30 Sep 2016

Bare Blossom

Gia Ramey-Gay in Good Morning

Cybergirl of the Year Gia Ramey-Gay starts the day so, so right in this set from photographer Holly Randall. In a cute set of pajamas, Gia’s having a cup of coffee in the kitchen. Maybe it’s the caffeine, but she starts to get excited, and before you know it, she’s stripping down right there on the countertop. “I loved this look, but actually, I don’t even wear pajamas,” teases Gia. “The only thing I wear to bed are the sheets!” If you like your women like you like your coffee—hot and fresh in the morning—then our Cybergirl of the Year is right for you. Beautiful and all natural, she knows exactly how to perk you up in the morning. “I say yes to trying new things every single day,” says Gia. “I want to experience everything that life has to offer. I think it’s really important to be spontaneous and open-minded every day.”

29 Sep 2016

Sun Dance

Caitlin McSwain in Sex Kitten

Cybergirl Caitlin McSwain is overjoyed to finally have a day off after working overtime for several days in a row. What does the petite redhead want to do first on her day off? Our busty Cybergirl wants to put on her kitty-cat bodysuit and let loose to some music. With her favorite tunes playing through her golden headphones with cute cat ears, Caitlin can’t help herself—she has to dance and shake her all-natural booty for photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s camera. “I love go to bar hopping. I really love all music,” says Caitlin, who can often be found twerking to the music of her favorite rapper. “My number one celebrity crush has to be Lil’ Wayne.” 

28 Sep 2016

Little Silk Dress

Dancing Jewel

Lauren O'Conner in Step It Up

Looking lovely in her magenta-colored lingerie on set with photographer Holly Randall is Cybergirl Lauren O’Conner. The petite beauty with the long black hair had stepped away from the Playboy Plus limelight to focus on completing her university degrees in English and history, all while working two jobs. “I’m currently employed at an insurance company and on my days off, I dance at a nightclub in San Diego,” says Lauren as she flashes her megawatt smile. “I grew up in sunny San Diego, California in a small little log cabin-looking house my mom was renting. It was beautiful and we had a huge backyard. We didn't have cable or a computer, so all of the entertainment I had to make up myself. It was awesome!” Sounds like we could all take a page out of Lauren’s book—seriously, watch the video and see how Lauren knows how to make her own fun. 

27 Sep 2016

Ali Rose in Luscious Lounge

Cybergirl Ali Rose has always been fascinated with astronomy, so when she heard there was going to be a meteor shower, you bet she whipped out her telescope on photographer Damir K’s set. Looking up to the sky to catch a glimpse at the wonders of the universe, the all-natural Latina says she’s always surprised by those who can’t believe someone as gorgeous as she is can also be a nerd. “I’m a huge gamer,” she divulges. “I know not everyone would ever imagine that, but I like creepy games like Dead Space. I can’t play it at night when the lights are off because it freaks me out!” Any fans out there who’d be willing to cuddle up in the dark with a beautiful, natural brunette?

26 Sep 2016

Sweet Lina

When Lina got really turned on all of a sudden, she just had to satisfy her exhibitionist urge to get her dress off and be naked right that second. After slipping the straps down her shoulders and peeling it down her ass, Lina sat down on her couch and began to caress herself. She ran her hands down her stomach and pulled her panties aside, running her fingers down the insides of her thighs and spreading her pussy-lips apart, savoring the freedom of being naked.

Olivia Preston in Amazing View

Newcomer Olivia Preston is making her Playboy Plus debut with the help of photographer Cassandra Keyes—the two teamed up for an adrenaline-pumping set in British Columbia’s scenic Selkirk mountain range, and the results will give your heart a serious workout. The all-natural blonde put on her yellow and black short-shorts and a sports bra, hopped on her mountain bike and went for a grueling ride up the mountains. “I have a very womanly body,” explains the athletic Canadian, grabbing her breasts for emphasis. “I have proportionate boobs—I like them a lot—but I really like my hips the most. I have the skinny girl, hourglass curves.”

25 Sep 2016

Mashup Best of Brunettes Vol. 5

It’s Mashup Sunday and we’re focusing on International models who rock dark locks. First up, New Zealand’s Lily Rae shows our cameras why a naturally curvy body is always at its sexiest when it’s framed by long, dark hair. Britain’s Ann Denise flaunts her wavy brown hair as she slowly removes her floral bra, while friend and fellow Brit Emma Glover shows off her buxom E-cup chest by her drum set. Finally, Ukraine’s Aleksa Slusarchi has pulled her brown strands into a slicked-back bun, drawing the eye to her blue eyes and juicy red lips.

23 Sep 2016

Kelsi Shay in Hot Spot

Kelsi Shay is your Cybergirl of the Month for September 2016, and she’s a treat in this tasty set from photographer Holly Randall. Kelsi’s had a long day, and she’s ready to relax in the bathtub. Throw in some suds and rose petals, and she’s got the beginnings of a very romantic evening on her hands. “This set was everything a girl could want,” says Kelsi. “On a date, I love getting dressed up and going out. All the rest depends on the mood and setting.” When it comes to sex, Kelsi believes that good communication is the key to a great experience. “Nobody’s a mind reader,” she reminds us. “If there’s something you want, let’s have a conversation about it—and then try it out!”

Caitlin McSwain in Dirty Work

Monday to Friday, Cybergirl Caitlin McSwain slaves away at the office in front of her computer, wishing the weekend would come and save her. Preparing for meetings and organizing paperwork isn’t what this gorgeous redhead would call exciting work, which is precisely why she supplies her own entertainment. All-natural Caitlin loves knowing she’s the token office hottie, and dresses in way that ensures her reputation stays intact. With her bra peeking out of her white blouse, and her black miniskirt conveniently missing a pair of panties underneath, the petite Texan came to work ready to stir up the office rumor mill.

21 Sep 2016

Lauren O'Conner in Blue Fantasy

Cybergirl Lauren O’Conner is an absolute fantasy in this pictorial from photographer Holly Randall. Standing at the heavy wooden door, Lauren is eye-catching in royal blue lingerie and thigh-high black stockings. Her black hair in soft curls, her curves on display and her full pout painted red, Lauren is a sight for sore eyes. “As Lana Del Rey would say, I've got sweet taste for men who are older,” says Lauren, when asked if she dresses like this to greet her male guests. “From a young age I always had a strong attraction to older men.”

20 Sep 2016

Ali Rose in Legs for Days

Cybergirl Ali Rose is back and ready to show Playboy Plus fans just how deeply she’s missed them with this hot new set by photographer Damir K. “Since my last shoot with Playboy, I’ve been pursuing my acting career,” says the all-natural Latina as she slips into her black lingerie. “I’ve been doing funny films here and there. I’ve also been traveling doing photoshoots for other magazines, but I’ve been mainly focusing on acting.”

19 Sep 2016

Clara in Good to Be Bad

The Czech Republic’s favorite good girl gone bad, Clara, is taking over Playboy Plus with help from photographer David Merenyi. The busty babe from Prague walked on set looking sweet and innocent in her yellow shirt, black shorts with knee-high black socks and her cap put on backwards. With one bite of her plump bottom lip, her shorts falling ever so slowly to the ground revealing her all-natural curves, her innocent facade had completely faded away. “I love my proportions,” says the petite European. 

17 Sep 2016

Kelsi Shay in Leather Bound

Kelsi Shay is your Cybergirl of the Month for September 2016, and she’s leather-bound in this amazingly hot set from photographer Holly Randall. This awesome gallery sees our CGOM like you’ve never, ever seen her before—her dark hair tied up in a high ponytail, Kelsi’s tucked herself in to a bodysuit, corset and leather boots. Throw in a pair of latex gloves, and she fulfills all of your fetish-related fantasies. “If I see a guy I like, I always let him come to me first,” says Kelsi. First impressions are very important, and being a gentleman never goes out of style.” That being said, Kelsi’s looking for the kind of guy who’ll hold the door open for her, and get a little kinky behind closed doors. “I like a gentleman who knows when not to be gentle,” she clarifies.

16 Sep 2016

Lauren O'Conner in Full Bloom

Wearing her white bodysuit with light-blue roses and jean shorts, Cybergirl Lauren O’Conner came to photographer Holly Randall’s set ready to prove that she’s CGOM material, even though her modeling experience comes from an unusual source. “For the past two years, I have really gotten into cosplay and it has really sharpened my modeling iron,” states the busty black-haired beauty. “The interesting thing about cosplay is that everything needs to look authentic and the more authentic the poses are, the better the cosplayer and—likewise—the better the model.”

14 Sep 2016

Caitlin McSwain in Bubbly Babe

After spending her day modeling for photographer Jennifer Vaughn, all-natural beauty Caitlin McSwain is excited to go home and relax. With a drink and a plate of assorted berries awaiting her, the petite redhead put on her favorite nude-colored lingerie with a mesmerizing blue pattern so she could truly feel comfortable. “I grew up watching The Girls Next Door and always wanted to be like them,” says Caitlin of how she first decided to pose for Playboy Plus. “Playboy is one of the biggest brands in the world, and one of the classiest, too.”

13 Sep 2016

Ali Rose in Spectacular

Cybergirl Ali Rose is thrilled to be back at Playboy Plus after taking some time off to focus on her acting career. “I’ve been doing funny films here and there,” says the all-natural Latina. Although becoming a working actress in Hollywood has always been Ali’s dream, she couldn’t deny how much she missed the glamourous life of a Playboy model, especially when she was on set with photographer Damir K for her first comeback shoot. “Today, I got to wear blue knitted bikini,” says Ali, who was Cybergirl of the Month in October 2013. “It was pretty hot out, but the water was warm and things got pretty wet.” 

12 Sep 2016

Clara in Day in Bed

It’s Monday morning and Clara’s alarm has gone off, but the petite beauty isn’t ready to leave the confines of her warm bed. Wearing lacy white lingerie, the International model from the Czech Republic was well-aware that photographer David Merenyi would be waiting for her to start their photoshoot—what’s a cozy girl to do if she doesn’t want to leave her bedroom? Invite David and the Playboy Plus crew to shoot in her white bedroom with her far-too-big bed, of course. 

11 Sep 2016

Mashup Best of Chelsie Aryn

It’s Mashup Sunday and we’re taking a look back at one of our favorite Playmates, Chelsie Aryn. The exotic brunette was raised as a country girl in Berne, New York, but her tomboy days were numbered once she discovered Playboy. “At fourteen, I found my dad’s Playboys in the basement, and ever since then, I’ve been obsessed,” explains Chelsie. “I have a subscription, I hang up the Centerfolds, and I’m that girl who has Playboy everything. Our German-Japanese Miss March 2015 is still very much a tomboy at heart. “I rolled around in all the dirt and desert-ness while on set,” she says. “I kind of didn’t mind. I love getting dirty—I’m just a dirty girl!”

10 Sep 2016

Kelsi Shay in Summer Lover

Cybergirl Cindie Louu gets down with her bad self in this hot, hot set from photographer Jennifer Vaughn. In a figure-hugging dress, her golden hair tumbling over her shoulders, Cindie doesn’t need anyone else to have fun—though if the right guy came along, she wouldn’t mind one bit. “I can go anywhere and have an awesome time,” says Cindie. “There really isn’t a typical night out with me. I like to change it up. I’ve yet to find the right guy to go out with, but I love the idea of being in love, and I’d love to be with someone who’s a good fit for me.” Slipping out of her clothes and into the nude, Cindie shows herself off for the camera, showing us just how much fun a smart, funny (and of course, smoking hot) girl can be.

8 Sep 2016

Shelly Lee in Weekend Getaway

Cybergirl Shelly Lee thought she had prepared everything she needed for her weekend getaway, but upon arriving to a quaint bed-and-breakfast, she realized she forgot to pack something very important—a change of clothing.

Krista Nicole in Tasty Teaser

After a day of shooting with photographer Michael Valentino, Cybergirl Krista Nicole is looking to sneak in a snack before heading out for dinner. The all-natural brunette makes her way over to the kitchen wearing her lavender-colored off-the-shoulder shirt with jean shorts and her lacy lingerie underneath when she spots a fruit platter and cupcakes.

6 Sep 2016

Cheyenne Cummings in Kiss n' Makeup

Platinum blonde Cheyenne Cummings has wanted to be a Playboy model for as long as she can remember, but not necessarily for the attention or notoriety. Our all-natural, ultra-feminine Cybergirl loves having the Playboy Plus hair and makeup team take her from cute Texas blonde to knockout bombshell—a stark contrast from who she was as a teen. “In high school, I was super nerdy, in all advanced classes and sat in the front of the class,” says Cheyenne from photographer Jennifer Vaughn’s set. “Jennifer suggested I do a casting so I flew out to the studio in Burbank and did one and here I am!”

Clara in Creamy Delight

International sensation Clara is back and proving her time away from the camera has done nothing but increase her desire to give Playboy fans everything she’s got. While on set with photographer David Merenyi, the all-natural brunette from the Czech Republic stunned in her high-waist, black panties with her long, black shirt, but when it all comes off is when she feels her sexiest. “Posing naked makes me feel so sexy,” says petite model in her adorable Czech accent

5 Sep 2016

Girls undress. Wind

Красивое женское нижнее белье - Интернет-магазин нижнего белья Изящность линий

Girls undress. Play Time

Sexy Lena gets herself off sensually in this beautiful slow paced-video

3 Sep 2016

Shelly Lee in Bombshelly

Small-town girl Shelly Lee is back at it again with photographer Cassandra Keyes for her latest shoot where the bombshell with the long, black hair and voluptuous figure transforms into her femme fatale alter ego, Bombshelly. Wearing her black, sheer lingerie complete with a crisscross, plunging neckline, the tattooed Canadian innocently—so she says—bends over her little makeup table so she can apply berry-red lipstick onto her plump lips. “I look for a guy with a little bit of sass and attitude because I know I can be a little bit overpowering and have an attitude of my own so I like someone who can toss it back to me,” says Shelly as she plays with the strings of her black teddy. “I like being in relationship because I love cuddling. I’m like a cuddle bunny; I could cuddle all day, every day.”

Public Fun

20 year old Vanessa Decker has such a high sex drive that she can become uncontrollably horny almost anywhere. Today she gets the urge to slip off her shirt and bra right where she stands outside. Loving how that feels, she keeps going until her landing strip fuck hole is bared to the world and ready to play.

2 Sep 2016

Gia Ramey-Gay in Max Sexy

Gia Ramey-Gay is your Cybergirl of the Year 2016, and she’s a total badass in this hot set from photographer Holly Randall. Inspired by Mad Max, Gia decided to get a little dirty and play around in the junkyard. Done up in a shiny bodysuit, war paint and boots, she’s ready to show you a different side of her personality. “This shoot was so much fun,” says Gia. “It had a completely different feel than my other pictorials. I got to jump around and break some windows—let’s just say I escaped with a few battle scars!” When it comes to adventure, Miss Ramey-Gay never shies away—she loves to try new things, and she’s always up for a spontaneous experience. “I want to have fun with my life,” she explains. “I think it’s so important to be open-minded—I could never be with someone who didn’t want to experience life that way!” 
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