as time goes by, and she cannot wait any longer for her man to open her bedroom door. “I think there is the right time for everything. But of course, at the end of the day, I'm a woman. We want to be loved and desired by that special person!” explains blue-eyed Brittney as she pours candle wax on her all-natural, voluptuous chest for photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s camera. “What I like about my body is having no major surgeries! Natural is always going to be in season.”

2 Oct 2016

Mashup Girl on Girl Vol. 3

We’re kicking off the month of October with a girl-on-girl Mashup that will surely leave jaws dropped and tongues wagging. First up, Cybergirls Carlotta Champagne and Kimberly Kisselovich are all dressed up for black-tie event, but they never made it out the door—exploring each other’s naturally voluptuous figures was way too enticing. Small-town cutie Sarah Summers was introduced to Eugenia Diordiychuk by Playboy Plus, and the girls have quickly become the verybest of friends. Sexy Latina Ali Rose and all-natural Elizabeth Marxs learn what makes a car—and each other—purr. Last but not least, Cybergirl Leanna Decker and CGOY turned photographer Jennifer Vaughn look for ways to keep each other entertained and warm in their cold cabin.

1 Oct 2016

Red Hot Garters

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